Comments on Dept of Child Safety Queensland

Submitted by Webmaster on Thu, 28/02/2008 - 08:38
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Re: Comments on Dept of Child Safety Queensland

Submitted by alecomm on Thu, 22/03/2012 - 02:01.

@Nee, sorry for what BS you are going through, they are assh0les. and they lie and deceive and the "anonymous mother" who claims they are there for a reason - well you dont have a bloody clue what you are talking about.

first of all statistics prove that more children die at the hands of "Child protection" than they do at home in any case, and a quick google search on cps corruption will show how many people are all "focusing on themselves" (at least in your opinion) or maybe there is something about this corruption in child protection that is true.

for me, they stole my baby when she was two hours old and left me haemhorraging with placenta in tact. they cared little for me and even less for my baby. its not just what they do, its the way they go about it and they are as ruthless and careless as anybody could possibly be.

my baby is back, though it took over five months and thousands upon thousands of dollars that i did not have. my baby did not get breastfeed which has long term consequences which we are already finding out about. she did not get her colostrum. and she was shoved in a ward on her own for the first four miserable days of her life. you think that doesn't cause harm?????

they make me sick. they lie. they commit perjury and they are truly the most unaccountable department along beside all the coppers that are getting away killing people willy nilly at present.

maybe your frend did need intervention, and that is what they are there fore. however most of the time they do not do intervention they just take the kids. they lititgate before they investigate and cause more harm to any families than anybody else could possibly do.

they even happily take kids from mothers who have left domestic violence. some even 10 years prior. they steal babies straight from the womb, in randwick hospital they're taking babies as young as 20 minutes old.

this is the worst stolen generation, though it sounds as if you don't believe there has been any stolen generations,and that any mother who has their child taken does so lawfully.

shame on you.

i urge you to look at the australian legislative ethics commission site once it is back up and running again after being transferred to a faster host to handle the massive amount of daily traffick of people interested in the human trafficking of our children by our own governments.

all the best,
mother who knows what docs / cps are truly like. murderers and kidnappers.!

Re: Comments on Dept of Child Safety Queensland

Submitted by shell (not verified) on Sat, 28/06/2014 - 02:43.

After just stumbling onto this site due to once again finding myself needing to dig for ways to become a semi , kinda sorta half a chance legal rep for once again myself against the Dept Child Protection (known as DOCS) however here in WA.

I was almost gobsmacked to find this site, read one article straight up that is nailing it right on the head as to how it is and can be for so many truly ' innocent' victims of DOCS. I am for one... all for any company, person, agency govt or non who will not tolerate any person harming or possibly putting any person, adult or child in harms way regardless ... its that simple for me ..i cant fathem or comprehend how any person could hit, harm , abuse in any form no matter whether it emotional or physical ..small , large no difference to me ... its just argh !! anyway!! for these pure honest reasons i am glad their was a agency out looking out for the young,weak innocent etc...

I regret to join the person above by stating that i now believe there are alarming number of children from this past ten years or so that have been ' wrongfully' removed from perfectly capable, loving , devoted parent/s and family members!

i wish i could say it was due to the fact the child was indeed in harm. but, sadly, most often its further from that ..and more like ( i myself too, in this boat) simply because the parent' would not bow down, conform , agree or play the expected game required by the worker for DOCS (too bad if you don't know all this before they enter your life). basically its true... most case workers are much younger than yourself, (if you find yourself a victim of DOCS). Do not have any kids of their own.. never came from the real world of where 98% of the kids are taken from ..the general rate of children that are taken from homes are from the ' lower less less fortunate side of society' and even nowdays the semi not so bad lower class struggling homes!!

kids are taken from DOCS in their masses not because they were or are at any chance of harm or being at risk but merely because a parent told a caseworker where to go ... questioned her procedures, thought process, proctocols or his/her own behaviour or conduct at any time!!! this is never recognised and is so blatantly seen by so often the parents of the kids torn from them.

Your simple attitude and way of how you treat a DOCS worker greatly results in how you rate or hope in getting your kid back at all. Unless you can obtain a decent lawyer long term you dont have a hope of winning against a govt body who has endless staff, resources and financial means along with top knotch paying lawyers who are out to rip you to shreds and destroy you even if you are never been accused of abusing, harming neglecting or in any way being called a ' bad or at risk parent' ... its your attiude, social status and what kind of background you come from, family social status is everything!!!

i would hope others would like me to continue this story my observation later on but for now i am asking if anyone can help me in WA get in touch or help with people who fight govt depts such as docs child protection or at least something to help me
thanks shell

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Re: Comments on Dept of Child Safety Queensland

Submitted by Kath on Fri, 23/03/2012 - 15:46.

Hi alecomm,
The people who get on here and call me druggo, child abuser, did get to me over the past few days, but its probably time for me to shut up.

I found this site really healing and that it allowed me to have had my vent, and I found out there are many other people affected by DoCS in the same way I was, it is pretty stupid now, to think they were just picking on me, I can reflect now.

Before and when I went through the DoCS takeover, I was very alone and did not understand what was actually happening to me or my child. However if these sites were not around I would never have had that opportunity. I would have walked around in that same stupor for the rest of my life, blaming myself, even though numerous professionals and most of a community know it wasnt. Its easier to look the other way.

I guess I should feel sorry for these people with their attitudes, their hearts are hardened and they dont get it. They obviously are subliminally affected by what the mass media shows us each day about child abuse, and don't get how sinister the whole system is, when you actually think about it.

Thanks for reminding me DoCS took my child by lying, they also lied to police. Thankyou. I am glad you do what you do. Glad to that you come back here. I guess I feel that if things could go that way for me they can go that way for anyone. I am also really sorry for what DocS did to you, I can't think of anything more cruel. It is a situation you think would only happen during times of war not in the free world. I guess people are just conditioned and live inside their own boxes. At the least, it is a look into the opinions of others and is very much the attitude out there, and also what you guys are up against in reforming Child Protection Systems.

I also think if they took criminality away from addiction many lives could be helped and improve and it wouldn't be the forbidden fruit anymore. This in itself might stop some folks from being addicted anyway. I feel sorry for kids suffering from their parents/families addictions, I feel sorry for this kid who has written what she has but I don't think they did her a community service in her life. I think I might shut up now too I have probably said more than enough.

Take care

Re: Comments on Dept of Child Safety Queensland

Submitted by Mother (not verified) on Wed, 21/03/2012 - 10:36.

I am glad that there is some1 out there that cares about our kids, and while you ppl are omplaining about them they are saving many kids every day by responding to alligations and investigating. This may be hard on the families but what is worse? Being apart so that they are able to be sure our children are safe, or just not bothering and having children die a miserable and tormented death because no1 gave a hoot. With so many sick ppl out there today it is so important that some1 be looking out for the next generation. I have been investigated myself in the past and as I had nothing to hide I kept myson and have not heard from them since, so why are you all having so much drama and I didnt? What are you hiding? I just recently help a friend who was being investigated to get her life back on track, they were there for a reason and both myself and my friend are glad that they were as she needed the reality check to start focosing on her kids again. Stop blaming the ppl who save our kids lives for your own

Re: Comments on Dept of Child Safety Queensland

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 26/05/2014 - 14:31.

I think that the dept once upon a time may have been there to help those children that truly needed it, however i think they employ young kids straight out of uni with no real life experience and usually no kids of their own. As someone who has lived this nightmare for many years now I have first hand knowledge and the kind of damage they can do to a child. Yes in the beginning my bad choices led to my children being removed from my care. I worked hard and made better choices and finally got my children home. But unfortunately as they had spent several years in care they had a lot of psycological and behavioural problems. after an accident caused by one of my children (to me) they were once again removed from my care. (i had to be hospitalised and lost a part of my body) shortly after being placed back into care 2 of my 4 children were moved 8 hrs away from where myself and thier siblings lived. and there was very little contact with them. and yet agian within 6 months of that they were moved over 16hr drive away. after this last move contact was almost non existent. I called dept at least once a week to find out when my next contact was going to be and kept being told that logistically it just wasnt possible at this time. I also contacted the commission for children and the client relations office in regards to no contact with my two daughters to no avail. from april of 2010 until sept 2012 I saw my two girls a maximum of 50hrs TOTAL. They were finally moved back within a 1.5hr drive in 2012. since they moved away in 2010 my other two children who were in care had been fully reunified home successfully and remain to this day in my care along with their 3yr old sister. However I am yet to spend more than 1HR A FORTNIGHT with my girls who are still in care. Due to the decision of the dept in 2010 to move the girls so far away and to fail their own standards of care where they state that they will do everything they can to maintain contact with the child and their family. I may never get my girls home. they are now 10 and 11 and I have no relationship with them BECAUSE THE DEPT SAID IT WAS IN THEIR BEST INTEREST TO MOVE AWAY. how I wonder was it in their best interest when they now have no relationship with their mother or their siblings or even each other or any of thier extended family members. my 11 yr old has a severe attachment disorder and a lot of medical and psycological issues and behaviour problems. she is currently living in a residential home for unwanted children. HOW IS THIS IN HER BEST INTEREST.
I have been dealing with the dept since 2001 to current and it has been a long hard road but I LOVE MY CHILDREN. and will fight for them til the day i die. I know I am a good mum as I have 3 wonderful children home with me and they continue to grow and blossom everyday. i find it sad that they only reason that i dont have my other girls home is that in 2010 the dept made a decision and failed to see the bigger picture which has had a devastating affect on my family as a whole and we may never be able to repair the damage that was made. I write my girls letters and send them photos all the time in the hopes that one day they will understand that they although grew up without me it wasnt because i never wanted them or loved them as i love them with all my heart. I have been manipulated by the dept on many different occasions. they have lied to get the results they want and they didnt and still dont care that my children are the ones that have suffered and are still suffering at the hands of an organisation that is supposed to be there to protect them.

Re: Comments on Dept of Child Safety Queensland

Submitted by Nee on Wed, 21/03/2012 - 19:53.

I have made no mistakes and I am sick of the bullshit docs are putting my family through. They are completely incompetent and have ripped my family apart and continue to do so for no apparent reason. Long may they rot in hell for how they have treated us and for what they have done to my family.

Re: Comments on Dept of Child Safety Queensland

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 01/01/2012 - 19:36.

As a child of care myself, I at the moment am watching my best friend go through so much with the dept, and it is breaking my heart. She went to welfare and asked for help when no family of hers wanted to know her situation. I met my Best friend a year ago, and have supported her through such a corrupt system of hoop jumping and bullshit. Her kids were never at risk, she left an abusive relationship where it was yrs of torment, that it caught up on her and took a severe toll of her health, and docs took the kids to help her while she got better, now shes 120% better they give her a case plan and tell her a date of the final day the kids are to return home and it did not happen, they ask her to write a plan of what she wants to be seen, but why bother its there way or no way...all appointments shes attend, all i are dotted and the Ts crossed and still no hope, how can they be soo heartless of a single mother wanting her family back together after all this time, its doing more damage to the kids back and fourth from the career to there mother and back again, with the child saying mum cant we stay again tonight, they were told they were in care coz there mother was sick, and now they see there mother well as can be with now questions of why cant we come home. It does damage.
I am a child of care and I see through these youngsters eyes, and there way of thinking because I have been there.
What more does a mother have to do, or take emotionally to get her beautiful family back together!!..
How can she even get into a routine, get a job with all the appointments and hoops they have her in..ITS BULLSHIT

Re: Comments on Dept of Child Safety Queensland

Submitted by amanda (not verified) on Fri, 27/12/2013 - 19:29.

this sounds so much like me!!! she's lucky to have you

Re: Comments on Dept of Child Safety Queensland

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 27/12/2011 - 11:50.

one thing I can say about the qld docs and this goes to the minister of welfare and to all the welfare of Australia your all nothing but kidnappers and child thieving assholes your moto says we keep families together, what a load of bullshit yous all say, maybe one day theyll see how they like it if there kids were taken away and not seeing them for donkeys years. wonder what would the government would say if it happen to there kids aswell? I say sack all docs & the minister & make up new laws without docs.

Re: Comments on Dept of Child Safety Queensland

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 10/01/2012 - 21:42.

well my partner and i are very sad at the moment he has been accused by his ex girlfriends daught of sexual assult .. the police ahve not charged him.. Docs Qld have told me they are getting an order to removr him out of my life and my kids life. I have lived many years and severl 4 abusive relationships. This man dont hurt me and dont hurt my children. What do we do.. well maybe pay the 1700 dollars for a lie decter test.. i dont want to lose him but they docs told me that i will lose my children if he dont move out.. HELP

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Re: Comments on Dept of Child Safety Queensland

Submitted by alecomm on Thu, 22/03/2012 - 02:08.

sorry anonymous to hear that docs are yet again accusing innocent people of filthy crimes. dont bother about the lie detector test becuase they would say it was inadmissable even if you proved him innocent. unfortunately it is a very common practise to accuse innocent men of sexually assaulting children whilst the actual perpetrators go free. life without barriers cover up many sexual assaults on children and docs do also. yet they happily accuse innocent men to cover up for their blatant stuff ups with the ones who were not innocent.

most times after JIRT (NSW) or the police investigate and prove the allegations are bullsh!t it should be the end of it but unfortuntaley docs and child protection are allowed to continually lie and deceive and mislead the courts to no end.

even if you get the report from the police they will still not care because they have a different agenda.

i have recently seen a case where docs wan the girls to visit the father who has sexually assaulted them, they accused the new boyfriend of doing a new assault after the girls disclosed again, and the mother reported it, and then removed the children from the mother saying the new boyfriend was the perpetrator when they already have their own records to prove that the father is th eperpetrator. the chidlren are still in foster care and docs are nothing but a pack of lying soul and life destroying assh0les who i hope rot in hell.

i know this doesn't help you much, but know at least that you are not alone with trumped up BS being the reason you are having difficulty with these child traffickers.

as for you "mother" listen to what is going on. these people are well practised liars. they are psychopaths and they have way too much power. we're not saying nobody needs help every now and then but they generally do not supply it - even when i asked for it once. however they are happy to come in and control every single thing about a life and destory it because they are not accoutnable anywhre.

Re: Comments on Dept of Child Safety Queensland

Submitted by hayleysmummy on Sat, 24/03/2012 - 00:15.

I can relate to many of you so much I am mum to 4 wondderful children my secondeldest is currently in foster care she was born disabled i was unaware while iwas pregnant although iwas very scared when i had her and my firsdt reaction was to run a mile because i was only 20 at the time of having her i couldnt leave her side she needed me so i made her a promise that i would always be there with her id fight for what is right and be her strength to ger her through the hard times and i did just till the day DOCS walked in an took her from my arms and rippiong my family apart my husband and i were no longer together ad the relationship after that ended in domestic violence and finally i began seeing someon who treated the kids and i good we were happy kids were safe fed and had a roof over there head had there own bedrooms and i had just gotten out of hospital after having my fouth child when i got the knock on the door child safety with compliants i was not meeting my daughters needs domestic violence was brought up my cluttered house and my clean piles of washing failed to go to medical appointments which the appointments i failed to attend are true but i had been intersate seeking seconds opinions because doctors in brisbane couldnt do anything to help us never could get a straight answer from them my other children watched as my daughter was taken from me and since that day my family has never been the same and to this day i still fight to ger her back every time i get close something else happens another concern gets brought up we make goals and when i get close tg them they move the markers i feel this will never end and wonder if i can keep doing at times but i made my girl a promise i would never give up an so i continue to fight for her and pray that she comes home safely soon and wish that DOCS for one moment could put themself in our shoes and stop destroying lives of the ones that love and cherish our kids and go save a child that really needs it because my girl never needed it she had everything and more all over silly people who have no idea how hard caring for a child can be let alone a child with disability


Re: Comments on Dept of Child Safety Queensland

Submitted by arikson on Mon, 01/03/2010 - 00:47.

