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National Day of Action at all DoCS Offices

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26/05/2014 10:00
26/05/2014 16:00

For All Victims of the Australian Child Protection Industry to UNITE with one voice to BRING OUR CHILDREN HOME and force the Failed Government Departments to be accountable for the damage they have caused to the lives of vulnerable children and families.


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The Princess Emma Smarts story and Fund Raising Page

Acute myeloid Leukaemia. Childhood cancers. Raising awareness for other charities. How wrong the statistics are.

Welcome to our group. We have been up and running now for just over a year. On the 01-01-2013 our daughter Emma smart died aged just five years old. After a courageous battle and a bone marrow transplant our beautiful baby girl passed away for
The cancer it had returned for the third time. We have set up a memorial group page on Facebook and now a web site also in memory of our little fighter to continue to spread the sunshine she spread where ever she wud go.

Campbell Newman and Others

Submitted by DaS Energy on Sat, 26/04/2014 - 14:43
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Corruption in Government Premier Joh time saw in the Fitzgerald Inquiry.
It lead to Police charge against Joh, separation of powers.
Fitzgerald created the CMC to prevent a reoccurrence.
Politicians changed Fitzgerald CMC to their CJC, after which politicians changed their CJC to their CMC not at all like Fitzgerald CMC.
Today’s CMC is the property of the Attorney General and it be his employee that shut down CMC investigation into public servant.

fighting docs to get my two angels back

Hi i really need some advice on how to fight docs cause they were going to make restoration plan with me and my husband n now they want to make my angels state of wards n i need to know how can i fight it cause I've got another kids in care till they are 18 but with these two I've had them since the day they were born n someone made false allegations against us n ive moved interstate from where my case is n will that make any difference. Can someone or anyone please give me advice on how i go about fighting it.

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NATO Sanctions - Applied Actions & International Law

How the world works in systematic approach can become confusing to any civilian within any nation, where media is the forefront of political discussions reiterated.

United Nations (U.N.), European Union (E.U.) and Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization (N.A.T.O) provide Treaty and Humanitarian services, at request to all State members (Nations).

The Security Council are senior members elected for affirmation on Debate and or Commissioned for deliberation on subjective matter and vote -

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Ukraine’s – Україна Problematic Positioning

In Brief:

The Crimean Peninsula is a primary location of invested development interests, thus continuously in dispute between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

The Crimean Peninsula is administered by the Crimean Federal District, operating under its stakeholder the Russian Federation.


I separated from the father three years ago. He has mild autism. He treated me very harshly the whole time since we separated. He got a VRO which I didn't fight, then had me arrested for trivial violations of offending him with emails. I stopped emailing him altogether. Then he made false allegations of child abuse and the Magistrate from WA believed everything this unemployed bum said and barred me from any unsupervised contact with my beautiful 8 year old daughter. I have never so much as smacked her.

Children's Court & Solicitors

My wife and I are in children's court soon and DOCS has given me info that at court both of us will have separate solicitors.
We have no complaints in regard to each others parenting skills etc and do not want to be pitted against each other.

Do we actually HAVE to have separate solicitors ? If not, is it uncommon to have 1 solicitor for both parents (living together). DOCS appear to be pushing separate solicitors like there is one good and one bad parent.

Any insight very much appreciated.

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Source: Kathleen J., Care2 Action Alerts

As children, a group of women were raped and assaulted when they were living at state-run homes. But the government threatened them with hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines when they tried to sue.

Why Everyone Should Have Kids

Submitted by grace2014 on Thu, 13/03/2014 - 17:57
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Kids change your perspective on the world

Before my wife and I found out we were expecting, we were world travelers and success seekers. We spent our time and energy attempting to discover and, to an extent, defy the world. When our first child was born, we held her in our hands and became servants to something much greater. Indeed, the entire world was now in our hands.

Children build your muscles

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