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why oz parents not turn up in mass 2 protest outside Docs office?

why oz parents not turn up in mass 2 protest outside Docs office?

a) they will melt under the sun, rain...afraid 2 get lockup
b)they were busy taking drugs & booze,no time
c)they don give a care damn abt their own children
d) all of above
take yr pick cos im clueless?

In order to get a wider spectrum of international signatures, please spread this petition amongst your international contacts, global peace forums, etc. (including languages other than English). Thank you!

NSW child protection workers strike

From: AAP
April 03, 2013 6:02PM

CHILD protection workers in Sydney's west and northwest have held stop work meetings to protest over understaffing and a lack of resources.

The industrial action follows a NSW Ombudsman report released last week, which said there was a "lack of capacity within Community Services" to respond to children at risk of significant harm.

The Report of Reviewable Deaths in 2010 and 2011 also said families at risk were not adequately assessed in some cases, due to competing priorities and gaps in casework.

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The Final Journey of Retired Archbishop of Canterbury

George Leonard Carey (born 13 November 1935), Baron Carey of Clifton, is a retired Archbishop of Canterbury.

At the age of 15 following difficulties at school, Lord Carey chooses to leave and purse an early work career, I also know all-to-well.

Early adulthood presents many difficulties to overcome progressive advancement, without aid or further education attributed too, thereafter.

In periods of Lord Carey early adulthood days, jobs generally were in abundance and made allowance for walk-in employment, a common practise.

Child Abuse by DCP

In 2002 by three children taken by DCP due to "emotional abuse by abandonment" in DCP Mirrabooka office! after 2 days unsuccessfully trying to get help for us after the motor seized in my vehicle 250kms from home. King Edward Hospital and my goverment childcare centre (6 years association with us) supported me against allegations. DCP alleged emotional/mental illness not supported by any health practitioners. 2006 Independent Professional Review found apprehension not valid/justified in any way. Review swept under carpet. no proper apology or restitution. Children not returned.

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Circle of Life Australia - A 3 Segmented Series

Circle of Life as set collaborate masterpiece, surrounds commencement of life from beginning to end, thus broken down into three key forms – Nature, Man and Life.

Together these segments bring an accelerated build of interest, knowledge and know how, as one unity for all.

The information supplied is that of real read, thus formed with the highest percentage of fact, intertwining general life and common understanding in functional living of man and nature.

Initial contact from DCP

Submitted by jeffro_9 on Tue, 12/03/2013 - 01:00

My nightware began 3 weeks ago when I recieved a call from DCP.

It was regarding the information below, They have spoken to all proffessional parties involved including the Dr and all were comfortanle my partner was ok to being alone with our little one, posing no risk to herself or others.

Sine then I am recieving numeorus calls and with my partners surgery coming up in 3 days I dont know what to do. It doesnt seen to matter what I do, they just ask for more and more.

Any info grealy appreciated.


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recent man with gun due 2 family law issues shows how serious family law is to society

recent man with gun due 2 family law issues shows how serious family law is to society, he had not seen his children, and was so desperate, and even point his gun at himself during the scare in queensland, show family law in oz is un just, in humane, driving parents to extreme and to no hope thanks to docs n family law, for creating revenue, by breaking their hearts, the parents n children...."family law" ...split.

Alarm at soaring number of kids in foster care

Natasha Bita - National Social Editor
News Limited Network
March 08, 2013 12:00AM

KIDS in foster care have hit an all-time high, after a 20 per cent surge in cases of abused and neglected children last year.

A top child protection investigator yesterday accused social workers of "over reacting" to some reports of abuse, comparing the kids in care to the "stolen generation" of Aboriginal children.

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