Children should not be put at any risk.

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Re: Comments on Dept of Child Safety Queensland

Submitted by DocSniper on Mon, 01/03/2010 - 01:29.

Really,?, your not looking at the bigger picture.
Even the good parent, have place their child/ren at risk, How so you ask ????.
By sending them to school,by them walking or riding a bike or taking a bus.
When the said child go's out,whether a party or movies or just hanging with friends, They are at risk, not only from pedo's,could be a drunk in a car, could be another child with a knife, could be anything in todays sick world.

But, of cause the biggest danger when trying to protect, and you seek help from DOCs, Docs help themselves to your child by kidnapping/stealing them, then that risk factor is at 90% of the child/ren being abused in some form of format by DOCs personals or carers.

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Re: Comments on Dept of Child Safety Queensland

Submitted by ImpressMe69 on Sat, 16/01/2010 - 01:25.

I have also had a long and tedious five years with the Dept of Child Safety in Queensland. They took my daughter of 2 and a half years old and my twin boys newborns away from me because I had requested my ex partner help me with the twins and he had been abusive to me in the past. Their reasons for taking my daughter was because they were concerned my daughter was at risk of being molested as I had a couple of male associates that would visit from time to time. Not that they were pedophiles.
Dept Families had my daughter in their care for a few months and on Christmas Eve 2002 my daughter was raped by a 13 yr old boy also in care with the same carer. I had only learned of this misfortune Boxing Day 2002. Crisis Care waited 2 days before informing me about this. I then went to visit my daughter at the Childrens Hospital as my daughter had to have surgery. I spoke to Crisis Care re. my daughters replacement into a another carers. Crisis Care insisted my daughter be placed back into the same carers care for the next two weeks so as they were able to finish the Xmas busy Season. And then find her an appropriate carer. I argued that this would be very disturbing for my daughter to be placed back at a home that had abused her safety. As you no doubt can guess Crisis Care had the decision on the final outcome. To this day my daughter now 10 has had behaviour problems. The Dept Of Families did pay for my daughter to receive counseling from a child psychologist for a short time but to no avail my daughter is still having behavioural problems that affect her and her family.

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Re: Comments on Dept of Child Safety Queensland

Submitted by Bekkoned on Fri, 23/03/2012 - 11:52.

As a girl I was sexually abused, put in foster care and had behavioral issues at that age. I dont know what your home life is like but the best thing that you can do is give her a stable home life and if possible find someone for her to talk to who has been in her situation and come through the other end.... It wont be long until she goes to highschool and those will be the toughest years for the both of you; she will become harder to control as she tries to find a way to get past the bad memories and you will be caught on the outside looking in as she rebels. I snapped out of it when o was about 16... And I felt horrible for how I treated the people qround me back then.

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Re: Comments on Dept of Child Safety Queensland

Submitted by Bekkoned on Fri, 23/03/2012 - 09:15.

As a girl I was sexually abused, put in foster care and had behavioral issues at that age. I dont know what your home life is like but the best thing that you can do is give her a stable home life and if possible find someone for her to talk to who has been in her situation and come through the other end.... It wont be long until she goes to highschool and those will be the toughest years for the both of you; she will become harder to control as she tries to find a way to get past the bad memories and you will be caught on the outside looking in as she rebels. I snapped out of it when o was about 16... And I felt horrible for how I treated the people qround me back then.

Child Safety

Submitted by Mary (not verified) on Sat, 30/05/2009 - 20:14.

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it is written

Submitted by Janisthefree on Thu, 18/12/2008 - 00:45.

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i dont know where to turn

Submitted by sa parent on Sat, 20/12/2008 - 12:31.

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Dr. Patel inquiry.

Submitted by NWO on Wed, 17/12/2008 - 23:25.

Yea lets predict where that word commission may go and hope they will do it right this time.

Dr Patel was allowed to get away with his atrocities for quite some time and when it came down to why he managed to do it for so long the inquiry went south to more cover up. Let’s make it clear that we already know how far the BS goes and there will be no surprises this time.

One nurse told me they are now adding all the wrong doings that hospital from hell has done onto the one person. Sure he was a demon however there were others playing at the same game and behind the scenes. The royal inquiry was polluted to cover up the facts in some peoples opinions.

I can understand how something happens like the Dr. Patel crap, because of how determined the powers that be like to turn a blind eye to corruption. They even blamed the whistle blower in this case for bringing the QLD health system to a stand still, how pathetic. There were complaints going on for ages, it was the hospital admins and Dr. Patel for the health system crisis not a nurse doing her duty.

Complain about a doctor and see how far you get?

If we dont get justice in courts what else do we have left to work with....

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it gets better.

Submitted by DocSniper on Thu, 18/12/2008 - 00:04.

A little birdie just landed on my shoulder and whispered this in my ear.
A DOCS worker is believing in what I say. He/She Believes I am Done wrong by and is looking further into it. And states their(docs) only doing this On the 2001 crime for what I went to prison for and paid a million times over.
With personal attacks upon me, Now, with that Info, how to use it?.

Now, why doesnt a lawyer,see the dollars signs with my case???.

NWO's picture

True Australians

Submitted by NWO on Wed, 17/12/2008 - 13:44.

Its time we took back our country from the commies, I see Aussie battlers every day and they look different than the ones in government. True Aussies have character in their faces and values..

This thing where people take careers for money is culturally retarded. Our values are now based on money..

All we need is a depression and one could hit us any time soon, all these money grubbers won’t do anything. Only then we sort out the retards from the real people, No money no services. What happened to doing things for the love of it?

Our government has no real family values…

Zimbabwe Inflation Tops 100000 Percent.

This problem is easy solved, They just need to do things for themselves for free not for a wheel barrow of cash, WTF is the point of carrying wheel barrow of cash to buy the days food with? None!

No real values what-so-ever.

This country was built on the backs of hard laborers from convicts, then a bunch of nancy boys step in and take all the credit..

Tax payers are paying the government to abuse children.

DocSniper's picture

To right mate

Submitted by DocSniper on Wed, 17/12/2008 - 14:44.

Again, it started with Howard placing his Hoof on our backs.
And I have always stated this. We the meek, the lower class have better values then those that think they are way above us.
We the meek have better family values,compare to the high and mighty's, They force their sick morals upon the meek.
You want a fair family values of government?. Vote in the Mafia. You will get the best value for you vote, you will get fair justice. You will get Family.

Australia government are run by Retards that started with Howard. before him, Aussies had a fair go,and you could openly brag that this IS the lucky country. It is far far away from ever being a Luck country with these retards governing us now.

And maybe Chopper Reed should run for PM of

mmmmm!, I wonder, what would it take, for us,? those that are the abused to form a Government body to run against the retards?.
I am sure there is many. We could register, and be in the election, and voters will then Have a body, that they know will fight for justice and the family values. Food for Thought.

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Royal Commission

Submitted by NWO on Wed, 17/12/2008 - 16:03.

There is a royal commission heading DOC's way.

If you are DOC's and have lied on documents and the lies are as obvious as a cricket bat hitting you in the face, you better run.

*DOC's office should empty in 10 mins*

Seriously DOC's you have told to many nelly blighs(lies) in a court of law to survive the up comming on slaught..


A Message to magistrates that hold hands with these retards behind the court house toilets>>>> Magistrates will go down too so you better buy your ticket to South America and migrate already..

DoCS lies and lies some more

Submitted by Tiffany on Fri, 03/07/2009 - 23:03.

I am in N.S.W and I am dealing with the lies that docs tell in affidavits and to the courts. They are blatent lies that a two year old could pick up.But of course they get away with it. If it was us we would be charged.They answer to noone and are untouchable-imagine getting payed to destroy people's lives,lie and play power games at will.They must be stopped!!!

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Pinocchio is in the dept of Children killers.

Submitted by DocSniper on Sat, 04/07/2009 - 09:56.

Yes, Jane. They are liers,Yes,They are corrupted, Yes, their only purpose is to murder and steal, docs are the front line to a government that backs them to 100%. Attacking Docs is a Futile event,Unless armed with a QC and a Bank manager.
Its Bligh we must attack,Her retarded thinking,like the ones before her, DONT care ABOUT you.
But,In order for that retard Bligh to get out of her kitty litter, Attacking DOCs in numbers will Alert everyone.

And Media, Why are they sooooooooo gutless ?. to report on a devastation conducted by Docs.? and a government that Supports Murder ?. why Does Media Run the other way to goto another country to report on the same type of Issues of Government Abuse to Humans?.
Does this mean Australian media Supports DOCS murdering and stealing? does media support Government un_human acts in this country. One would have to say Yes.

Is the Australian government run by the KKK clan ?

DocSniper's picture

Run Forrest, Run..

Submitted by DocSniper on Wed, 17/12/2008 - 18:36.

As much as I like that Idea, NO, I want these scums in a prison,If they run, they take everything with them,their loved ones.
Hell No, Run to a prison. and be Branded as you brand others.

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Big families

Submitted by NWO on Wed, 17/12/2008 - 04:53.

In the old days when life was hard and we didn’t have all this technology and really good services (not), it was common to have large families. These days with the marvel of modern science it seems to have gotten harder and more dangerous. 200 years of improvement?

You can see real abuse if you have the gall to look.

They turn their backs to it and put it in the too hard basket, hey hang on! DOC's must prove they are saving abused children, so they round up the most beautiful children with good grades and all and tell everyone they have done their job.

DOC's get a gold star for our hard work...

The truly abused children never behave in the way they want, no foster carer wants bad kids so DOC's don’t take them because there is no where you can put them.

It's all about how good they can make themselves look. So they take good kids often from the poorer classes as its easier to financially assassinate them.

I don’t care if people are rich or poor really I care about attitude. Read on..

Most couples on IVF always think they are better parents than any one… I had a friend who was on IVF who used to always comment if a kid had a snotty nose or was dirty from playing in the garden making mud pies… When she finally had a baby she went silent and became a recluse, . OMG that baby was disliked and you could see hate in both parents eyes when she looked at this poor baby.. It turned her prissy imaginary world upside down. It was sad really to watch the best parent in the world (sarcasm), take a good dose of that parental medicine. Refux all over her. Hehehe

I had a few concerns but they got through their issues they just needed some time to adapt..

People that envy the fertile usually become DOC's workers and they carry the same attitude as the said friend above.

We still have classes in this country, you better believe it, Australia has turned into shit warming in the sun.

It’s a tough selfless life style choice to have a large family and the children love having brothers and sisters if you love them equally.

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yeah! them good ole days.

Submitted by DocSniper on Wed, 17/12/2008 - 12:50.

In the good old days, a mans wallet was Thick, not of money, but, thick with pictures of his family, his loved ones.
Now in todays world, the same mans wallet is thick, with lawyer bills.and empty of any family that was.
I have quoted this before, in 200 yrs technology has tripled while human upper class of a society goes backwards(retards).
Then Howard placed his hoof in parliament and family values is raped.Then he is replaced by a clone of himself, and he calls this clone Rudd. Need I say more?.
from the 1st of jan 2008 to 17th of dec 2008. QLD DOCS has let 12 yr olds be ganged murdered,be bashed to the brink of borns and infants, either raped or put to death at the hands of that Department.
Not even a year, And DOCS have done all that.Molester,raped and murdered, Children and families.
Now people wonder why, there is women with 2.5 kids, alone with no man, the burden can be way heavy, so she looks on the net, thinking it is safer then the clubs. Only to invite DOCS to come and destroy at some point.
For a man it is three times as hard.
Why.?. well, 1st up, the man has to find a female that will like him, then she has to find love in him, then the in love. this could take a yr or so,before even the little patter of feet is heard.Sometime 2 yrs or longer to have that dream come true, and In less then 20 minutes DOCS can and will kill all that just on words.
Now this government wants to Adopt (kidnap) children from china to supply the infertile parents of OZ.
Meanwhile our streets are littered with the homeless children.
Why are they Homeless, ASK docs.

Its just not the men DOCS attacks, They attack the women if she stands with you, DOCS attacks the love and trust of a foundation that TOOK time to build.

I will Say again, When and if justice is forth coming, each and every docs worker found to be Corrupted,Will have a prison time of no less then 2 yrs.
Heaps of time for them to a heart they once had.

banging our heads against the wall...

Submitted by parents in need on Tue, 16/12/2008 - 14:34.

My partner and I had our children taken from us in June this year because they (docs) stated that I was not able to protect my children and was not putting them first. As most parents, we would always put the safety of our children first no matter what but when docs come to your door over an email sent to them and try and fill you with their allegations and you dont agree, they went straight to the kids school and took them. I refused to leave the family home that we have been trying to make and the only thing they could offer me to go was a refuge. Why should we break up our family unit because they say so??? Our case worker and team leader have never been in a bad relationship before and dont understand the things you go through when you meet a new partner. My hubby and I have been together nearly 2 years and we are expecting our first child together in may. I have 4 other children with different dads (not what I wanted BUT hey) and he has 3 children to his first wife. how can DOCS say that " It's in the best interest for the children " time and time again? My mother has 2 of my kids against my wishes as she does not get along with them. She has abused my 9 yr old daughter on 2 occasions leaving marks on her body and degrades my son who is 10 by calling him pathetic and stupid. My 14 yr old daughter, who we are trying so hard to keep 14 is in a group home and my little 6 yr old daughter is in foster care with strangers. we have been trying to get the kids to my partners parents so they can all be together but because they support us DOCS wont have a bar of it. I try to tell them that it is in "the best interest of our children" they be together but it falls on deaf ears. We have all made our complaints to the necessary departments to find out what they can do to help as thats what they are there for and still get told that " we cant make a decision until DOCS make theirs" and "sorry we cant help". Who is really out there to help and protect us parents from the rort of child safety??? Does anybody know why they are a law to themselves and when can we punish them when they are wrong and ruin families that try so hard to survive everyday without some department coming in and taking it all away for nothing but an allegation or a false declaration on the parents????
please email with any info,ideas and stories to help make a change for the innocent victims in this cruel circle, the kids.

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Same boat different river.

Submitted by DocSniper on Tue, 16/12/2008 - 15:34.

1st off, come to here .....
Send everybody there that you know that has been Intruded by the Nazi's.
Here you can names the names and point the fingers to your Murderers.
I take it, You are in QLD.

