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17/03/2015 15:58

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WA Family Law Court

Submitted by millzees on Sun, 01/02/2015 - 23:41

Hi everyone, only just found this website and not feeling quite so alone dealing with this criminal family system we have. Just like to share the latest letter I sent to our court that shouldn't have the word Family in it. No response of course, the only thing that matters to them is money which we all contribute to these good for nothing public servants to rip off the system.

Kashmir in China Policy: Beijing does not support Kashmir freedom movement!

Frankly, unlike India and Pakistan, China does not have a sound Kashmir policy as it applies its policy for India and Pakistan on Kashmir also as a routine matter.

Now, orphanage also gets politicized in India!

Submitted by Dr. Abdul Ruff ... on Fri, 14/11/2014 - 15:24

Now, orphanage also gets politicized in India!


At the outset it must be stressed for the sake of humanity’s survival that Islam is a truly humanistic religion to serve entire humanity and therefore all other religion, global as well as local target Islam.

Obama failed Americans by pursuing Republican war agenda!



American voters elected an innocent looking democrat Barrack Obama as their president because they were scared of the Republican rogues with hidden war agenda.

Barrack Obama came to power with a promise to bring peace to the world. Had Obama pursued an effective anti-war policy that would have made the Democratic Party with a positive image!

Jammu Kashmir poll 2014: The fate of Hurriyat freedom groups!
(A Free Kashmir: Random Thoughts-205)


Jammu Kashmir in India is going to polls to elect a new assembly. As usual, Hurriyat parties may not contest the poll.

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Australian Senate Enquiry into Children in State Care 2014

For all those ready to do a submission to the Senate Inquiry this is the link to an easy to use document to guide you through your case evidence and victim impact statements. You can complete a section at a time, save it and come back at a later time to finish your submission. Once completed just press print Submit and your submission will go directly to the Senate Inquiry. Press Print to print a copy of your submission.

Senate backs inquiry into children in out of home care | Australian Greens

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Religious Broadcasts on Free to Air

These programs on channel 10 and 9 educate, via religious sermons.

Many times over in watching various shows of this nature, I notice a common accordance in repetition.

That what is noticeable is demonic behaviour of personal word given.

These words consist of demeaning as sinners, condemning to eternal damnation of hell and negative torrent toward others.

These other in reference are those of other religions and other beliefs.

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