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The Fraudulent DOCS Statements they used to steal my baby when she was 2 hrs old

A Video Especially for the Doubters

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Visitors to this web site who still doubt the veracity of the stories posted here and those who would blame the parent regardless of circumstances might take a moment to watch this video.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - Investigating the deaths of over 1000 children per year in the custody of various states of the US.

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Child Safety took my boy away and they gave him back to me dead

Department of Community Services in Queenslan, formerly known as Department of Child Safety in Queensland (DoCS Qld), you are a bunch of kidnapping, man hating, evil corrupt liars.

Now we know that you have corrupt judges like the coroner Kevin Priestly who are willing to cover up your mistakes, like the death of my son Luke Borusiewicz.

The angrier DoCS Qld makes me, the more strength I am given to keep fighting this corrupt abomination falsely portraying itself as God's gift to children.

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Help for parents to fight DoCS, Social Services, CPS, Cafcass, DHS, FACS

Hi all, just thought I would let people know that I have been collecting the useful links and info I come across and have them in a section for parents in the US, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. If you would like to add your site or leave a comment please feel welcome.

Help for parents dealing with CafCAS in Canada

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This week a father twice fought off the police and DoCS after a bus driver from the school reported him to DoCS after a heated arguement. He has never abused or neglected his children, and the report was an act of vindictive vengeance. This makes no difference to the DoCS banshees that turned up on his doorstep.

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Epping DoCS Stole my Autistic Child When I Went to them For Help


Was also told today by DoCS Epping in NSW that kids need to be adaptable... newsflash, breaking news: he's autistic. They do not cope well with change, especially when their base environment is constantly ripped away. Its terrifying and will cause them to 'retract' into themselves even more, act out of character one way or another (ie, either misbehave or frightened into submission, the effects of which can be longlasting and even transposed into future behaviours). Its ASD 101, not rocket science!

docs nsw

hi,can anybody tell me about the fairfield community services offices regarding corruption.i have been dealing with them for the last six months and i am sick of it.if anybody has been involved with the fairfield office please tell me your srory as i need to know what they are trying to do with my family.


Please DoCS NSW Tweed Heads DoCS Give my Brothers and Sisters Back.jpg

Support Jadeine's Fight Against DoCS NSW Tweed Heads

Hi guys, My names Jadeine I'm 17 and I'm the eldest sister of 7 amazing children i call my siblings ♥

So on may 6, 2010.. i came home from a normal day at school ready for a busy night in our little house on the Tweed River, until dinner time when a knock on the door came and my whole life got ripped from underneath my feet.

Kathie Parker Now a Manager in DoCS Armidale

Submitted by Lukes Dad on Sun, 27/05/2012 - 20:08
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The money they payed me or my ex wife for respite care was given to us from petty cash, in our hands. It appeared to me that what my ex wife was doing was ethically wrong and morally wrong, I tried repeatedly to tell her how I felt but she seemed hell bent on the money and reputation she had gained from working for DoCS and her own family didn’t matter.

Full story at

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