What we need is a Rally of Us that are being abused by a system so hell bent in murdering families.
What we need is to do to them as They do to us, so then they get just a little taste to how it feels.
We need a lobby group,we need someone in the media,that wont back down.
We need a lawyer, thats not greedy to take our last savings to live. and seek that Justice to freedom to be a human.

Unless you have the money, and I mean Heaps of it, The best advise, Is get a QC.

and, You are not alone....

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Witch Hunt, well kind of...

Submitted by NWO on Sat, 13/12/2008 - 17:08.

Its seems there is a witch hunt going on and youre the only witch.

If there us any real information Doc's have got, you should be up on criminal charges not enduring a 7 year long custody battle and having your head pushed into the cement by the public...

Youve been branded by the public already as a criminal and you havent even got any convictions or even a single related charge concerning this type of abuse. Is this correct?

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NWO: I thx god you are asking these questions.

Submitted by DocSniper on Sat, 13/12/2008 - 17:40.

You dont how much I pray, you dont know how much I beg and grovel to be heard, for human souls to see what these animals have done to me.
Dont matter what I have done in my life,what DOCS has done, is way beyond any human compassion.
And I can Assure you. The proof I have. and from my heart. I am a clean minded man,I have never ever abused or molested any baby/ies,boy or girl.Not even my own.
I may have been strict and demanding, even my eldest will tell you I am a prick of a father,But, I looked after him since he was two and He will state, I have not touched him in any sexual way. Yet, Not one Law has ever Questioned him.
Even has a Father, Im telling him, then forcing him, to make contact with DOCS and cops, these department Refuse to interview him.
This is in townsville. The docs workings, are Alexander Clark. and her team, The cso: A justine poter-smith. these people Refuse to question my eldest son.?. why?.

And yes, I really do believe someone in that department has taking personal vengeance upon me.
To add and to tamper with files in such a way. only means its Personal. Which Office?. mmmmm, can be from that Goodna office or the Townsville office. I sure it can be traced.
To add, Sadly, I do have a brother, who in 96, did molester his own daughter and others, It was in that same yr, I walked away from my mother and that side of the family. 97 is when my sons dies, and its been hell even since.

it was in my depression that I made mistakes, I dont justify it.I cant change what happen, I can only learn from it. and learn I did at a price and the punishment has not stopped.
I have nothing to hide, I see no point in lieing on these matters and have taking steps to even prove to the best of my ability,by volunteering to undertake a polygraph test to which I past and deemed I spoke the truth.

Women that come into my life. I openly tell of me and my past and what I am being branded. These woman, somehow find love in me, they then somehow, find to fall in love with me. and I cherish this. and I want it so much, that I protect it. By not 2 timing, by not hitting in anger, by not abusing. her love gives us a child, the love grows,bonding is more. Then murdered by DOCS.
the death of my son of 97,comes alive in nightmares. for even that night of my sons death, and as I handed him to the hospital stuff. I was then assaulted by two cops and a guard. to this day I dont even know to why they even touched me. All i got from them was a hardy handshake and the fake words of sorry.
from them I got damage in my neck c3/c5, all my left side of neck and shoulder, my left side of back, it sometimes feels like a heart attack. But, im told my heart is fine. and its only due to stress build up and damaged nerves.

If only people really knew what they have done to me and others as well.
You will ask where is the human compassion? when even human rights dont even consider myself a human,as I dont fall under a heading of the help in offer.Ombudsman of QLD couldnt careless, The CMC also, rejected and refused.
Where does one turn to seek the help and the Justice?.
When I am flat broke and meaningless?.

Re: NWO: I thx god you are asking these questions.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 05/12/2011 - 07:49.

I also am having issues with townsville DChS. They took both my children because of allegations against my partner. Since then I have left him, and have done everything they have asked me to dont to show I am willing to protect my kids. However, they still keep taking me to court. The lady i am dealing with is fresh out of. University and is trying to climb up the ladder by stealing my kids without thinking about Wat is best for them. Her name is rhianon brown

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Submitted by NWO on Sat, 13/12/2008 - 19:20.

A hand shake and a sorry is no form of restitution at all.

Hmm the police seem to be your problem me thinks.

In my situation we were raided with a bogus search warrant.

They absolutely threw the place upside down and irt seemed they were not looking for anything just throwing stuff everywhere tipping stuff out of boxes and throwing stuff off shelves on to the floor.

When the raid was over the police officer turned the recorder off,

Then he switched it back on and started going on about the state of the place. He then said Do'cs were informed so I said common kids lets clean the house. (their mess) I was immediately arrested and they proceeded to take photographs.

The CSO came out and saw the house and had some concerns yet he explained to my wife that there was nothing to worry about as the children were all healthy and happy and were told if we didn’t clean the house and allow a police inspection the next day we would have our children removed..

I came back and we resumed our life.

The next day

We cleaned the police's mess up and a police officer arrived at the door and we invited him in and explained he didn’t have a warrant.

He said "you invited me in" as we explained to him that we were threatened if we didnt Docs would take our children.

we recorded the inspection and the police officer stating the children were happy and well.

A few days latter a dept of housing woman came charging at us demanding to see the house with an electrician. The electrician inspected the house and found one of my power boards to be faulty and four of their power points to be faulty. One of which we corked up with spack filler to stop the 2 yo from killing itself. The dept of housing stated that that power point with the spak filler in it posed a fire risk and the amplifier I installed on an extension lead that I removed the end off the plug to thread through a hole in the roof and replaced it was an alteration to the electrical wiring inside the roof.

The electrician said it was a load of crapola and noted I threw my faulty power board out.

A few days latter we had finally cleaned up the mess in total Doc's arrived and stated the house was a complete disaster and unsafe,

We filmed the whole assault onto our children where it was no6ted the polce used unreasonable force on my eldest daughter to get them into the vehicle and the house was very acceptable.

Docs seemed very relaxed about access and it look like we were going to get the kids by at Xmas.

I went to court regarding the obstruction arrest and pleaded innocent on the grounds that the search warrant was over with and the police has no bussiness being in my house to begin with to arrest me for obstruction.

It was then everything changed again...

The police provided photos and all and the BS started to flow thick. This is how we found out that police took pictures and gave them to DOCS...

I called DOC's and we got into an argument. I threatened to give the video to the media, video of the police harming my children and they told me they would give these photos to the media in retaliation.

We have two fridges one is broken and empty and the other is a huge fridge that is always full of food.

They submitted a picture of the fridge with no food to indicate we had no food. The video shows clearly both fridges and we opened the one full of food during the removal of our children.

We noted one notification at Logan where we lived with my mother in a very nice country house on a property that was fit for a king. The notifier (DOC's) state that the c’van we were in was in shambles. WTF, we never lived in a van in Logan at all. In fact we only lived in a van at garden city and it was never messy.

You know I believe you about DOC’s assassinating your relationships and I understand the manner your spouses are turned away from you. This is a very hard thing to cope with at birth and after birth. A woman is full of hormones and at the most protective stage in their lives, it like they hold the baby as a bargaining chip. If you don’t leave hubby you won’t have your child. What the hell is she supposed to say to that? Child vs Hubby… I think my wife of 14 years would do the same at birth and I wouldn’t blame her as you seem to hold the same attitude in respect. You do sound like a person of good character. However there is nothing in this case would allow us to part as it is not in our interests to prove anything to DOC’s in this way even if they threatened this…

That is amazing you do not find any fault with the mother in all this, and shows you can see reason above all the hurt that you endure.

People want what they cant have more if they are told they cant have it. Especially if it's a perfectly reasonable desire within your civil rights, the right to be a father. I would be obsessed to get what I am entitled to in a similar fashion and this by no means indicates you want to have children to molester. A bizarre claim if anything. You must try not to project your desire to be a father onto other children, but I hazard to guess you know full well that this could be misinterpreted, I don’t suspect you of this, but this could surface as it is part of a long inherited instinct that particularly lies in woman more than in men, This instinct is best observed in penguins when a mother loses her egg she tries to take from another an other and the male penguin is by no means immune to this in this species. We are only human…

I’m very sorry to ask but how did your son die? I don’t know how I could ever live with such a memory.

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Sons death.

Submitted by DocSniper on Sun, 14/12/2008 - 13:02.

I awoke from a dead sleep to find the said partner suffocating him.

No one believes it. not even the cops.
They asked how do you know. I say I saw it, I am the one that wiped away the bloody from his nose and mouth and try to do CPR.

Its call suffocation not SIDS

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Submitted by NWO on Sun, 14/12/2008 - 13:14.


I'm sorry I asked now. I'm guessing we lot are in for a merry freakin xmas.

Yes I would think one would try to blame such an act on SID's....

I am kcus s'CoD in Ihategovdept if you need to tell me more about this, please send PM's there. I wont ask for more information you can tell me stuff though and I'll respond in PM's...


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How else will others know, if I stay silent ?

Submitted by DocSniper on Sun, 14/12/2008 - 16:19.

Dont be sorry. tis, ok.
you asked the right Questions and got the right response, whether you liked it or not, you got the truth.

Most people in government knows of me or about me, my name,when spoken,closes doors.
or when I inform of myself,and the issues I have and the help I require. They say, Yes, I can help to my best for you. come in.
10 minutes later, he rings back up, ands says, I have been inform'd of you and I can not help you any further, I wish you the best of luck.
I get anger, I swear and curse and hang up.

I have no probs of speaking out like this. As I do here I will do to your face in person.
I will spill out my guts, you ask the questions and I will respond. What I say today, I will say tomorrow, as I will in 5 yrs and 10, till the day I die. I am NOT
I am a Clean minded man, with normal human desires.

What Xmas???.
Just me and a cat,a PC and a TV. and a long distance ph call.
Thats going to be my Xmas.

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Go ahead mate let it out

Submitted by NWO on Sun, 14/12/2008 - 17:09.

Go ahead mate let it out...

Ahh see you think I'm trying to silence you because its hard to hear.

I was more concerned about you in this and how it must be answering such questions.

Its like me and my past, it is hard to hear, so I was silenced.

The closed doors is because they don’t want to hear what is happening and they want to live in their little imaginary world they create on paper. Any attempt to go further than this paper makes them have to say words in an order that they can not comprehend.

It is hard to hear. This is why I said you can chat in PM but in hind sight I am asking you to do the impossible.

To hold such horrifying memories inside you should have destroyed all hope.

The mother in this was obviously suffering from post natal depression and she obviously admitted to her suffering and now I guess has to live with this horrible memory too.

I cant understand what happens to women in this trying stage of parenthood, I have experience post natal depression with my ex-wife as she did some pretty weird things as well. I never forgave her.

I can see the symptoms of post natal depression and it can appear as total insanity.

Ok I'll continue to ask more.

Did the said mother go to prison or what has become of her?

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Submitted by DocSniper on Sun, 14/12/2008 - 20:46.

The mother stayed for about 6 months. Told me she was going to the town pool with our daughter, was one of the last times I saw her,she comes back a 4 weeks later, stays 3 months packs for a holiday and never returns.

Nothing happened to her by way of the law, The law didnt believe in what I told them to how I found him dead.
From word go, I have not been silent. 7 yrs I have screamed out for it to land on dead hearts. maybe next year my screaming echos no more. I scream out For others to see who I am, to ask and to know me, to give me a chance to prove who I am.
The last 2 partners gave me that chance. Why the frk would I destroy the one thing i wanted?.,

I understand life. I understand what it means to be a father, to be a man to a woman.
I understand all this, for I learnt it from my dead son. I learnt it from the women that loved me.

This is the price of learning. the suffering. I know who I am. I want others to know me to. Then Judge me. cos! you judging me., will have a little more compassion.

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Submitted by DocSniper on Sun, 14/12/2008 - 12:59.

Lets me tell you of the last partner.
32, a school teacher.
When we 1st started by way of net, we dated,I told her everything of me, ALL of it. I hide nothing from her.
She falls pregnant, at 2 months we approach Peter Lindsey MP of townsville. we/I/her explain to what is happening.
He tells Us, this. and I have it in writing. His Quote " leave townsille and dont have children, Unqoute.
At that same time, I/her/Us also informed DOCS, and requested a half way point. Rejected.

Then partner is now 6-7 gone, we get a visit from docs,Stating they have concerns of the unborn.
As the partner and I slam the door in their face, The partner says, My only concerns is how you are going to rip this family apart.
6 weeks later, we obtain a fake drug raid.
These scums do no drug raid, Instead, One female cop, questions the partner to, The how,why,when we meet, another female cop, tells me to leave townsville. they find nothing, but charge me with Scissors. and a court date is set for Jan the next year.
Late Aug, she is elsewhere in the state, getting ready to have the baby. which took me to the 29th of Aug and I lost a family as DOCS and cops lay wait in the shadows of the hospital.
Jan comes, and the charges are now dropped.

I and the partner at the time Knew it was DOCS that sent these scumming cops.

How can I blame the mother?. I know she/they would of been there standing up for me, Till DOCS poisoned their mind.
I feel so betrayed. she gets to see and spends time with the son, she gets to hold him and watch him grow, she gets it all.

and true, I like redheaded/freckled babes. and twice I have found and have try to build a family. The more I want it, the more it is further away. same for justice, The more I want and need it, the harder it is to obtain.

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Important. Just came to mind!

Submitted by NWO on Sat, 13/12/2008 - 13:17.

Is the child sexual assault their only claim because I ver much doubt it.

If the sex abuse claim is the only point you must win this,

But Doc's make a mess of everything so in essence even if the magistrate awards custody of the children to DOC's or the chief executive or director general or what ever it is unclear for what reasons.

Still have concerns is not a gaolable offence but you wana watch out as then police can put charges against you and you will have to face another court on criminal charges. Then you have the QLD police to tend with and they are socilay outed animals in uniform.

My god what a legal mess youre in...

I do now see your problem. I have got the feeling that the magistrate will make a note as to the sexual abuse claims as unsubstiated better still false, in any case try to atleast get this in writting if you lose.

This will help in an appeal.

Dont get me wrong here. Im not saying throw your case in the water, to get an appeal asap.. submit your positive information and fight it hard but the longer this goes the longer you lose.

This why you really need to hammer on the positive evidence for a few months and get as much as you can before you promt the magistrate for a desision...

The fact that this has gone on for 7 yeatrs means you have already lost. The length of your has this side effect in its function, make this another point to the courts...

Do not take my posts as advice from lawyer deem it as an opinion.

re doc sniper

Submitted by Janisthefree on Sat, 13/12/2008 - 13:41.

this person needs urgent vindication..... i hear there is such a thing as personal law suits against these morons..... dont anybody be afraid to name is time they were all listed....child safety staff on all levels, solicitors and is way past them

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Submitted by DocSniper on Sat, 13/12/2008 - 14:09.

I hear the same. yet I cant Obtain. even to try for a civil suit, one would think a lawyer would jump on this.
I am not affair to name, names, I know who has murdered my life.
and agree. point a finger.

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DocSniper exactly what

Submitted by NWO on Sat, 13/12/2008 - 16:52.

DocSniper exactly what information have the department of child stealers on this accusation?

