Obama failed Americans by pursuing Republican war agenda!

Submitted by Dr. Abdul Ruff ... on Wed, 12/11/2014 - 15:04
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Obama failed Americans by pursuing Republican war agenda!



American voters elected an innocent looking democrat Barrack Obama as their president because they were scared of the Republican rogues with hidden war agenda.

Barrack Obama came to power with a promise to bring peace to the world. Had Obama pursued an effective anti-war policy that would have made the Democratic Party with a positive image!

Clearly, a cleaver Barack Obama won the his second term at White House only with assistance from republican party which is fully satisfied with his policy of expanded wars in Middle East, killing Muslims and looting resources and focusing on energy resources control in the region.

The Republican victory in just concluded midterm polls held 04 November was not the result of a surge in popular support for the Republican Party or its aggressive war policies. It was indeed the result of the collapse of the Democrats. They are fellow-cheats with republicans. They ceased to be the popular leaders whom the people could respect.

The estimated turnout for the midterm polls stands at 36.4 percent, the lowest since 1942 (when many voters were unable to cast ballots due to the Second World War). In California, New York, Indiana and New Jersey, turnout was less than a third. This means that in most races, the winner received the votes of only about 20 percent of the electorate. People have no interest in war politics of political parties. In a distorted political and electoral system dominated by two right-wing parties of big business, could find mass expression only in the negative, i.e., through abstention. The basic division is not between the Democrats and Republicans, but between a tiny financial oligarchy that controls the regime and the common people.

Obama is so hated and despised that he cannot make any impact on the US people. The vast majority of the population is angry and disillusioned. It increasingly sees through the democratic façade and senses the futility of seeking to address its concerns through the existing political system.

The point that Obama not at all popular is evident now from the US midterm elections that have made the republicans the real winners and can easily win the next presidential poll.

The reason for indirect support of republicans to Obama was in appreciation of his justifying the Bushdom’s illegal wars and war crimes it committed just like Bush regime as well as promoting Israel, the US ally and a criminal state in Mideast.

More importantly, Obama, like Bush Jr, has been advancing the so-called national interest of USA- the only super power one earth. Even while pretending to be a nice guy, Obama systematically pursued the colonialist policy of social inequality.

Arrogance and lies!

Obama and Republican leaders have indicated they will seek agreement on a sharp reduction in the corporate tax rate, among other pro-rich measures. Their secret agenda of new handouts to big business and new attacks on social programs and working class living standards was deliberately concealed.

The republicans have a point to tell the US electorates for the next presidential poll. That is the illegal invasion of an Islamizing Afghanistan and then of Iraq is fully justified by Obama’s escalation policies.

During the midterm poll, an innocent looking Obama pledged that no US troops will be sent into combat in Iraq or Syria. But soon after the midterm poll, the Republican and Democratic congressional leaders are now moving aggressively to implement unpopular policies that were entirely excluded from the election campaign. President Obama a has announced the US will send an additional 1,500 troops to Iraq, doubling the number of US soldiers there. Obama will request $5 billion from Congress to fund the operations in the Middle East ostensibly targeting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) which the Republican s also would support.

By mutual agreement, Democratic and Republican lawmakers had scuttled out of Washington for their pre-election break without taking up the issue of authorizing the new Middle East war. Republicans seem to have assured President Obama a new congressional authorization for use of military force for expanded operations in the Middle East, including against Syria. Republicans and democrats very tactfully concealed during the months-long campaign the pentagon decision to further escalate terror wars in Mideast for resources and thus so cunningly deprived the American people of having any chance to express their attitude at the polls.

So cunningly, Obama and his Republican class-mates have deadly involved all Americans in the illegal wars.

Such is the reality of American democracy and rule of law the US leaders recommend to other nations.

The elections in USA are exercises in deceit and manipulation. All important decisions are made in secret by the military/intelligence agencies and the corporate elite whose interests the parties defend.

In the name of democracy, US politicians fool and deceive the US voters and general public.

American people, like third world people, just vote for these two parties and they have no direct say in the policies, especially on illegal wars and occupational crimes perpetrated by the regime.

In fact, what has been happening in Washington, ever since Obama assumed office first in 2004 and quickly managed a Nobel Peace prize, is an ugly joint political exercise between the Republicans and Democrats, hidden from the public eyes. Republicans pushed Obama to pursue the Bushdom war polices more aggressively to get his “legitimate” second term in office and obviously, Obama obliged the Republican war mongers with a red salute. Obama began killing Muslims, including Libyan president Col. M. Qaddafi to equate the feat of Bush Jr who assassinated Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

Obama has been beastly pursuing aggressive war policy in energy rich Mideast mainly because of the support he gets from both Republicans and Arab league led by Saudi monarchy.

All said and done, Uncle Sam has no shame. The very feeling of shame could make the regime to change its criminal policies; Obama has no reason to do so.

Instead, Obama just escalated the war theme of the Republicans by invading more nations.

As Uncle Sam operates with corporate lords and goes from one imperialist war to another, people of USA suffer from low living standards and deprive themselves of democratic rights.

Obviously, people are not quite impressed by Obama’s war gimmicks to make them vote for Democrats for following the footsteps of the hawkish Republicans. Americans, deprived of their right to know the secret games the political parties play, cannot be blamed if they prefer the republican party to pursue illegal war policy abroad.


*د. عبد راف *

Educationist, Prolific writer, Specialist on State Terrorism; Chronicler of Foreign occupations &
Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan,
Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International
Affairs(CIA); Commentator on world affairs & sport fixings, Expert on
Mideast Affairs, university teacher; Author of books/ebooks; Editor.
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