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WA Family Law Court

Submitted by millzees on Sun, 01/02/2015 - 23:41

Hi everyone, only just found this website and not feeling quite so alone dealing with this criminal family system we have. Just like to share the latest letter I sent to our court that shouldn't have the word Family in it. No response of course, the only thing that matters to them is money which we all contribute to these good for nothing public servants to rip off the system.

Now, orphanage also gets politicized in India!

Submitted by Dr. Abdul Ruff ... on Fri, 14/11/2014 - 15:24

Now, orphanage also gets politicized in India!


At the outset it must be stressed for the sake of humanity’s survival that Islam is a truly humanistic religion to serve entire humanity and therefore all other religion, global as well as local target Islam.

Obama failed Americans by pursuing Republican war agenda!



American voters elected an innocent looking democrat Barrack Obama as their president because they were scared of the Republican rogues with hidden war agenda.

Barrack Obama came to power with a promise to bring peace to the world. Had Obama pursued an effective anti-war policy that would have made the Democratic Party with a positive image!

Jammu Kashmir poll 2014: The fate of Hurriyat freedom groups!
(A Free Kashmir: Random Thoughts-205)


Jammu Kashmir in India is going to polls to elect a new assembly. As usual, Hurriyat parties may not contest the poll.

Spam overload: User registration disabled.

Submitted by Webmaster on Sat, 17/05/2014 - 17:48
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Update 02/Nov/2014: User registration has again been enabled.


To be able to post your blog on this web site you need to be a registered user. That is the usual scenario on most web sites. However, every day 100s of user registrations (and spam posts) are received from spam-bot compromised computers around the world even after installing all the latest anti-spam software modules and implementing the latest anti-spam techniques.

Campbell Newman and Others

Submitted by DaS Energy on Sat, 26/04/2014 - 14:43
DaS Energy's picture

Corruption in Government Premier Joh time saw in the Fitzgerald Inquiry.
It lead to Police charge against Joh, separation of powers.
Fitzgerald created the CMC to prevent a reoccurrence.
Politicians changed Fitzgerald CMC to their CJC, after which politicians changed their CJC to their CMC not at all like Fitzgerald CMC.
Today’s CMC is the property of the Attorney General and it be his employee that shut down CMC investigation into public servant.

fighting docs to get my two angels back

Hi i really need some advice on how to fight docs cause they were going to make restoration plan with me and my husband n now they want to make my angels state of wards n i need to know how can i fight it cause I've got another kids in care till they are 18 but with these two I've had them since the day they were born n someone made false allegations against us n ive moved interstate from where my case is n will that make any difference. Can someone or anyone please give me advice on how i go about fighting it.


I separated from the father three years ago. He has mild autism. He treated me very harshly the whole time since we separated. He got a VRO which I didn't fight, then had me arrested for trivial violations of offending him with emails. I stopped emailing him altogether. Then he made false allegations of child abuse and the Magistrate from WA believed everything this unemployed bum said and barred me from any unsupervised contact with my beautiful 8 year old daughter. I have never so much as smacked her.

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Source: Kathleen J., Care2 Action Alerts

As children, a group of women were raped and assaulted when they were living at state-run homes. But the government threatened them with hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines when they tried to sue.

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