Do you have any idea why or who?

If you can confirm there is a belligerent notifier this could help.

In your case there is public action against you and it would be interesting in finding out how your sensitive case information has got out into the public in this fashion... Is there any contempt? In other words has any case workers given any erroneous confidential information to anyone that could create public concern that could create a stream of notifications having a detrimental effect in how the case is heading for you,

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Submitted by DocSniper on Sat, 13/12/2008 - 13:40.

you hit the nail on the head. Would a paedophile be doing what I am doing to prove Innocents?.
and your right again. it does consume me.
I lost 2 partners and 3 children to lies, I lost Love from a woman,when I know I did nothing wrong to her for her to leave.

Hows this for kidnapping, My last son is born on 29th of Aug 2007 at 1:06am, by 1:30am, I am surrounded by five cops as they removed my 20 minute new born and forced me out of the birth suite.
The partner/mother of her 1st child, was so drugged up, she was freaking out and screaming at me to Prove who I am, To prove myself.
Thats was the last time I ever saw any of them ever again. he is now over a year old, and I dont have one iota of what he even looks like.
Evening time i try and get somewhat close, DOCS makes bloody sure, all doors are closed.

I also have a eldest son, Now soon to be 23, at 22, when I lost the partner, and all the rejections, I kicked him out, As DOCS also claims I am molesting him from his youth. I just couldnt look at him no more,knowing that everybody thinks I frk'd my own son.No one has ever questioned him, or the people where i live,my street is littered with children, I live near 3 schools and a kindy garden, Im 2 blocks away from a library, 3 blocks away from a major shopping center. Yet I am deemed by DOCS as a predictor/paedophile, Hunter,groomer,and anything else you can think of in a worse case. They Brand Me that.

I lost one son to death,when he was 7 weeks old. I called him Zachary Daniel, My next son, name is Dominic Zachary, My last son name is Zachary Nicholos.
For this DOCS twist my desires to be a father, into a paedophile desire. at my last court in Toowoomba Aug this yr, I am upgraded to a terrorist that wants to take hostages.

No lawyer, no help groups, no body ever helpt.
from life line to any mens groups, They just want help in any way.
I am Shunned in my own city.
I get death threats and Cops do nothing about it.
I get strangers trying to run me over when I walk to a shop.
I made my own home my own personal prison and live on the net.
I already got my head placed in a cement pillar and got 3 of my ribs broken, with each hit, he's calling me a kid frker and with each hit, the only words that come out, Are, No-I AM Not.
he gets 6 months and I get shit.
Where is the Human Justice and compassion from humans that claim to be Christians?.

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Submitted by NWO on Sat, 13/12/2008 - 12:42.

To DocSniper

The fact that you took your child for examination with no hesitation like tells me you are not guilty and is the only thing you need to submit on this claim.

These are not the actions of a paedophile and I’m thinking what would a paedophile do?

Leave the country,
Kill themselves.

I prefer the second choice for these weirdo’s

To cAll their bluff and get an examination like you have done? Is enough to get you off that one.

You see you called their bluff and they went all nuts by what you’ve told me. When they get all jumpy and start iteration delusional and incoherent statements it means you’re on the right track,

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Submitted by NWO on Sat, 13/12/2008 - 11:47.

Through the time in court the magistrate will view and hear a whole heap of insane claims. People that represent themselves tend to think that a magistrate should react to this perjury yet you will see little or no reaction at all from the magistrate, this has the effect of making it appear that the magistrate may believe these monstrous claims and in reality they prolly think it’s a load of crap. A lawyer know this however us parents do not.

In your case you cant close it fast just yet IMO you need another few months of submitting positive evidence and nothing more, try include in your evidence obvious things that refute their claims but not directly, after you feel you have enough to prove you’re a good dad (ignore their counter attacks on your evidence) put in a recommendation and get help writing this or use someone elses recommendation as a template, it’s time consuming but its easy to do. Then hope for the best.

To be honest even if you lose an appeal to district court the sooner would yield better results as DOC’s indicated to me in some weird body language that this is a scary thing fro them and this is why they try to make the case go for years, put in your evidence and and get it over doen with and appeal then appeal again, you'll get to federal family law courts and the ball game changes real fast as the feds don’t like the state in these matters in many cases..

Its scary to lose and you might as magistrates dont like to be the one who decides, however just because you lose this battle it is by no means the end you just appeal to a higher court , but you need to get the the end of this as dignified as possible, 7 years is to long in this court mate, get it decided already and get into a different court system then tell us your woes if you have any ;).

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They have done it now.. Passed the line of no return

Submitted by NWO on Fri, 12/12/2008 - 21:20.

We just landed a 250 page affidavit that reads like a horror story from the tales from the dark side totally delusional in all aspects.

Reading on we see the medical reports examining our children’s genitals in the present of the carers. There is no evidence of misconduct and there better not be.... Misconduct by Docs is what it is...

All medical reports checked out 100% but ummm now they have gone to far in terms of decency.

Because Docs did such a horrible things to my children they want to prove we are bad to give them a reason for such interferences.. Yet the medical reports differ so much in terms compared to he accusations they have constructed information’s such as.

My wife hits a child, hurt her feelings and tell her we wish to stab her in the stomach.. This bazaar notification is listed as “substantiated” in 2003. Like OMG they let us have them for 5 years. Now we are child killers.

Its about time this joke of an institution was shut down ASAP before I grrrrrrrtr.

Class action suite

Liability paid

Royal enquiry

Gaol for the liars

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NWO: Wait till ya see Mine.

Submitted by DocSniper on Sat, 13/12/2008 - 10:02.

your 250 pages is a sham if I ever saw one.

I was accused of tampering with my daughter when she was 2.
They said we(DOCS) will remove her to be checked by a Doctor.
I responded with, Like hell you will,.I will take her,.
I took my daughter to our family doctor.
When I explain to why i was there with my daughter, She fell out of her tree.
She examined my daughter and deemed her clean and untouched.
That day hurt me, to place my daughter in that position.
The next day, I went to the DOCS nazi office and shoved that doctors certificate right in their face and thought that was the end of it.
How wrong I was.
from that, I now have a status of Dennis Ferguson and to top that off I am now upgraded to a terrorist.
Not only in one state , but two, QLD and SA.
Oddly enough, after DOCS have frk over my life, They leave me alone and then attack the said partner,all because she stood beside me.

I believe we have enough abused souls, to form a rally, to march at the front steps of government and Just Yell out the Abuse, Media would have to be there.
Now Can/will that happen, can people stand up and form a Rally?.

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I know how this is going to

Submitted by NWO on Sat, 13/12/2008 - 11:25.

I know how this is going to sound mate but you must not let the crap to bother you.

I see the BS you see the BS anyone in their right mind see's the BS.

One tactic they use is to deliver one of these time bombs (affidavits) just before the week end giving you no time to react in an official capacity, so all weekend you’re left to feel helpless. This has the psychological effect of wearing you down and destroying your self esteem and this effect often is misdiagnosed on purpose as an unusual behaviour trait.

Over the seven years you have suffered you can almost end up insane and for some strange reason this is exactly what they want you to look as to discredit your evidence or counter claims. Remember if DOC's have no reason to take children its kidnapping and there is no two ways about it so they need to make parents look like they are crazy for stating such a claim..

Your story makes my wife cry buddy so you do have sympathy.

Your big problem is that they use a word (paedophile) nobody likes to hear unless they are talking about it behind the accused offenders back, you’ll prolly get little support as the act is tasteless and not something lawyers like to talk about at there lunches. If your lawyer wins they lose because they got a suspected paedophile off the hook and even this sounds bad even though winning your case it is in essence justified.. Proving your innocence will not be fashionable case to any lawyer...

you see this accusation is a very hard thing to get over and would consume anyone to the point oif becoming irrational. You proven to the courts beyond doubt you are a good father that would never do that to your child but this accusation worries you and consumes your thoughts as it would anyone. so you keep trying to prove it wrong and DOC's are trying to prove it right, but hang on you already burnt that accusation in flames mate and I'm guessing their evidence is totaly insane... Move on and start to submit good stuff to the courts.. Stop playing this tit for tat game as you cant win on their playing field, thus create your own..

You want to be a dad and you will never get the time back and money is no form of compensation for anything IMO so really the damage has been done and they know it, they keep trying to side track it slowing you down, please ignore this accusation....


Submitted by alexi (not verified) on Fri, 12/12/2008 - 13:07.

Just keep fighting guys...dont give up. Just got my 14 year old back, now the fight for the two year old begins. Take your complaints to the CMC I did and while I will never know the result of the Child Safety Officer's errors I know that the CMC did follow up my complaint and if enough of us do there can be a class action. Civil Rights, flase accusations, will all be a thing of the past if we all fight, a time will come when they will need proof to take kids from good homes.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 29/05/2014 - 18:48.

yeah we all need to do a class action our kids were taken cause of false allegations which i can prove is false please email me as me and my wife need as much support as possible my email is thank you


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 11/12/2008 - 00:53.

Its about bloody time.
A class Action.
My advise is not for you, But to that department of child safety:

Either come clean and the face the consequences of your abusive actions.
Or keep lieing as you are and when your in court the truth will come out.

Justice or redemption take a pick

Re: Nice

Submitted by shell (not verified) on Sat, 28/06/2014 - 14:11.

You are so damn right ..i am so aware of the blatant in house lies and disception and even go to the extent of saying they will go out of their way to falsify records and co conspire amoungst themselves to simply bury a parent fighting to get their child back..not because the kid is at risk way in hell at all..but from what i now see is... you give a staff member an attitude, the case workers, team leaders and even CEO will all join forces and have it out for you i kid you not !! its happened to me for years all because i question procedures, their ethics, catching out on ongoing double standards, lies and by god if i only knew now my kids would all be with me happy and the damn dept know so damn well not once was my parenting at question or my abiility to parent my kids the obvious love and closeness that is so hard to ignore stood out to the dept but they made up lies , set me up to fail for all kinds of things like phone calls, appts said they gave me time date to go one place when it was opposite ..but who is a magistrate going to believe when they have govt back endless money supply and resources to bury you forever !!!

its about time something was done to bring this actual on going day to day situations happening!@ i know when i tell mates and people they think i am tellin a big lie making up elaborate stories of conspiracies and im going insane does sound like crap (sorry) but its so damn true ..this is another stolen generation of kids , parents destroyed as me and others are here and all because we dont have financial resources at our disposal as DOCS do nor the knowledge ... sadly kids are taken, growing up ten times hell worse being in care with families who really might not be in it for the right reasons and not doing a better job than the biological parent (in my case im disgusted with the care and way my kid lives) and then when our kids are teens all at that typical difficult emotional point in their lives ...foster homes no longer can handle these rebelious products of dcp and palm them off back to their parents !!! where its on them to cop the hurt, anger and grief these poor kids went through all because dcp used their positions within their jobs to get back and play god at MANY , if not ridiculous amounts of innocent , decent non abusing, child neglecting parents !!!!

I hope someone knows of a group place i can join or see to get help to get my kid home i live in semi small town outside of Perth Western Australia in Bunbury and the dept here is small with little to do but pick at every move thing you do in incrediable force and focus and because its such a smaller town that our major cities ..the workers are relentless, the lawyers all in bed with one another , the magistrates its hell ... if i could get me son out i would be gone anyone able to help advice ? email me please thanks

sorry for going on here i am new and good luck to the person with the story ' nice above you are dead on fingers crossed for ya '


Re: Nice

Submitted by Alecomm staff (not verified) on Thu, 12/06/2014 - 13:22.

I so totally agree. And so far they refuse to come clean. And continue to spend millions of dollars on covering up their crimes. Time to take action!

NWO's picture

Exercise your right to dissent.....

Submitted by NWO on Tue, 09/12/2008 - 13:37.

Reading the children protection act it looks like a smoke screen invented to protect the government from any legal action brought upon them by parents trying to get their children back. This is unconstitutional in its fundamental structure. A law act has a purpose to serve the civil rights of all concerned as by the Australian constitution. Our civil rights are not included within this document in reality. Our civil rights are strewn across countless acts and there amendments, civil rights are now very hard to determine any every sense. We have no one place to view our rights, eg bill of rights.

The powers that be insist inclusion of civil rights in all acts within common law is sufficient to morally exercise law reasonably without considerable damage to people and communities. It has got to the point civil rights of all Australians has been eclipsed by a huge influx of new amendments and laws being passed every day.

IMO the corruption is at a Bureaucratic level and a the political powers that be are not, and will not be powerful enough to clean this up, history keep repeating itself over and over again.

We need change and new government is not going to save us.

This is for all Austalians

Submitted by WantsJustice on Thu, 11/12/2008 - 00:50.

This is for Australia.

Who from this state has had dealings with the Department of Child Safety?, and have beem abused. It could be for both child/ren and or Parent/s.?

Are you innocent of any wrong doings as claims from DOCS ?.
Have you had child/ren removed from a stable home.?
Has the man of the house, been unfairly arrested ?. and removed from the home ?.

Do you think your alone in all this ?.
Do you need a place to seek to obtain some form of advice and or help ?.

Then either visit these sites, to see the others in the same boat.

If you have had no dealings with this department, as yet, then this is also a good place to learn to and obtain good advice.
Do not think you will be immune to this. It just takes one phone call, and can be a false accusation.

The URL's is also for information to a Class action against the Department of Child Safety, Commencing next year.
I encourage and employ you to visit these sites. This could save your family/marriage and your wallet.
May god be with you.

Links: general forum)

Re: This is for all Austalians

Submitted by Alecomm staff (not verified) on Mon, 25/08/2014 - 10:24.

Don't wait till next year for a class action - tell the senate now what's happening in child protection. You can do your own, or you can use our online submission form that's designed to show all the above statements and more. Did they lie in court? 100% have said yes so far. Did the magistrate let the caseworkers get away with committing perjury - the stats are saying it all. There's power in numbers - so get your number in now - if we have enough submissions to keep them busy, they will extend the cut off date which is currently October 31st - you don't have long and i guarantee you will not have another opportunity like this for another twenty years - just like the stolen genrations, the forgotten australian's and the trafficked migrants - we have the opportunity now - so make the most of it. No point telling your kids when they're eighteen that you had a opportunity like this to tell the government whats happening and you couldn't be bothered. Speak for the children now because you know they're voices are not being heard - we are after the ICLs also - the submission gives you the chance to easily show that they never listen to the kids, or the parents, and only agree with the department in most cases. It's time to get rid of them. Get in now!

CHILDREN IN OUT OF HOME CARE SENATE INQUIRY SUBMISSIONS UPDATE : Well NSW is definitely in the lead, followed closely by Victoria, Tasmania, the ACT and South Australia... Well done guys, keep them submissions coming - we need to get the senate's head spinning in order to get a time extension. — feeling pumped.

DocSniper's picture

That echo is everywhere:)

Submitted by DocSniper on Thu, 11/12/2008 - 06:19.

Its about bloody time.
A class Action.
My advise is not for you, But to that department of child safety:

Either come clean and the face the consequences of your abusive actions.
Or keep lieing as you are and when your in court the truth will come out.

