Demand Justice for Sex Abuse Survivors in Australia

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Source: Kathleen J., Care2 Action Alerts

As children, a group of women were raped and assaulted when they were living at state-run homes. But the government threatened them with hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines when they tried to sue.

When Wilma Robb was just 13, the deputy superintendent of the Parramatta Girls School tied her hands behind her back and smashed into the bathroom sink. As blood poured from her mouth through broken teeth, she was then forced to clean up the mess before being thrown into solitary confinement for three weeks. And unfortunately, that wasn't the worst incident -- Robb was sexually assaulted at Parramatta as well as another state-run school, the Hay Institute for girls.

A few years ago, along with 39 other women, Robb tried to sue the state of New South Wales for allowing these horrific abuses to take place. Yet when the women tried to demand justice, the state retaliated by threatening to demand exorbitant amounts of money if the survivors lost.

One woman , Wendy Patton, received a letter from government solicitors informing her she would owe $120,000 for investigations. Intimidated, she abandoned the case. Another woman was informed by the Sydney Supreme Court that "the damage had already been done" because she'd been abused before being placed into the home.

These women have been robbed of both their childhoods and their dignity by the very people who should have been taking care of them. They shouldn't have to wait any longer.

Tell the government to admit their wrongdoing, investigate the abuses and finally give some measure of justice to these survivors.

Thank you for taking action,

Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

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