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500 Abusive Foster Carers now being investigated by new DoCS Chief.

Over 500 Abusive Foster Carers are now being Investigated by the new Chief of DoCS/FACS NSW.

And not before time.

Sly cops Feds and nsw police tort me

Submitted by TOMO on Wed, 18/09/2013 - 07:35
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My life is a wreck now cause the AFP

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Royal Commissioner states Australia will be Shocked

The abuses of Children in Care of the State still continues.

The machine's spin doctors of today are nicely covering up Children being abused and raped in care.

The recent charges of a DoCS/FACS manager in the Hunter region that took a 9 year old little girl home and Fostered her along with his male house mate proves Paedophiles are infiltrating the State Child Protection system. This animal repeatedly raped the nine year old in his care.

Children in State Care are being groomed by their Foster Carers and it is well known within the system.


My 2 kids have always lived in NSW, They where place in the care of there older sister by docs she had them for about a year and a half before they where removed and placed them into the care of there mothers aunty who has now moved from NSW to WA with the 2 kids my question is can docs allow kids to be up lifted and moved to where ever they want without telling anyone about it these to kids have always been around there older siblings and extended family loved ones etc they live in a small community now they are in a foreign place and no family what so ever any comments or advise would be gre

My kids in care and nothing I can do

I really need some help I am new on here my kids are in care have been for a year now a two year order is through and they are lying the judge was on our side but like a dog act flock of a switch and he took Dcp side and the child advocate didn't even speak to my children I have three.

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docs workers = a job fr heaven

docs workers = a job fr heaven
jus a degree, PHD or masters in evil deeds & evil report writing
no job accountability, sit back while families breaking apart & children being abused &dead, collecting huge pay checks sitting on huge arses, but waiting to rot in hell

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Investigations by Police - A Demonstration of False Betrayal

A demonstration of false betrayal is given many times over, thus publicly portrayed with commentary most consistent in statement, “nothing is ever done”.
Reviewing a number of business and personal cases for the last 15-20 years, such reasoning in thought arises with merit.

This merit given in demonstration outlines with terms used, ‘Unsolved’ and ‘Unfounded’.

I welcome your thoughts are perspectives on the recent NSW legislative changes concerning the mandatory reporting thresholds for suspected cases of child abuse and neglect. These changes saw the threshold be raised from ‘at risk of harm’ to ‘at risk of significant harm’.

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Fanatics Demonomy of Righteousness – Our World

Respectively over time our natural willingness to continually push the course of mans progression and evolutional change, is a relevance of reality in which acceptance without difference is required, being a group, individual and or culture.

Behavioural science and psychology of man most favored throughout time itself, is that of feed knowledge given by the Narrator.

The narrator is a man or women speaking with influence and or vision to what understanding in philosophical concept is most pleasing with given logic in eye, to what surrounds them time to time.

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Political Battle Ground - Election Wars of Australia

Elections are the battle ground for political dormancy over the public voter.

A war that rages on undercover, whilst fair play in downbeat torments generally is visible in the limelight.

All parties aim for a piece of the pie, whilst good aim in the back of major party minds remains focused on independent candidates going-it-alone.

Major parties continually portray independent candidates and or seating as irrelevant features as representatives in Government House and The House of Representatives.

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