Justice or redemption take a pick

NWO's picture


Submitted by NWO on Thu, 11/12/2008 - 13:09.

Just saw on the news today an unamed DOC's department and members of the police have been caught involved in a international paedophile ring... They found countless DVD's and cds media with pictures and videos.

This tells me that both DOC's and Police have become so detatched socially from the real world things like sharing child porn can become acceptable.

Or it says that Australian or more correct no culture is mature enough to weild the unconstitutional powers these monkeys in reality have..

I bet the paedocops don't go to gaol because they scared they will get killed there. Like everyone ythat goes to gaol is at risk of that, even people in gaol for minor offences, what's news???

Catholic brothers from Marcellin college Randwick attempted to molest me every day behind closed doors during luch time detentions and after school. I never let go further than the Brothers putting there hand up my shirt and rubing me all over my chest as it creeped me out. I was kind of pulling away asking if I could play and stuff. I was told by one of the offenders that this behaviour was natural and fatherly. My dad never did this to me ever. But My dad never lived with me, for long so I had nothing to compare to.

It seems in my experience that it is people that has powers over children, more so unrelated strangers that have powers over children are most at risk of tampering with minors. My opinion comes from my sadening childhood experiences.

I gave away my faith and replaced it with a type Panthenism, it helped me through some tough times.

The Minister Margerat Keech

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 10/12/2008 - 20:55.

We have been subjected to ALL of DOCS well documented lies, innuendos and plain dirty tricks, and when we contacted the ministers office for help we received a letter from the minister that she could NOT become involved in an "ongoing case"
I thought ALL cases on DOCS files were ongoing.
That being true, I ask
1. What then is the role of the minister for DOCS?
2.Why is there a minister for DOCS?
3. Will the minister apologise at some future time for the actions of her staff in creating a *new stolen generation* or will the buck have been passed to some other career polition?
A Royal Commission into the actions of DOCS and their incestuous relationship with the judiciary, is not only overdue but an absolute necessity, before more children are damaged or eve3n die.

NWO's picture

Federal funded agencies

Submitted by NWO on Sat, 22/11/2008 - 12:08.

Department of Child safety is funded by the FEDS and IMO it doesnt matter what state you are in as I have dealings with both NSW and QLD departments and have seen absolutely no difference in the works we all know and have experienced..

My daughter @ 12yo was often invited to sleep in a foster carers bed and she woke up with his hands between her legs. I reported it and heard nothing more.

I had to steal my teens back when they reached over 13yo. I had to move states, convince DOcs NSW and QLD to get holidays and litterally not return them. It worked

The information I found out when my children returned home was unbelievable....

My son was strangled by one carer for a frightful length of time.
My daughter was locked out of home repeatedly and had carers throw buckets of water on her.
My son had christianity forced upon him.
One carer allowed my eldest son to beat my daughter to the ground in to submission in an effort to allow the children to sought out proplems.
One carer left both children in the care of a 17yo baby sitter while they took a holiday 1000 kms up the coast. The baby sitter threw a party where 30 teens turned up and got drunk with my 12yo and my son had to sleep at a friends home as his bed was taken by a drunken teen.
By the end my son and daughter hated each other were scared of each other and had to be split.
Problems with favourtism and bullying of foster kids compared to the real children of carers.
One foster parent used to drive my chidren for visits under the infulence of alcohol.
Failure to screen unsafe houses.

Now we move to QLD, they have taken my youngest children and left my teens.

The police harmed my children in an attempt to remove them.
My daughter wants to return home and has made it apparent she is of strong enough charater to voice this.
DoCS lied about the state of my house in court and we can prove it via video evidence taken during the raid.
Carers wont allow phone contact between us even though we've been told that we can have phone access.
My youngest son has been denied use of computers and games in the games room room.
My youngest son is sent to bed at 7pm and not allowed out of his room until 7:30 am. Try sitting in a room for 12 hours.. My children are up at dawn as they like to take their time to get ready for school.
My Daughter cries her self to sleep every night because she wants to come home.
My son is being bullied at school and now at home as well by carers older and bigger Son. My son wants to come home.
The baby looks like its been locked outside for the mosquitoes to eat, bite marks and scratches all over the baby obviously from neglect in day care.
Department officer threatend to show photos of my children to a media outlet to force me to not publish the video.

The pictures were taken after the police raided my house with yet another bodgy JP signed search warrant when 5 cops and a dog pulls my house appart throws garbage all over the house then takes photos of the mess them supplies them to DOCS. OMG... Bodgey warrants, CMC are pussies. you cant trust any of them..

Cops found nothing on me (drugs) and decided to arest me anyway so they could have open access to my children.

I have been making a lot of noise about the bodgey search warrants to the CMC. The CMC instead of investigating my complaints referred me to Police internal affairs who teased and abused me. Scince then I can almost time the yearly the raids upon my house and it keeps happeneing. Years of magistrates slipping the responsibility to JP's of signing search warrants who only scribes an unreadable number on the warrants and in no form has any idea of evidence needed to be gained under forfeiture proceedings. Search warrants to prove an offence have to be signed by a magistrate only and a name needs to be on that warrant.

I love my yougens and they know of the abuse that my eldest children had experienced in foster.

My youngest boy has nightmares every night about being stolen from his home. My daughter accuses DOCs of kidnapping and she knows the the definition of that term.. I bet that truth doesnt go in a CSA report....

Class action Law suite is the only way go and we need to join together and get the ball rolling. I can help too....

At current if a CSO can not substatiate abuse complaints the law for taking a child against his or her will is kidnapping and should be punishable by the full force of the law. These GOV bodies are allowed to break the law in an effort to save children from abuse, but all I can see in my case is kidnapping.

Sorry foster carers but you cant love my children more than me so give it up already and if you think you can love my children more than me I very much doubt you actually know what love is.

Stick my kids in day care 5 days a week why dont you, and show how much time you like to spend with my kids.


Submitted by The above poster (not verified) on Tue, 09/12/2008 - 10:43.

Ok now we are missing access due to the fact the elderly lady to whom they have dumped the access visits on gets sick. I do believe she gets sick as she is a little old to be reliable. However there is no way to get someone else to do the access which shows me they are not up to the task.

On all reports not only the names of my children are misspell but wrongfully named. One letter has one DOCS officer asking us to ring her if we don’t receive the letter. Like is this person on drugs? How can I know what’s in a letter if I haven’t seen it.. Typical of DOCS requesting the impossible.

The children are complaining about the foster parents putting meat in school lunches and the meat goes smelly because there is no frozen drink packed to keep it cool. QLD in summer and warm meat sandwiches ewww food poisoning is a major concern to us.

The legal aid solicitor has been sacked. We find he is not even bothered to make his office the service address for documents and he along with the legal aid officers he liaises with spoke as if they were against us and defend DOCS aggressively. In no form did he mention our concerns with the perjury that DOCS were submitting to the court. In fact my solicitor made it clear to us that magistrates know full well about the perjury DOCS invent and magistrates regularly accept perjury as means of ethical evidence.

DOCS provided court stamped documents to centrelink without our or courts permission. To have us cut off in a massive effort to financially assassinate us. Between DOCS and centrelink they stuffed our payment up so much it took two whole weeks of running around to have it restored back to what it is supposed to be. They told us they work together, fixing families or destroying them?

IMPORTANT. In an effort to financially assassinate parents DOCS try to put the heavy on parents from day one to make you sign a voluntary assessment order. The family assistance act provides up to 14 weeks of family tax benefit for parents who have had their children removed but only if it is involuntary. With 6 children removed that equates to approx. $8000 and there was even an attempt (I think by the foster parents) to claim that they were in care before the 14th (Rudd money cut off day).

So that equates to $14,000. Wow that is sooooo obvious and they say I am paranoid, “LMAO” let’s say I am just aware.

As it turns out now centrelink owe us a heap of cash now because the stupid officers that got their grubby hands all over our payments did this in an effort to assassinate us financially, they didn’t even check the policy before they did all this.

My son is still being held a prisoner in his room for 12.5 hours per day and I’m beginning to think about putting in anonymous notification on this lot of foster parents.

Don’t become a foster parent unless you want a bunch of lying animals writing reports on you. It’s a dangerous business allying yourself on a family level with a bureaucratic machine like DOCS.

One of the CSO’s at access said to my 15yo girl. “You can’t stand in the way of a Chinese tank (DOCS) in Tiananmen Square and expect not to get plowed down. Unfortunately my children, by their own nature are want to stand in the way of that tank and we already are getting plowed over.

Guess what? DOCS isn’t a real tank, and as long as we have nothing left to lose and DOCS have exceeded their range of power through third party governmental interferences, we will and have the ,means to make many a head roll in all those department.

Department of housing (DOH) also had received calls and or court documents in an effort to have us evicted from the 4 bedroom house we have acquired to house our large family. Again they have failed.

DOCS say “We work with families to help children” everything we have experienced at present is DOCS working vigilantly against us from the very day they were removed. No advice or care what-so-ever has been submitted, all we have seen is brutal attempts to destroy our family infrastructure at irrelevant levels within the system.

Instead of kidnapping kids illegally and asking for ransom from rich people, you can now become a friend of DOCS and become a foster parent and extort money from poor people and it’s legal, better still the magistrate knows about the perjury and probably.

DoCs stones corner office.

Submitted by Brenda (not verified) on Fri, 14/11/2008 - 14:55.

On the 28th of august this yr my 4 children were taken into care by DOCS.

The office in question didnt even uphold their statement of families first. My children should have been placed with my mother instead of being broken up into separate foster homes. My mother was not even considered an option.

I have jumped through so many hoops and kissed so much ass that i am running out of options. I want my babies home with me, or in the care of there maternal grandmother.

I am fairly oblivious to what i the court processes are. I have had 2 adjournments so far and one hearing in december. Could anyone tell me what i should be expecting on the third hearing?

My family and i have been told so much BS and have had so many set backs.. I seriously can not take any more BS from Stones corner.

I'm not sure if i am allowed to post what i have, but i'm sure someone will guide me into the right direction, i just needed to vent because i don't know where else to turn..

Sneeky when it comes to court

Submitted by maggi (not verified) on Thu, 04/12/2008 - 13:15.

Well we are going thru the got it wrong thing too I was in a violent relationhip but as i loved him just let him stay finally i said no more kicked him out and thats when the you know what hit the fan child safety got an influx of calls from mnumberous people during the week he was gone and took my poor little ones and they said to voluntarily surrender them but if we wont they take you to court and that is better because you get to have your say through a solicitor BUT if applying for legal aid that you need in most cases, they give you the paperwork on friday at 4pm for court on Monday @ 9.30. they always make up their mind before they tell you and they just sneek around avoiding things

how will we get thru this

(Editor: Maggi, if you had entered your e-mail address correctly when you made this post, you would have received the e-mail telling you that someone had commented on this post. )

NWO's picture

Private the sector, Government tries to by pass acountability.

Submitted by NWO on Sun, 07/06/2009 - 22:42.

The Government are abandoning DoCS and accountability to private the sector.

Id say everyone is just going to get squashed to get this crap out of the system before the changes occur.

The best advice I can give is drop into the departments office every second day and remain calm,

Ask for any and all information being submitted to the courts or any reports that are relevant to the case.

Keep as close to one step behind if you can and try to move past the obstacles they put in your way as soon as you see them.

Good luck and God speed.

Submitted by NWO on Thu,

Submitted by Prime Minister ... on Mon, 08/06/2009 - 05:50.

I had not seen your comments earlier. It takes a bit to get me going in this area.
Your post have managed to do that.
All I can say is I hope DOCS heads read all these comments and send them off the Kevin Rudd and each Premier in Australia.
If they dont do it I will myself.
Its about time we held a little conference about our blue cards for all parents in Australia.
I get this mixture of anger then I get just feel ill when I read some of these comments. It doesnt take long to turn to anger again.

John Howards Government knew State ALP were ot capable of handling these problems imo.

He was there even longer than Mr Rudd has been.. Wouldnt you have thouight somebody by now would have had he sense to stop all these welfare people having kid after kid. Call me whatever you ike. i dont mind at all. Somebody has got to stand up and say it.

Many of these people are no doubt, the children of parents who lived on welfare also.
We cant blame them I suppose for their ignorant approaches. Truth is they dont know any better I guess.

I am the first one and the only one to say I see a conflict of intrest within the system perhaps.

After saying that its not the fault of he DOCS workers or heads. That sits at he feet of the State Premiers and the PM.

That person who wrote he police and DOCS told her to keep her boyfriend from the kids-- then defied them.

I say to you this= Has it ever occured to you that police and DOCS have far more to do than visted your home. Or that hey might just have more info on this Rooster than you?
Lets just hope DOCS he police or somebody steps in and files a court order so ou cant have anymore kids for us tax payers to raise.

I have got to tell you reading those others posts made me pray that DOCS ccase workers have included you guys in their request for Ids.

I wish them the best of luck in what must be the most horrible job on earth.

Having to deal with these types of people would be soul destroying. I would magine there would be a hugh staff turn over. Nobody wants to be around drop kicks five days a week.

Too bad if you people dont like my comments. 90% of you are a utter discrase.

The right to breed. No I dont think so.

Kevin Rudd clean up this act at federal level and introduce blue cards for ALL parents.

Give DOCS more powers to do it for you.

Please think before you post

Submitted by hollydolly on Tue, 10/05/2011 - 07:01.

My daughter was taken out of the care of my husband and myself. He is a day trader on the stock market. We own our home and have an $83 000 car in our driveway.

She was taken out of our care because child safety thought that there mabey was a risk of risk to our 8 week old because of my mental health.

I have post traumatic stress disorder. An anxiety disorder easily controled by medication and can be cured with therapy, i pay $180 per week to have.

The best part is the traumatic event happened under my mothers roof who is very high up in DHS in victoria, her second husband molested me from age 10-12.

im also am a qualified childcare worker.
Your uninformed opinion is anoying.

Just watch out, you or if you are male your wife may give birth and get postnatal depression, you may end up having childsafety say you cant take care of your child because you mental health is unstable too! your posts would look very very different then!
Before i had my baby taken away i thought it was just druggies and child molesters that lost their kids. That is not true.
Your love for child safety is sick. How about instead of watching today tonight to find out who is this weeks wourlds worst tenant or how you can save $5 at the checkout, turn on the sbs ans abc current affair programs and hear every week how a six year old was raped by her carer and prostituted out for money to his friends, DOCS placing her there because she missed a month of school because she had a blood infection but my forgot to get a doctors cert for the school, a four year old dies from malnutrision 6 hours after child safety left the parents hows assesing there was no aparent risk to the child. They are uneducated poorly trained and underfunded. The current system doesnt work! Unfortunatly some kids are abused so we need a system to protect those who need protecting but it cant be the current one!!!!!!
Oh and your blue card comment, please think before you post, that carer who raped and prostitutes out that six year old girl. He had a blue card.

My daughter is comming home soon permanantly but i missed the first year of her life. They stole that from me.

NWO's picture

I say to you this= Has it

Submitted by NWO on Mon, 08/06/2009 - 13:09.

