Campbell Newman and Others

Submitted by DaS Energy on Sat, 26/04/2014 - 14:43
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Corruption in Government Premier Joh time saw in the Fitzgerald Inquiry.
It lead to Police charge against Joh, separation of powers.
Fitzgerald created the CMC to prevent a reoccurrence.
Politicians changed Fitzgerald CMC to their CJC, after which politicians changed their CJC to their CMC not at all like Fitzgerald CMC.
Today’s CMC is the property of the Attorney General and it be his employee that shut down CMC investigation into public servant.
So there be no confusion to what is expected, the Attorney General has personal power to obstruct the Court from hearing criminal charges, Section 514 of QLD Criminal Code Abuse of Office, Extortion.
Criminal charges against the public servant Registrar SPER cannot be heard by the Courts so long the Minister personally keeps in place his refusal of permission for the Courts to hear the charges.
LNP Government has been active instructing all its Government Entity to file claim against the Citizen with the Registrar SPER not the Court.
After which it not matter not having been heard before a Magistrate, the public servant Registrar SPER is there to instruct Police and Courts on which part of, or the full four pages of punishment to bring onto the citizen for not paying unproven debt claim of some public servant employed by the LNP Government.
This being made further wrong by Registrar SPER refusing to obey the SPER ACT and produce records “Computer ate them” but supposedly be around for the punishment to be made by LNP public servant against the citizen of Queensland.
LNP Government Tribunal Adjudicators have personal concern to payments made to a person and the activities used to make money demands against the citizen.
This by-pass the Magistrate activity set in place by the LNP has only one purpose to feed money to Premier Campbell Newman.
It directly challenges Sovereign Law and State Law any citizen charged by Government on any matter be heard by a Magistrate.
The LNP have quietly gone about setting in place instead, when the public servant says cough up the money do so or pay the price from loss off license to loss of everything. Never the LNP claim being Court heard just the punishment the Court shall deliver as set in the SPER ACT.

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Re: Campbell Newman and Others

Submitted by DaS Energy on Sun, 27/04/2014 - 11:23.

Premier Newman and The LNP have deliberately acted to disengage Sovereign Law, Natural Justice and QLD Legislation all Citizen be heard by the Court before any Police or Court punish for non- compliance with demand of anonymous LNP Public servant abusing the powers of QLD SPER ACT.
Government Tribunal Adjudicator personal concern to monies taken under threat by anonymous LNP employee and paid to a public servant still await Court hearing.
The three times paid repeated claim for monies await Court hearing.
The two supposedly cancelled payment contracts used by anonymous public servant to extort more monies await Court hearing.
The Court action sort by Main Roads by then Director General against criminal activity of public servants within Main Roads awaits Court hearing.
QLD Criminal Code, Extortion> Abuse of the power of office to obtain monies for which no legal claim exists and no Court has heard. Is Court hearing the Minister personal exercises his power it not hears.
Campbell Newman and LNP success in evading Court with their criminal activities is fully recorded on Government Letterhead.
Specific naming of Public Servants and their criminal activity is fully spelt out in Public Facebook.
Every action possible has been taken publicly and privately to bring notice to Campbell Newman and LNP there is exposed.
Neither Campbell Newman nor the LNP will take reactive action as such avails the defence be heard, when their whole activity has been to ensure any defendant to their activity never be heard in a Court.
Can Do Campbell’s lust for money and his means of obtaining are pure criminal as too is the LNP Minister blockade to the Court hearing of such.
In time of Premier Joh, Police brought charge Separation of Powers, Government and the Courts, however this is not yet a Police Charge against QLD Attorney General.
No records show of Police being recipient of monies criminally obtained, unlike day of Premier Joh.

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Re: Campbell Newman and Others

Submitted by DaS Energy on Wed, 30/04/2014 - 12:14.

Premier Campbell Newman oral declaration to the people of Queensland.
Qld Toll Road Business is a QLD Government Department.
State Penalties Enforcement Register is a QLD Government Department.

Premier Campbell Newman written declaration to Federal Government states Queensland Qld Road Toll Business is not a Government Department.
State Penalties Enforcement Register was once privately owned by Bigfoot Shoes in Cairns and now is a business owned by the Attorney General.

The Attorney Generals need to protect Campbell Newman and criminal employee of the Attorney General's business gave notice no Court had his permission to hear criminal charges against his employee or Campbell Newman. Extortion; Abuse of the powers of office to obtain.

Premier Joh never went to such lengths of criminal behaviour as the Letterhead records show of our QLD Premier and his mate the Attorney General.

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Re: Campbell Newman and Others

Submitted by DaS Energy on Fri, 02/05/2014 - 08:23.

Natural Justice, Sovereign Law and Legislation is that any Government claim be heard by a Court before taken against the citizen.
Campbell Newman and team have conspired to evade such by using a public servant with powers under the SPER ACT to bring punishments such as loss of license, sale of all property including home, access to bank accounts.
At no time does the Newman Government bring in a Court to validate its claim against the Citizen.
Campbell Newman can’t escape the truth inked on Government letterhead so instead his Minister uses his little known of personal power to bar any Court from hearing the criminal charge of Extortion arising from the evidence of inked records.
No longer Government obeying Legislation, Sovereign Law and Natural Justice but a dictatorship of give me the money or pay dearly till you do. You cant get me I have Ministerial protection, you will never have me heard by a Court, I am Campbell Newman, this is my Government.

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Re: Campbell Newman and Others

Submitted by DaS Energy on Mon, 19/05/2014 - 18:07.

Housing Minister Tim Mander has warned National Party (LNP), Chris Davis that he is a con you selection. (Poor bastard went with the wrong bloke)

Minister Nichols selection of boys and girls have a good deal going with the Attorney General. He protects them from facing court on criminal charges.
Nichols mate has the authority to order the Courts they can’t hear criminal charges against any person he selects, and for a unnamed price he uses his power to stop the Courts from hearing those criminal charges.

Whatever Chris Davis did obviously didn't have a cut in it for con you Campbell, others now know that's a no no if you want to stay out of prison!

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