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AEC Voting - Citizen Rights

Voting for elections is commissioned by the AEC - Australian Election Commission, whom are not only in charge of the voting process, but also that of contenders wishing to challenge for government positioning.

Voting is a compulsory (by law) right for all eligible Citizens and or British subjects at the age of 18, thus for electing our national asset and infrastructure business house representatives in per-term operations.

Ayn Van Dyk Daddy Loves you

Submitted by Lukes Dad on Sat, 11/05/2013 - 09:14
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Ayn Van Dyk

Ayn Van Dyk has still not been returned to her daddy. Ayn Van Dyk is an autistic girl who was stolen from her daddy aged nine, two years ago. Ayn Van Dyk, your daddy loves you more than ever.

help my children have been accused of sexual abuse of step brother

firstly this is not a complwint about docs...yet..I do get that they have a job to do but I have found myself in the scariest place I have ever been in.

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Child Safety took my boy away and they gave him back to me dead

Department of Community Services in Queenslan, formerly known as Department of Child Safety in Queensland (DoCS Qld), you are a bunch of kidnapping, man hating, evil corrupt liars.

Now we know that you have corrupt judges like the coroner Kevin Priestly who are willing to cover up your mistakes, like the death of my son Luke Borusiewicz.

The angrier DoCS Qld makes me, the more strength I am given to keep fighting this corrupt abomination falsely portraying itself as God's gift to children.

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supports does not mean that u are a gd parent

supports does not mean that u are a good parent, u can b surrounded by people but that does not mean anything to yr parenting skills, yr personalities, character and your unconditional love, stop discriminate single mothers out there who will sacrifices anything for their own child, wake up "famlil law", docs and minister pru goward!!!!!

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No Work - No Justice - Just Financial Risks Taken by Australians

Australia is a nation becoming more and more expensive to live with property rates, investment or financial interests and general costs occurred in living continually on the rise.

Survival these days seems to illustrate in meaning that one must find a companion or companions to share living and expense costs, like primitive grouping to not only stay connected, but to also stay off the streets or out of jail.

This is a view many have shared in statement as important for acceptance, as it’s wrong to remain single or detach from community gatherings.

Does Australians and the world, know their holiday money is used for opression

childrens abused with your holiday money

please let the dictator government of Maldives, realise what they are doing to woman and children, by boycotting it's tourism sector and spreading the news.

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Australian Adult XXX Sex and Retail Shops

Talk is under way via Gold Coast City Council in relation to the future of Adult entertainment and shops alike, these talks surrounding the Gold Coast in stir frenzy of the 2018 Olympic Games.

Professionals, Mermaid Beach real estate agent Luke Henderson is leading the campaign to do away with small business adult enterprises on the Gold Coast.

A coast that has already been stricken hard by low revenue turnaround, most obvious with low number counts, due to weather and national costs in service.

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IP Address Blocks and Automated Blocking

This article follows on from the previous article ‘Broadband and Wi-Fi Protocol Blocks’, as the second case study about IP Barring or Blocking.

IP blocking of internet access is and has been a continual saga for consumers, in use of computers and devices within Australia and around the world.

Hardwired Broadband uses a land-line number, Broadband Sticks, Wi-Fi and Wireless connections all use GSM Mobile numbers.

Both types require IP access grants, thus giving allowance to gain access to the internet via network provider servers or services.

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