I say to you this= Has it ever occured to you that police and DOCS have far more to do than visted your home. Or that hey might just have more info on this Rooster than you?

Too bad if you people dont like my comments. 90% of you are a utter discrase.

PFT. Get a life dude.

You support child abuse IMO.

Read it man and see what you support.

No I dont think DoCS and police have better things top do than assault children.

Here is a link describing accurately the way they treated my children.,22049,25553962-5006009,00....
A WOMAN warned DOCS her son was sleeping in the same bed as his foster carer just three months after a father raised similar fears about his own boy.

But DOCS caseworkers saw nothing wrong with the situation and took no action.

The mother spoke after The Daily Telegraph revealed yesterday that the carer will be sentenced today in Downing Centre District Court for raping a child.

The mother was the second parent to tell DOCS their sons had slept with the pervert, who is accused of sharing his bed with three boys.

By Gemma Jones

May 29, 2009 12:00am

The Daily Telegraph

Full story,22049,25553962-5006009,00....

Make this the third time DoCS were told this.,

This is how my eldest daughter was assaulted in care.

Child was encouraged to sleep in foster bed and one thing led to another.

Not appropriate...


DoCS see nothing wrong with this?

This country has a lot of really weird people in power. One of them is the user Prime Minister.

Speaks for itself.. Law officer struggling a 12yo l resisting an officer’s direction.
Old enough to understand what pls come with us – get in the car means.
No doubt drilled by the non law abiding parents.
Allowing a twelve year old to resist a direction no matter how much a parents may disagree is unrespectable.
The parents should have stepped in and assured he children they were to obey the police officer but they would be in the car behind etc.

The fact they stood there allowing this to happen and placing the police in such a difficult position should be chargeable
After all parents are supposed to be responsibly for their Childs behaviour.
Any parents that would stand back and allow this to continue aren’t a parent’s bootlace imo – whether or not they agreed with the order by police.
Oh and you forgot to mention police would have been acting under a warrant signed by he judge.

Yen I am sure the judges have nothing better to do than go out and have little kids taken from good homes...

Arnt you the one with 7 kids and a pregnant wife living off centre link.

God help this country if Rudd doesn’t stop this.

The I hate Government web site is run by somebody that does not allow people to post with a good background.

If you’re not a drop kick and you don’t want to post picture I what could be anything – you’re not welcome.

Yeh if the wits are so low that you guys think calling people fat and disrespecting DOCS police then you guys certainly shouldn’t have children.
Now get out and get a job instead of complaining DOCS took your money when they took your kids.

To create another pregnancy when DOCS have already removed the other children ought to be seen as an act of contempt.

No prise for guessing what I would do with you if elected PM.

I hope DOCS track you down and sue you for your defamation I really do.
Ino couldn’t happen to a more worthy guy.

What I SEE is children resisting a police officer direction- you ought to be ashamed. !


Submitted by The Pied Piper on Mon, 08/06/2009 - 19:22.

PM in Waiting, this is not okay.

I cannot see where it is ever required for a full grown man to be grabbing a young girl like that.

The removal of a child does not need to be done by adults in such a way where a child is grabbed struggling. Why was she on the ground in one photo?

This girl was not a little toddler to be picked up like I see the youngest was.

From what I have read I understand there was another officer involved that was handling the situation differently?

Very dangerous if our children are taught to do everything grownups say, even ones in blue.

Obviously this was a frightening and emotional situation for the children that appeared to be handled badly and what looks to be unproffesionally...

...none of us should find it acceptable.

First I don’t see any child on the ground. Second what are you suggesting- that a police officer threw a child on there ground.
He is following the book from what I can see.
Assault the child for god sake. No wonder kids are growing up with an utter lack of respect for the law when people are telling them it’s ok to obstruct police officers orders- then cry assault.
I would like to see as law introduced to charge the parents- adult whoever who has control of any child for teaching them to disrespect as police officer. It’s not on.

They probably didn’t want to cuff kids. / Under the circumstances as I said the parents have clearly encouraged the twelve year old etc to disobey the police.
So what’s he going to do allow the children to run off down the street and loose them?

Perhaps they might steal a car in their get away.
Don’t! Tell me twelve year olds don steal cars either.

Mine was taken by a twelve fourteen and believe it or not ten year old!

B So as far as you’re concerned it’s ok for kids to obstruct police officers directions.
Gawd maybe we had best ask Kevin to include that one in the book when applying for a blue card.
I just can’t believe you think that way.

It’s NOT OK to bring children up with utter disrespect for police.

It’s not Ok to teach children to disobey a warrant- and they would have had a warrant singed by a judge.

Sure you can fight the action- but not in this manner. Teaching kids to hate police and obstruct then cry assault would have to be THE worst thing anybody could do- parents or not.

I left umpteen messages of all sorts of comments inviting you to post policy ideas.
This is the only one you come up with.?
Your kidding.

Is Life

Submitted by The Pied Piper on Tue, 09/06/2009 - 08:30.

PM in Waiting, my own children have always been taught to be polite to adults and especially polite to the police.

My son at 15 got grabbed by police off the street (while he was being polite to them) and they held him while standing on his feet with his leg pushed against the hot exhaust of their car. He still has the scar, he will always have the scar.

I know he was bieng polite to them because I was on the phone to him when they grabbed him and I was the lucky mum that got to listen to my son screaming in pain down the phoneline. We went and got him and stright to hospital, the doctor was horrified. Me, just angry like I seem to be a lot lately.

So I guess at that point I changed my mind about how much respect children should have for police here.

We are going to end up in one of those discussions arn't we about how overworked everyone is and how much paperwork they have to do and to forgive grown ups for getting it wrong because adults get stressed doing their job.

But this allowance is never mirrored back when you discuss parents - they get overworked or tired and get it wrong occasionally. Or worse, some of them don't get it wrong and it is the other overworked people that take their kids without doing their job thoroughly enough.

Jewely's Police and Childrens attiutde

Submitted by Prime Minister ... on Tue, 09/06/2009 - 09:39.

The best lesson a parent can teach a child is to handle a complaint legally.

I assume you followed through with a formal complaint against the particular officer or assited your son to do so.

I assume your son then saw by approaching a complaint in the correct manner jutise was done. By getting a dodgey police officer ( according to our son) put on report.

By doing that it helps to weed out the bad copper and assist the good police. Teaches children HOW to handle mastters.

You said we are going to get into a thingy again arnt we-- well I cant not post my opinions as they are if i have to worry about offending people - sorry

I DO NOT agree with your comments regarding the police assaulting the children that were obstructing a police officer in his line of duty.

By holding onto the arm of a kid that about to try to run from a warrant ISNT abuse.

The only thing I saw that was! abuse were the parents clearly egging the kids on and telling them to defy a police officer in his line of duty.

To teach kids that if they run from the police- then are grabbed by the arm to stop them legging it is assualt IS bad parenting and IMOP the parents should have been charged.
To teach kids to hate police IS wrong.
To teach kids not to respect the law is wrong.
Abuse - no abuse and you are talking to someione whos investigated police involvment in missing persons.

Does that mean I dont trust ALL police or would teach kids to do likewise- of course not.

Police vs Kid

Submitted by The Pied Piper on Tue, 09/06/2009 - 10:26.

Yes PM in Waiting.

Went to police station the next day and lodged complaint with doctors notes. My son wrote a letter.


Ombudsman, gawd they're a joke here aye. Ombudsman replied saying complaints are handled by the Sergent at the Particular Station the officer was connected with.

Bit like DoCS complaints really.

I think you may not have seen the same photos as me or read the same story in regard to this incident with the photos and the children.

Spelling typo edit button

Submitted by Prime Minister ... on Mon, 08/06/2009 - 06:02.

Apoligies. As it was 4am when I started on the above comment- I then went back to edit spelling. Not button to edit comment?
I cant understand the forum TBO.
Some threads have a edit button- some not. My fingures always bash he wrong keys.

So sorry guys and I hope you could read it.

For those of you that will be offended by my comments- I say tough luck.
No more having kids without a means to support them.
I am busy but I swear its a promise. The tax payers of Australia have had enough. You want kids.
A Get a job and save for a house
B Get married and both work to save for a child. As or grandparents did.
Dont come backl at my either and say ok I am 16 and 17 and on welfare and pregant what do i do?

he answer ISNT bring a kid to share in your positive life style.

So I will leave ou all to ponder what he PM in waiting will do once elected.

In the mean time I will hassle this one to STOP this madness,

Poor Docs. You wouldnt want to work their for quids would you.

Gawd the countrys going down the drain.

While the PM in waiting is on

Submitted by Prime Minister ... on Mon, 08/06/2009 - 07:53.

While the PM in waiting is on his soap box.

Here is something else that needs sorting out.

This is a copy of part of link above. I must admit I didn’t notice the Murdock connection earlier. Interesring as these grants come under R=R Regional research.
I personally in the past have been very vocal about our so called tall poppies such as Packer and Murdock’s involvement in the inherently cruel live animal trade, which sucks the employment and life out of our country.

Still leaving that aside for just one moment I would like to draw DOCS heads attention to this web site. Raising Children’s Net work forum
Take a look at the funding at the bottom of the page. Not just DOCS staff but everybody=everybody.

This info from raising childrends net work=

*The Raising Children Network is one of several organisations funded to develop tools and resources under the Australian Government’s Stronger Families and Communities Strategy.
It is a matter or record in my opinion this site is SO neglected
It is also a matter of record when ONE poster started to make comments about the waste of tax payers funds they were banned.
Refused to give reasons in writing despite being contacted on several occasions.
I still recall the neglected so called information programme which should have and could have provided much need information and support.

The poor old grandmother on the Gold Coast who asked were there any support programmes for raising grand children went unanswered.
I told her there was a group called GAGS run by President Maree Newman.
Then there was he aboriginal mum trying to teach people to have their babies ears checked.

There were lots of people that needed a reply. = nothing. I was told the moderators were all volunteers? (Wonder what the fundings used for?instead of having helpful informed staff.

So something as important as a forum proudly supported by the Australian Government doesn’t even supply trained staff?- yet funded with millions...

There are a few cowboy cowgirls imop. Several meetings I was informed held at the children’s hospital in Melbourne.
Well something must have grabbed their attention… It was decided that the poster complain of the waste of tax payers funds by not supporting what was the idea of a helpful programme should be banned.
This was after one poster broke all forum rules by starting a thread called. I hate Patty.
I might add it was supported by the so called Web Master.
When patty pointed out to this WM that he/she had broken the forum rules – then some... the whole thread was delated and Patty banned.

Which brings me to the misuse of powers under the act?
So nice to know where are tax payers dollars are being tossed away.
This info from Childrens family network Proudly supported bt the Australian Government but not updated since 2006.====
The Stronger Families and Communities Strategy (SFCS) 2004-2009 is an Australian Government initiative giving families, their children and communities the opportunity to build a better future. On 7 April 2004, the Prime Minister announced the renewal of the Strategy, guided by the latest research and consultation feedback from the National Agenda for Early Childhood. This provides for a greater focus on early childhood initiatives and resources that can be used to achieve better outcomes for children, their families and communities.
There are four streams to the Strategy:
• Communities for Children - $142 million
• Early Childhood - Invest to Grow - $70 million
• Local Answers - $152 million
• Choice and Flexibility in Child Care - $125 million
The Volunteer Small Equipment Grants initiative is also funded under the Strategy.
The renewed Strategy has a specific early childhood focus and is aligned with the following four key action areas identified in the National Agenda for Early Childhood:
• Healthy young families
• Early learning and care
• Supporting families and parenting
• Child-friendly communities.
Early Childhood - Invest to Grow Initiative

The end

So it is my opinion DOCS staff and case workers must do it tough and see a lot of grubs for parents.
If I were a case worker and somebody said for example= I cant find ‘me shoes’ and I ‘aint got no money’ that would be enough for me..

I will defend DOCs staff until I see they got it very wrong. . I will not support a government giving funds willy nilly to er, reseach ..
Until we ALL stand up and be counted nothing will change. I invite DOCS heads to contact me re my complaint of misuse of a web page that is 'supposed to be' about supporting parents-

Not gagging the public from posting something the department might like to cover up.

Media enquires also welcome=


why there is a big cover up of silence

Submitted by Janisthefree on Wed, 12/11/2008 - 23:56.

The truth is that the only reason these heinous crimes are being committed is because firstly the gov are as corrupted as their departments....and the apathetic public who think it wont happen to them.....dont kid yourself people they have an agenda to break up the family unit....and the Aboriginal people have endured this crap for generations.....and are still getting away with it....just go look in their web pages....they are controlling every area in their was never an intervention.....but simply put an INVASION it is happening everywhere.......

Naming the child safety staff

Submitted by Janisthefree on Thu, 23/10/2008 - 20:26.

I wonder what would happen if i posted the names of the child safety officers,and their "team leaders", managers child psychologists, tribunal "judges" childrens magistrates, lawyers, and all who have had a hand in the abduction of my grandchildren from my care???????
It would be an interesting exercise to see how many children they have actually abused, along with their carers and familes............

Posting names of CSOs etc

Submitted by chasingarainbow on Sat, 15/11/2008 - 14:31.

If we are talking legalities, you can post names so long as the names are not associated with any action/comment that can be considered libelous.

Tactics by The department of child safety

Submitted by Confused.... (not verified) on Wed, 01/10/2008 - 15:41.

My partner and I are in a similar situation as mentioned below.
He is from a different state originally, and moved into my place in another state. When I first met him he told me what the Department in QLD were doing to him, claiming he is a paedophile, I have read all the information and there is no evidence to say as such. He has been trying to clear his name for years now, but has had no luck, because he is being buck passed. Due to the fact he has been vocal, they have been more so on his case. He has been detained by police, with claims that he is taking hostages at a court. Which isn't true.
A couple of months ago, we were at home minding our business when the department turned up at the door, with police, they spoke only to me and told me my partner had to leave. They even told me that they would remove my children if he didn't, the end result he got arrested, i was to sign a piece of paper saying he couldn't have contact with the children. Because he wasn't from this state they released him on self bail, he had no where to go, so he stayed with me until he could go back to his state, and then came back to my state when the next court date. Once again he was arrested at my place, this time for breach of bail, not residing at the address of the original bail. He is now living in this dump, I have been made to sign an agreement that he has nothing to do with the children, no contact wheatsoever, amongst all this they have vocally told me that i cant have any contact with him any more, our relationship is over, and if i talk to him, my children will be taken and i will never see them again. They entered my premises whilst i was at work and interviewed my children whilst i was not present, and also have poisoned my youngest daughters mind now that she is scared of him, and scared if i see him. Where do I stand, I have no idea whether this is all legal, i have asked legal aid, and they said it doesnt sound right at all, they have caused so much damage to our family, and now my daughter is affraid of my partner, the police and the department. My other children have become distant also, and my partner and I are also suffering. What gives them the right to decide who i can and cant see, I had agreed that I would not let him have any contact until this was sorted.


Submitted by Unsure (not verified) on Wed, 04/11/2009 - 11:51.

