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I separated from the father three years ago. He has mild autism. He treated me very harshly the whole time since we separated. He got a VRO which I didn't fight, then had me arrested for trivial violations of offending him with emails. I stopped emailing him altogether. Then he made false allegations of child abuse and the Magistrate from WA believed everything this unemployed bum said and barred me from any unsupervised contact with my beautiful 8 year old daughter. I have never so much as smacked her. I love her deeply and have only treated her exceptionally well, and entertained her better than he ever could. For next to no reason, I have been ordered to access her through supervised access, ordered to get a psychiatric and parenting ability evaluation and ordered to apologize for denigrating the father and demonstrate that I wont denigrate him again. To do all the above will cost me over $10,000, money I don't have. I have been ordered to attend a case assessment conference with DOCS or Child Support. I am a loving, devoted mother, I have held down a full time public service job for over 11 years. I don't do drugs or alcohol. I am a decent human being and all I am guilty of is suffering stress for a brief period time and dropping her into his care unplanned on a few occasions. I have been bullied and demonised and denied access to my daughter for next to no reason. I don't trust these authority figures as they are very much lacking in mercy and compassion so I refuse to deal with them. Consequently I have lost all access to my beautiful daughter who I absolutely adore. Belinda.

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Re: Belindab

Submitted by Iknow on Sat, 12/04/2014 - 19:53.

Docs are only able to do their evils deeds because the currents politicians are sitting on their collective hands. Politicians today are mere puppets and do NOT serve the People of Australia. For those of us who have had our children stolen by DOCS through lies and deception, there is only one answer. That is to stand together and collectively organise ourselves.

The task at hand will not be instant or easy, but the rewards will be great -- our children deserve to be protected.

Please feel free to contact me.

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