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Submitted by millzees on Sun, 01/02/2015 - 23:41
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Hi everyone, only just found this website and not feeling quite so alone dealing with this criminal family system we have. Just like to share the latest letter I sent to our court that shouldn't have the word Family in it. No response of course, the only thing that matters to them is money which we all contribute to these good for nothing public servants to rip off the system.

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Re: WA Family Law Court

Submitted by 4.my.children on Sun, 22/02/2015 - 15:18.

We need to something together perhaps...you say ICL are the ones keeping yous apart and they have not even seen your child. Well we been fighting 3 years and deal with the same issues. I have barely any contact with my daughter albeit some empty supervised calls. Parental alienation has played a huge part and has been favored by DCP (in past when it started) Court expert and good ol' ICL. A have not seen my daughter for near a year and a half now. So much to say. I would like to give you a copy of a lengthy 'response' to ICL, to be my final attempt which i know will have no results and that i am just humoring myself. Someone is telling me i should go to the media, anyone that hears whats happened clearly smells the corruption. I maybe would consider this if i could get others with same story to join me....?

Re: WA Family Law Court

Submitted by millzees on Sun, 22/02/2015 - 20:46.

I have gone to a couple of protests, one at the Supreme Court and one at Parliament House, where Save the Forrest got more attention. I also wrote to the Governor-General with a cc to Abbott and for good measure the Queen this week. Trouble is people who haven't gone through find it hard to believe and us who are going through just become so worn down by the unfairness and the uncaring responses from the Family Justus System.

I'm getting a petition going addressed to the Attorney General and Prime Minister from the concerned parents of Australia asking them to stop the Family System making money off our children and adopt the new NZ Family Law System which takes the children out of the courts. I'll post a link to where the forms can be downloaded once I've uploaded them and they can be signed and faxed or emailed back. Hopefully I can get enough signatures to make them listen.

Re: WA Family Law Court

Submitted by 4.my.children on Tue, 24/02/2015 - 13:48.

I say the same thing, people do not believe that the system could be so cruel without reason. Yes send me the link to the petition , i will get some signatures on it also. I am going after them now myself. I am not going to just 'go away' . Our children are suffering child abuse which is going to affect them for their whole lives. They may not know it but we will keep fighting for our babies and hope one day they will know we never did give up like are being told.

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Re: WA Family Law Court

Submitted by Elisa on Sat, 14/03/2015 - 19:08.

I saw many interesting things, but it is the most interesting!

Re: WA Family Law Court

Submitted by millzees on Sat, 14/03/2015 - 19:44.

Hi Eliza I notice from your profile that you enjoy reading and history, me too but I haven't been able to read much since my life turned stranger than fiction. I've written a book on our ancestor Walter Howell Deverell who was a painter in London in the 1850's and part of a group called The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. I haven't been able to finish it with the Divorce and Family Court things going on. Would you like me to send a link to the book on my Dropbox Folder? Mandy

Re: WA Family Law Court

Submitted by millzees on Tue, 24/02/2015 - 14:12.

Amen. Will get onto that petition after I've calmed down from meeting with arrogant bank lawyers who treated me like an idiot as usual. This is the letter I sent to Tony Abbott today with cc to attorney-general to all fax numbers, if I follow up with a petition with lots of signatures they surely can't ignore that.

Corrupt Family Justice System in Australia

I attach copy of correspondence received from Ministerial and Parliamentary Support Branch in response to my correspondence 26 Jan, 2015.

I brought to your attention a serious problem with our Family Justice System in Australia that is killing our children and all you can say is thank you for your views. Mr Higginson wrote to you about your parties so called “serious problem” over who’s married to who in your ministry. I don’t give a crap as your employer as long as they are doing their job, but they and you are not.

NZ were the first to bring the vote in for women and now they are the first to bring in a fair and equitable family justice system. Stop the lawyers, courts and so-called independent experts making money off our children and driving them to suicide and take the lead from NZ.

Re: WA Family Law Court

Submitted by 4.my.children on Wed, 25/02/2015 - 03:20.

You are right to just keep sending, they HAVE to listen sooner or later but perhaps it will land in the right hands and be acknowledged? This is hopeful :)

Knowing you are standing up in the way you have, has given me more strength. I will follow suit as much as I can. Because hearing it from at least two of us has got to be more helpful ? Anything you think of that i can do..let me know. I have a family friend going over my letter at present. I am to make a few adjustments then it will be dispersed, including to you. Any addresses you think i should send it to after you read it, i will.

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