I too am going through exactly the same thing with the department. I have sought legal advice and we are awaiting a response from them. Our solicitor is pushing for the "safety order" to be dismissed but not holding my breath over that one. His next step will be to go to the Minister (if that will help). Other than that it has caused major upheaval in my kids lives. The police report was "unsubstantiated" but still the dept wont drop it. what do we have to do to these jerks to stop them ? have u had any more luck in ur quest confused ? i think they have nothing better to do than to harass innocent people and make life a living hell.

Deborah's picture

Finding a solution

Submitted by Deborah on Sun, 05/10/2008 - 20:21.

In all reality, nobody has the right but it's not always the case!!!
What they say if you throw enough shit some will stick...I got a DVO on my partner 20 April 1998 in SA 1st DOCS Notification was received 24th from Vict where his parents lived.
After over 48 breachs of a DVO, Star force, Dogs, Polair he was given 12 hours to leave SA but he did return with a jerry can of petrol, poured petrol in his 9mth old daughthers cot over me & died as a consequence.
I was asked at that time what I did to make him so angry, he was Manic - Depressant, Psychotic / Schzophrenic my daughter acts similar so I have been through it again.
She does not the difference between fantasy & reality & after all these years of unfounded notifications you would think they would have allowed me to keep in place assessment/education for her.
My son does not understand why his sister plays then hurts me or him.
I asked DOCS to take her but thet said she was better off with me verbatim but after sending her away for a year upon her return they already devised a plan.
They took my son when he called the police when I was grieviously damaged.
I spent $3500 to put a case plan in place & did not contest a 2yr order.
My son does not understand but I can not offord emotionally or financially.
When a 22yr old straight out of Uni wants a job they basically create their own scenario to get ticks in the boxes with no concern & at childrens expense.
It will be interesting to see how they will deal with dysfunctional illiterate adults.
Nobody has the right to impose their opions or belittle another.
Search your own heart if you know he to be a true & kind man stick by IT
What I know about DOCs is they really can't make you do anything you don't want is purely an intimidation game their supposed aim is's just how much every one gets screwed on the way.
I am wondering...Why!!...there must be money in it when 7 out of 10 families have had contact but they will not deal with the real situation.
So don't feel too bad your not a serious case otherwise they would have ignored you

Re: tatics by the department

Submitted by ifitwasn'tsoseriousitwouldbefunny (not verified) on Wed, 01/10/2008 - 22:18.

Yes, it sounds very ugly indeed.

Can you ring/email other solicitors. some will give out advice roughly without appointment. Ting another legal aid office even and pretend you are from that area. Email O' Gorman - he is apparently the best in this game.

And from me who is turning more sarcastic by the day - solution - why doesn't he change his name to 'Dennis' or then the government will find they have to get some help with housing him; all at the tax payers pocket. Sure beats some divey little hovel that he's in currently.
And hey, this case, if one of those docs' confabulations, will get lots of exposure.
I'm not surprised at anything anymore with docs and their games.
It's not about child safety but screwing over the little people. It's just a game but unforunately you and your family are the pawns in this one.

DocSniper's picture

Was wondering How to start a topic.

Submitted by DocSniper on Mon, 30/03/2009 - 23:05.

Deb. All I can say and mean it, is to be strong, dont give up.

And now, Food for thought.

Yes, Were are all pawns in this game of conspiracy and people voted her right back in.
I can only speak for two states SA and QLD.
Now for that conspiracy and corruption. Concerning the legal age of a child to be classified as a adult and to the legal laws to what age a human can have consented sex, For this law is what DOCS/Family Sa uses against you and is to why they are so much above the law.
State Government laws States, Legal age for a adult is 18, Yet, At the age of 16 a child can obtain a car license, Thus the Government are giving Adult status to a child.
Sex is lawful at 16.8 yrs old, Only if you are of different sex, Same sex is over 17 years old to have legal sex. Yet only to DOCs/Family Sa your still a child to 18.
Now why are DOCs and Family Sa over riding the state laws ?. When it is the Government you all voted in that made them laws that State at the age of 18 years old your a Adult, Then gives 16 year olds that adult status and to have sex at 16.8 ?.
Isnt that a conspiracy ?. Is that not Corruption ?. Thats sending out a mixed message.
A crime has been committed and we that are at the end of all this Know who has Committed that crime, For we are all here begging for help and for that Justice. For this government to be held fully accountable for this said Attack and abuse, Just like the Forde Inquire founded to be true, Just like that Fake sorry to the stolen generation, We all know it happened and it is still continuing to happen and there will be another stolen generation that will be seeking the same as the ones before them.

They may never fix to what they have done to us now, But they can make sure it never happens ever again. If they get their finger out and stand up and admit they failed the people that voted them in.

Then you have the State governments giving out Grants to have departments like Relationships Aust to try and keep families together and in the back ground you got DOCs and Family Sa ripping them apart on Fabrication and manipulation

Returning Children from DoCS

Submitted by Litle Lisa (not verified) on Tue, 26/08/2008 - 13:12.

My son has been away some 2 years now. He was due back this year, but he is so damaged that to hand him back to me would untie all the support we have in place for him to attend school etc.,so instead, he's going on another 12 month order. What a stalemate situation we are in now.

In essence, my son CAN'T be returned to me due to the damage he has suffered whilst in the care of sooooo many families one after another.

but he is so damaged that to

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 11/12/2008 - 07:08.

but he is so damaged that to hand him back to me would untie all the support we have in place for him to attend school etc.,so instead, he's going on another 12 month order. What a stalemate situation we are in now.

are you kidding? that's not a stalemate, why on earth would you sign permission for them to take another order? get your son back and show him a parent's love! why on earth would you leave your child in care, when you yourself have said that he has been 'damaged' by the system? leave him to be further damaged? wtf?

Deborah's picture

Irrepairable Damage of Children in Protection

Submitted by Deborah on Sun, 05/10/2008 - 17:07.

My daughter is as yet undiagnosed possibly schizophenic/aspergers. All the support plans for her assessment, socially & emotionally, an appropriate education plan was being prepared for her individual needs age 11.
My son is only 7
They have both been placed in fostercare it appears after a study; approxmately 5 years ago siblings are best kept together without differentiation of if the siblings had been living together. My daughter lived with family friends interstate for a year and my son & I lived alone without notification, life became enjoyable we even had fun. I survived 10 yrs of notifications & my daughters behaviour has become more violent my ability to parent has been compromised for fear of ramification.
My son had to call the police when she fractured my arm by pulling me to the ground, jumping up & down on me whilst trying to gauge my eye out & slamming my head on the tiles to crack. He really does not understand why he had to be taken too.
It was difficult enough, 2 years from now it will be impossible when she will be 13 & I will be 53, they do not continue with the good work just instigate situations iorder to tick boxes to win a case plan outcome

The site looks good

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 26/09/2008 - 09:53.

(Slightly off topic)
The site looks good guys!


Submitted by Tammy (not verified) on Fri, 01/08/2008 - 08:55.

My children and I suffered at the hands of DOCS they took my children from me because of the Domestic violence I suffered from their father. My children were all placed in separate foster homes and moved numerous times which meant a lot of different schools. I finally got my children back home with me after three years and they have never been the same they fight argue and dont know how to live together anymore they suffered abuse in some of the foster homes and when I got my children home there has been no word from DOCs they havent contacted us since.

DOCS destroy families

Submitted by Apology (not verified) on Wed, 06/08/2008 - 10:02.


You are only one of the thousands that has had there lives destroyed by DOCS, I don't know what to say anymore as I am speechless as how can they get away with it.
I am sick of hearing this that they are a law to their own, this is what my lawyer tells me and you are correct once your children are returned they are damaged goods and never the same.

Have a look at this as it just started the other day.

I am anti DOCS

Submitted by seriouslysorry (not verified) on Tue, 22/07/2008 - 20:16.

I am so sorry to parents who are suffering at the mercy of DOCS. It is awful to hear these stories being told. It is alarming and disturbing. I am sorry to the client who rang me today and screamed down the phone to me about loosing her children. Every fibre in her body was grieving- I could hear it in her voice. As a professional I am hearing these horror stories regularly. I try to help these parents as best I can.
DOCS discriminate, DOCS are punitive, DOCS are draconian in their approach and DOCS are very ineffective and destructive in their approach. I would hate to work for DOCS as I would hate this on my CV - it would look bad. Did you know that sometimes DOCS offices are so understaffed that they utilise some of their students (e.g. social work students, psychology students) to act in the place of a CSO - I hear this first hand. And most of the staff I deal with have minimal qualifications. Most organisations/ community health professionals dislike DOCS and know they are underhanded in their way of dealing with cases. I could go on and never shut up about this but please continue to write your stories here, we need to expose DOCS.
I wish other professionals who deal with DOCS would start writing into this column too.

Child Safety QLD

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 21/07/2008 - 20:54.

My partner and I are currently having our own problems with Dept of Child Safety Queensland.

Bit of family tree, My Partner has an 8year old son, I have a 4 year old son, So two single parents trying to come together to make a better life for ourselves and our children.

Well my partner has been involved and investigated numerous times by DOCS for allegation against his 8 year old son in the past eight years while his son has lived with his mother. And his sons mother has been under investigation with DOCS since the child was two years old for her treatment of the child and the case has never been closed until a fortnight ago.

4th Apirl 2008 my partner recieved full custody of his son due to mother kicked the child out of her house.

We organised couselloring for the child through school guidance officer and at a later date through realtionships australia. Now it has upgraded to child psychologist on realtionships australia advise and child safety are trying to stop it.

Roughly a month ago now my partners son, reported to three teachers at school I had tried to drown him in the kitchen sink and slap him ten times, that morning. The third teacher decides to tell DOCS and Police, as the child had developed injures throughout the day to prove his claim. When asked why the other two teachers didn't report it they replied the child had no injures, so we thought he was telling stories.

Well I showed up at the school to pickup my partners son I couldn't find him in after school care they dont know where he is, than his relief teacher doesnt know where he is but the front office does and there to meet and greet me is DOCS officer. Tells me you cant take him, oh and by the way we are taking your four year old off of you too. The four year old who has known no one but you in his life, because his father is not involved etc.

Well for two days not caring the emotional abuse DOCS is placing on myself, or my partner or my four year old son (who by the way JAB told DOCS didnt need to be removed or involved in the case) they finally return him to my care only under protest and because I consulted a lawyer who told me and them my son was to be returned to my care.

My partners son however had to remain out of our care for a further three weeks, until my partner told them the same thing with advise from a lawyer. (No protection order issued)

Now several weeks later and I myself have been found guilt of Emotional & Physical abuse against both my step son and son. Without any research done on Child Safety behalf. They claim to have done background checks on me, I'd like to know who or what information, but they say im not entitled to that information. I have asked for the case to be
reviewed and I will make this promise:

I will fight these charges until I have no avenue to go but accept them, but when they are trying to destory an eight year olds life who has had nothing but abuse, and now is out of it, and a four year olds life who has had no abuse only that caused and being caused by child safety, and my future career as a primary school teacher.

children should not have the say

Submitted by Janisthefree on Thu, 23/10/2008 - 23:40.

It is a very awkward scenario and made even more complicated when the gov change the laws to suit their own ignorance.
Since when does ANY governing body have the power to hand the reigns of judgement onto children......they are not their would be hell to pay if some of their skeletons were dragged out of their own cupboards.
yep that sounds like child safety abuse you are experiencing.....and there is NO accountability YET.....but I reckon someone needs to do something before people take the law into their own hands....everyone has a limit dont they.........
Dont rely on teachers or universities and their programs....they sit back and watch it all happening....therefore obviously condone it.
I truly feel for you....they have denigrated my name and life......I guess that s what we get for having a convict mentality in power.

Gets you nowhere

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 20/08/2008 - 20:49.

My Husband had a similar issue where he was found guilty of "physical Harm" to his son by DOCS. He fought it through ministers, community services commission etc and the best DOCS would do was to "retrain the officer involved" The findings were not revoked or reversed, However 3 years later whilst he fought for custody of his Son, the judge wanted nothing to do with DOCS reports and awarded my husband custody. At least someone realised what was going on in the end.

Found guilty by DOCS?

Submitted by I Hate DOCS on Mon, 29/09/2008 - 15:42.

I didn't know DOCS had a Court system? as they don't need a court system as everybody that has anything to do with them is guilty in their eyes.

Juvenile Aid Bureau

Submitted by Opal Ring (not verified) on Tue, 17/06/2008 - 16:01.

HI. JAB (Juvenile Aid Bureau)is doing there job well but without evidence nothing can be gain.
I know there are child abusers and pedophiles in our midst. Your story too is of great interest to all readers of these forums.
I have a question for you all-"why does a group need to be formed to be heard by a government department?"Don't DOCS know how to listen????
Don't DOCS know how to interact with people already?
Don't DOCS know how to be experienced enough to sort problems out? is that not the whole idea of a case worker in the first place?
I’ve been looking for a good site like this all the time. reply................

HI. JAB (Juvenile Aid Bureau)is doing there job well but without

Submitted by Paper (not verified) on Sat, 21/06/2008 - 17:00.


They still charge you even if they find no evidence whatsoever. You need to study what a 93a is.
This bit of toilet paper has sent shivers through many including Lawyers today. It has to be outlawed.


Submitted by I Hate DOCS on Mon, 29/09/2008 - 15:45.

You're right about that as the 93a is automatically generated once a child puts a complaint in and even if JAB suspects the child is lying they still charge you at the end of the day filling the courts with these types of cases when most are won by the defendant so work that one out.
Its simple in the chain of the criminal justice system once one of these cases starts it never stops until the end, the crown cannot even drop the charges without the complainant parents signature which never happens so you have cases going to court when they should never have in the first place and when the defendant is found not guilty the child's parents jump up and down and the criminal justice system shrugs its shoulders and waits for the next sucker that has been accused of a false accusation to once again fill its courts.

How many children?????

Submitted by Janisthefree on Thu, 23/10/2008 - 23:31.

How many children are going to die,or be damaged permanantly because of the inaction of federal and local governing bodies.....It sickens me to see our Governer general enjoying her own grandchildren and yet is so lax to respond to the cries of the families and carers of these already damaged children.
What a pack of inhumane morons they are showing themselves as.

illusion's picture

DOCS the answer !

Submitted by illusion on Fri, 20/06/2008 - 18:04.

DOCS listen - They are like deaf Donkeys.They make a lot of unpleasant noise.

DOCS interact with people ? Like the Nazi SS I would agree.


What can you expect from dumb downed Uni idiots ?

A case Worker - A child with a clipboard and a predisposition to hyperbole I would say.

"JAB (Juvenile Aid Bureau)is doing there job well but without evidence nothing can be gain."

They don't need evidence they make it up.

DOCS - Donkeys Of Civil Stupidity

I'd attach them to a plough and send them packing.

These idiots are the most overpaid drongo's ever to have infected society.


"JAB (Juvenile Aid Bureau)is doing there job well but without ev

Submitted by Just a friend (not verified) on Tue, 24/06/2008 - 11:10.


