The Beast...

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There is one thing most common in our lives.. and that is a (mostly) dormant beast. It is an animal that is taught to us directly or indirectly, through teachings of our parents, peers or simply by being existent with the ability to learn, thus we adopt charcteristics and ideals of the people we grow up with and/or around. No-one is immune to the beast, unfortunately. Not until the core of our society evolves.. and that, I foresee, is many, many generations away. Using the word "humanity" in here, anywhere, seems like a bit of a contradiction, as the term "it is only human", is only used for derogative purposes.

People in positions of power don't simply follow a path of righteousness and truth to get where they are, they battle thier opponent, be harder, be faster, be smarter... be more deceptive. The cut throat leader of our country is a good example. Those of you that are determined to constantly stand true and be a nice little butterfly in your life.. will always get stomped on, never be the leader or the boss... unless you disgrace yourself, as a "human", and gain a "brown nose". Much the same as some actual poor DoCS/DCP workers (the ones you rarely see, or bring you coffee). They are not all nasty critters drooling over our children. I know this as fact. The ones we all hate and deal with are the ones that have embraced the beast.. and they absolutely love it. The honest ones that are trying to actually help are often replaced, due to thier inability to manipulate families.. or they simply become office bitches.

People often complain about police corruption also.. you know, working together to "get someone for good".. abusing thier powers, etc. It's not just police, child protection and the like playing this game, it happens in all areas of employment and in general life. I myself have acted in similar ways. If a customer gives me the shits or I just didn't like the look of someone.. I'll rip you off, lie about a contract, whatever. Years ago, no specifics, I/we used to have "agreements" with large companies to "gain" some extra 10's of thousands on the side with particular contracts, purely to cut the throat of the competition. Hence, we rise up and move ahead.. get what we seek. The competition knew what was happening, but when you get the "paperwork" right and pay the right people, there is no proof. Exactly the same as a kidnapped child at the hands of DoCS/DCP. We, the parents, know the truth.. but they adjust the paperwork and pay the right people.. nobody cares what we say.. goodbye child, hello raging emotions.

Remember, DoCS/DCP workers are only "human"! ;) Keep that in mind, don't be intimidated by them, they can smell your fear and it fuels thier ego. Mentally study everything they say/tell/promiss you. Don't make spur of the moment decisions.. it could cost you a lifetime of sorrow. If you aren't too intelligent, take the time to think and "project" what they may be upto, to figure out a short term futuristic battle. They really aren't that smart.. thier only gains are made through confusion, intimidation and emotional warfare. ;) Everytime they leave you wondering, hurt and confused.. they make you believe they are all-powerful, which gives them a distinct advantage, and most of all, they gain time. Time is thier greatest weapon.

But, in every DoCS/DCP worker, as with ourselves, thier exists a child. Find it, let the beast out, manipulate it.. or your chances of surviving/winning in thier "game preserve" is extremely minimal. I admit that there exists quite alot of a beast in myself nowadays.. many areas. But, back then (several years) when my family became a target, I was a fairly average bloke, working my arse off, pretty happy, believed in all the good stuff. After several months of playing thier game, I realized that my family and I were simply being toyed with. So, I became extremely displeased and adopted thier own methods and tactics.. quite perfectly I must say. I played and manipulated everyone involved, just to get the answers I sought. I uncovered alot more than I actually theorized had passed through thier minds. Thier tactics, thier plans.. everything. It all became so clear.. and very sickening. It truely is hard to maintain your sanity when you see and understand how these people really work and what they do to your children, let alone the parent/s.

I myself suffered severe physical/psychological abuse in my younger days.. where was child protection? In my life, I've witnessed child abuse on the streets and in front of places we call home. It is not prolific, but it does exist. Quite often, nothing gets done about these cases. Until now, I used to wonder why you see this happen constantly at the same areas/homes (same families). It's because DoCS/DCP actually NEED these people. If we don't see these things, we'd sack alot of child protection workers.. don't need so many. Honestly, if the state of the average Australian family home was as bad as our child protection mob claims (paperwork, child theft(Statistics)).. then we'd witness horrific levels of child abuse every day, everywhere in Australia. You simply would NOT be able to walk out your front door to grab your mail without seeing a child getting beaten up, or worse! DoCS/DCP has purely become a business.. simple and as obvious as that! And, they do "employ" other professions. Psychologists, lawyers etc. This is also, fact. Alot of people get a piece of the potential financial cake that our child's existence supplies.

I feel the world has lost touch (again) with the true purpose and meaning of being alive. There's nothing quite like a world war to remind people that we are all the same, sentient beings.. all stuck on one little planet. In time, we will realize that we no longer require to pretend that we are awesomely intelligent and we will be able to function without the beast. Unfortunately though, not in my lifetime.. nor in yours.. nor our children's.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
― Edmund Burke
(Quote from a bloke that lived during the reign of animals(and we still are))

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Re: The Beast...

Submitted by alecomm on Mon, 18/02/2013 - 13:15.

very interesting perspective Cron. and so true. i hope now that there is time for your family to heal and for oneday maybe for them to forget, though i myself know that once that door has been opened, there is no going back. all the best, xxx

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