Please study what a 93a is like whoever said above. its a can of worms and its always goes in JABs and the accusers favor.

Do a search on google.

illusion's picture


Submitted by illusion on Tue, 24/06/2008 - 18:19.

Studying now. Interesting to say the least and explains many actions.

Boy did the police do the wrong thing in our case in the first instance. It was truly a set up.

DOCS, well they just acted in a purely criminal manner.

I will look right into it to get a good understanding.

DOCS Queensland

Submitted by DaughtersLost (not verified) on Sun, 06/04/2008 - 17:01.

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department of child safety

Submitted by Tamia Tafea (not verified) on Thu, 28/02/2008 - 08:41.

i too have had awful experiences with the docs and i urge any and everybody
that reads these letters from us all to speak out because this issue is
about childrens lives and safety and any effort is worth it to help these
little people who are victims of gross inadequacy within docs.

how many children will die before they realize???

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Re: department of child safety

Submitted by Ill_be_back on Sat, 05/12/2009 - 10:26.

The DOCS creatures (and their CPIU partners in goonship) have been beaten at their own game by victims who know how to do it. Many have received significant compensation albeit under conditions of secrecy, few if any are prepared to stand up and talk about it. There is absolutely no way of doing so by conventional means ie by using a lawyer. Firstly, any lawyer with any knowledge of DOCS has probably done, or is currently doing, work for the deparrment consequently there is an immediate conflict of interest, and secondly, DOCS has unlimited resources & regularly drags matters on until the financial resources of its victims are depleted & they are forced to give up the battle. Some of us have discovered essential protocols needed in order to achieve success and are willing to share the information with bona fide victims at no cost. Given the fact that departmental employees & their goons trawl these posts constantly, its necessary to be extremely circumspect about how information is disseminated and to whom, cosequently anyone fair dinkum about winning (rather than looking for a shoulder on which to cry) should email me at and convince me you aren't a departmental plant. Yes I do know its a throway email address, but as anyone who has got serious with the evil ones knows well, it pays to take precautions. These creatures are evil but they aren't quite as stupid as we'd like to think they are. I make no apology for lack of sympathy, others do that well, my focus is purely and simply attack and redress.

The above

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 07/03/2008 - 11:30.

My biggest concern with the Department of child safety is what happens when they get it wrong, What happens when a family is ruined with one false allegation directed at them with absolutely NO evidence what so ever and your only crime is you stood up to them to protect your family.

Dept of Child Safety qld

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 15/11/2008 - 21:56.

my baby son was removed form my care after my ex husband lied and claimed i threatend to kill my son...was not true...have successfully raised a 14 year old no probs ever yet they still beleived my husband took my kids and fifteen months later i am supposedly meant to get my girl back this month...after much fighting,seeing doctors oand whoever they the mean time my son with his dad and his dad refuses to allow me any contact...child safety saysit is family law court matter..they cant daughter greives for her brother, me for my son and the investigation process after you manage to prove to the Dept that the child safety officer was wrong and biased is a joke...they have investigated yet you do not get to know if the safety officer was fired even let alone in trouble for not doing their a joke!!Labrador office the worst in qld

Hi there! You are so right.

Submitted by Desparate Mum (not verified) on Sun, 18/05/2008 - 11:29.

Hi there! You are so right. Read my blog " DOCS & Me" Something needs to change as this department cannot seem to get anything right they leave children in abusive situations to suffer or worse and remove those that aren't purely for the benefit of a court proceeding or worse still child support.

yeah well this happens more

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 09/03/2008 - 19:39.

yeah well this happens more times than you would care to think. I know of many people who have been falsely accused and are fighting this department with everything they have got. False allegations are a soul destroying and family destroying thing to have to contend with.

department of child safety

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 30/09/2008 - 12:55.

We are carers (20 years)who also have had a false allegation made against up which is still being investigated after & months! Excuses all the time why its taking so long they don't realise the impact it has on families and friends while they dilly dalley around or have days off, lost paper work etc. Its an absolute joke they have gone overboard with being too politically correct!

Reading the archives

Submitted by Just a reader (not verified) on Mon, 10/03/2008 - 10:05.

I have been reading the archives of alt news for the last few days about anything to do with the Department of Child Safety and I think this one just about sums it all up, It is so true it if frightening but it is happening today to hundreds and possibly thousands today in QLD exactly as to what is written in this link.

A copy of it.

Federal Police, You need the Department of Child Safety for help.

We all have been reading the papers and watching the news and following the story behind the arrest of Doctor Mohamed Haneef at Brisbane airport as he tried to board a plane with a one way ticket to India. Now our Federal Police have tried their little hearts out to find evidence so they can charge him and it has taken twelve days before finally finding a charge that would stick so he could be held indefinitely. I must say that there must be a level of honestly in the Federal police as they were getting desperate to find evidence to charge him and they did not try to frame him or in other words SET HIM UP!!!
Now if the Federal Police are reading this may I suggest you ring up the Department of Child Safety with there buddies from JAB (Juvenile Aid Bureau) next time especially if you hold another suspected terrorist, but this time you do not find any evidence whatsoever even if you hold the person for months, DOCS and JAB will help you to charge him as they have this statement called the 93A statement where a child can put an complaint against you and even when the JAB police investigate you they might even find things in your favour to prove you are innocent but at the end of the day they will charge you and to make it even worse they will even charge you when they have not even interviewed you at any time or you are not present. Mind you I have been told by others that the Department of Child Safety does put pressure on the JAB Police to charge a person even if NO EVIDENCE, yes I will repeat it again in case if you have missed it or you sneezed whilst reading this NO EVEDINCE WHATSOEVER, but they will still charge you just because a kid can speak into a tape recorder or sit in front of a video camera (93A) and say to the police that the person did this and did that to me and to make it even worse after your solicitor has listened or viewed the so called evidence (93 A Statement) your solicitor notices the story from the complaintant has a tendency to change from date to date. So Federal Police, if you want to charge another person next time and you hold that person for weeks and this time you find absolutely no evidence just ring DOCS next time for help and they will help you to find evidence to charge the person and when you tell them (DOCS) that you have none they will have no trouble planting some or lying to say differently.
You wonder why there is going to be a Royal Commission against DOCS.
Mind you with all crime committed today the police look for evidence to charge a person “eg” finger prints, DNA, Video surveillance, Statements given from independent witnesses, Phone records, bank account records, accurate time records and many others to link a person to the crime committed and with that evidence they charge the person but when it come to children putting a complaint in because you told them to piss off from your house and keep away from your kids the police only use this 93A statement to have you charged without any evidence even after the child did not want to be medically examined but was medically examined by force and NOTHING was found.
So go for it Federal Police just get a 93A statement and you will have him next time a lot quicker.

The Laws need to be Changed, DOCS CSO’s need to be accountable for their lies, and not protected by the Child Safety ACT so you cannot sue them, thank God for the CMC the fun is about to start..

So true

Submitted by So true (not verified) on Wed, 12/03/2008 - 16:46.

Docs and lies
Thats about it, if they cant find anything and you rub them up the wrong way they will try to frame you if they know that they can get away with it.
A very sorry state of affairs.

illusion's picture

So true

Submitted by illusion on Thu, 17/04/2008 - 15:01.

I have taped evidence of their comments but they say the opposite.

Police say their is no case, DOCS refuse to hear their own words recorded.

I'm sick of them. The bloody nappy brigade.

Magistrates don't even read. Rubber stamps.

Sick of it all.

Why do every one of the

Submitted by WildFlower69again on Sat, 09/05/2009 - 12:13.

Why do every one of the parents here Blame the dept?

have you ever thought maybe their we're child protection concerns,

i know their are times when the dept get it wrong but 90% of the time they get it right, and the are needed to protect and save some of the children in the world.

but every one here comes across as anti dept and they are all innocent, you all sound silly like there is this big govt corruption going on etc

Re: Why do every one of the

Submitted by SCANdalfighter on Sun, 14/03/2010 - 13:19.

So, why would parents without true cause, spend their precious time, tapping away false allegations,? my concern is you maybe have some fears of retaliation?,from depts, that you attempt to trivialise via percentages.and you ask for donations-who, among these suffering parents would donate to someone telling them they are wrong,(funny world if it is not so serious)
and re your comment- "the- are needed to save some of the children in the world" I would think all the concerned parents on this forum, would share one goal- to save ALL the children in the world(* not just "some")-starting here. I am sure these parents do not blame lightly.I certainly have many other interesting things to do-.
QUESTION TIME! (they ask questions in parliament, don't they?)If 90% of the time, the departments., get it right, THEN WHY, when even one small child loses their life- have the departments got it 100% WRONG?

bringingthemhome's picture

Re: DoCS /Why do every one of the/ Corruption

Submitted by bringingthemhome on Mon, 01/03/2010 - 07:45.

Believe us WILD-Flower

There is corruption in overdrive going on in the Child Protection system of NSW

Visit ....

DocSniper's picture

Wow!!! then you wonder Why ????

Submitted by DocSniper on Sat, 09/05/2009 - 18:59.

Why do every one of the parents here Blame the dept?
( Errmmm!!! every thought parents here blame that dept, cause we Know the truth to how they conduct business ).

have you ever thought maybe their we're child protection concerns,
( Totally agree, I have said that many times here already, The foundation to The Dept of child safety is sound,as to the reasons it was founded, But, personal vendetta's is not part of that foundation of Docs.Fabrication and manipulation is also not the foundations. and its the other way round,they get it wrong 90% of the time and only get 9% of lucky and 1% of really getting the bastards., Hence their Nazi ways.)

but every one here comes across as anti dept and they are all innocent, you all sound silly like there is this big govt corruption going on etc.

(Read over to what you wrote: Of cause theres a bloody corruption going on. To how DOCs has a greater power,even over State how Docs is so immune. The division over the age factor,from state to state. Everybody knows,more so the Government,that sex is going to happen,Regardless. State laws says 16,Docs laws says 18.thats Government entrapment = corruption. We all know of someone that had sex with minors and Docs do nothing about it. There is the street kids,that are more abused everyday and you will never see any Docs worker protecting them. But, are programed to attack normal stable homes.
Why did the Australian government introduced Sex education into state primer schools for ?. SO that children at the age of 5 are learning about intercausers,Ect and when they get to 12 or so,they now want to try it.
Why has Government grant children(14-17) that adult status for ?. as obtaining a drivers license.

and you ask to why I call people retards...


Submitted by WildFlower69again on Sat, 09/05/2009 - 19:17.

Well sometimes the dept do act unethical Yes Sniper. but sometimes you have to realize you need help adjusting the protection concerns if there we're legit reason's but if what you are saying about yourself is true, you have all reasons to be feeling unjust

Look i don't agree with the percentage rate, i would more say 90% right 10% wrong that are my figures :) but see the foundation why dept was created to protect Australia's most vulnerable children at risk of harm now or in the future, and they are wanted to do their job but there are going to be times they make mistakes and times they get it wrong, but i would rather they make a few little mistakes then let children continue to be severely abused and neglected and possibly killed in the hands of some monster.

But as you say there are street kids being abused Yes that is True and the reason they attack kids at home is they receive a notification of a risk of harm and they have to act on that notification and they do assessment on the family and and go before the scan team to see if there is a risk and removal is warranted and if it is they remove the children on safety reasons, then in following weeks they Finnish their assessments on what order is warranted to protect the children at hand, see the street kids who is going to notify the dept when no one care's ? and the dept don't know their being abused its the community that needs to look out for our abused children and if you suspect abuse i urge you to report it.. its a whole community thing to protect all children.

Sex education is wanted to educate children, on their bodies, feelings, what to expect, and if someone ask's for it and you don't feel comfortable you have a right to say no.. its all about awareness. but some do get suggestive and want to try it. but this is something that needs to be addressed to sniper :)

Yes but the thing is i know there is Corruption in every Govt Dept that is a fact, but not to the Degree every one swears on here and dept are only babies in corruption to others..

Yeah well that is you Sniper :)

DocSniper's picture

Dont you just hate me,when Im right.

Submitted by DocSniper on Sun, 10/05/2009 - 05:53.

Well sometimes the dept do act unethical Yes Sniper. but sometimes you have to realize you need help adjusting the protection concerns if there we're legit reason's but if what you are saying about yourself is true, you have all reasons to be feeling unjust.
( sometimes??./., try all the time....hence to why I desire Justice, not only for myself, but for the said partners and my kids, and all the other abused souls that are attacked by docs.)

Nah, its 1% pure luck, 9% it comes to them, and 90% or wrongs you will ever get.
a few little mistakes is all it takes, to be corrupted.
Your forgetting all the souls of children that have been murdered by Docs and carers.

the reason they attack kids at home is they receive a notification
( hahaha, and in my case I am The notifier, how you explain that away ?)these retards did a assessment on the family, but left me right out of the picture, WHY?. oh! for frk sake, DOCs do know street kids are being abused,its cause docs cant make money from them,can they.)

Sex education is wanted to educate children, on their bodies, feelings, what to expect,
(oh!! really, a 5 yr old needs to learn to have sex.mmmmmmm, your screwed up, a 5 yr old has no need to learn any of this, they should be playing with their dolls and toy cars, so does a 12 yr old, they dont need to know to where a penis goes and whats its used for.) how about teaching them the bible laws and life?. why was that removed from schools?.)
Yes, it does need to be addressed, DONT teach sex to 5 yr olds at school.)

Yes but the thing is i know there is Corruption in every Govt Dept that is a fact, but not to the Degree every one swears on here and dept are only babies in corruption to others..
( there you go again, cant make up your mind, thats being Luke warm(didnt christ state he will spit you out,if you are like warm?.) DOCS without a doubt, is as corrupted as there is air to breathe,.)

No sniper Sometimes the Dept

Submitted by WildFlower69again on Sun, 10/05/2009 - 13:25.

No sniper Sometimes the Dept act unethical as in a few dept workers don't act professionally

No like i said dept get it right most of the times more like i said 90% right that is more like it.

Well if you we're the notifier, that is good you made their job a little easier for a change. and it was a good out come in the end,

so you don't want children taught sex education ? what if some sick pedo comes and try's things on them and in the course they are taught to say no if they don't want to do anything, and reinforces no to sex abuse and touching them in places they shouldn't i think its good idea too a degree.

dept are not that corrupt, like i said every govt has corruption ;i.e certain workers that don't abide by the laws they we're employed by, so it play's out in a negative way you know? but dept do their job very much so the way they should, and protect children every day on a daily basis,

You know what you said dept and carer are killing children? what about the parents that kill their children>?

DocSniper's picture

Your 90% retarded

Submitted by DocSniper on Sun, 10/05/2009 - 22:20.


Hate to be Childish But as

Submitted by WildFlower69again on Mon, 11/05/2009 - 01:21.

Hate to be Childish But as you won't act like a adult i must come to your level... you are 90% pedophile :)

widflower, what a great name

Submitted by Tiffany on Fri, 03/07/2009 - 23:10.

What a great name you have! Your brain must be the size of a wild flower are bitter and twisted. By the way what does the 69 stand?

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