What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 07/06/2008 - 23:08
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What can we do?
I did't think we could do class action? Am I wrong?

There's absolutely -
Nothing safe about the Department of Child Safety!

I want to warn nurses and allied health about doing 'mandatory reporting'. As one Queensland Health employee said 'you would really want to make sure there was a case of child abuse before you submit those forms/ paperwork'.

DOCS even gave out my address to the father of my child. I had moved house when; I was pregnant and was silently listed.They knew I was scared of him.
The father later then teased me in a menacing way stating that he now knows where I live (I taped this phone call).
There should be some steps in place where an independant body investigates claims of abuse to see whether it is substantiated before it all goes to court and DOCS do their pulling out all stops to incriminate the parent.
Incidentally, it cost me $20,000 to have legal representation during DOCS involvement. I had to remortgage my house. No legal aid for me. Why should I have to pay for DOCS lies that kept this cas going? Imagine what it cost the tax payer. DOCS go on about not having enough funding - well they seemed to throw loads of money into fighitng me alone.
DOCS should stop snatching and grabbing children on a whim and get a proper view of the situation before they act.
It is the child at the end of the day that is harmed by DOCS' actions.
My son was removed from my care for 7 months and there was no actual harm done (ie physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, or physical).
He was placed in foster care where he ended up with being assulted physically by the foster father. He was belted on his bottom for pooing his pants. The bruises lasted for 1 week! He was taken to the hospital and it is recorded in a hospital file. Then DOCS tried to hush it up. The father of my child told me.
Docs then sent the child interstate to the father/ paternal grandparents. They said my mother was 'too old to be a kinship carer at 70yo'.
When I asked the new DOCS worker about the physical assult she said she didn't know anything about it and said 'I am going to look into this why it isn't in the file'. I have this covnversation on tape - like many others. I have some of the most inane conversations with the original CSO who told me that 'thoughts are enough for us' and so much other crap.
In the mean time DOCS are writing letters to the father's solicitor, after the abuse happened and they knew about it - but not mentioning it, encouraging the father to go for sole custody of the child (Family Law) in NSW.
It was really badly handled. DOCS could not say sorry and hand the child back. They just kept moving the goal posts and making me jump through more hoops.
Some of those DOCS workers are really evil.
When I handed in my letter of complaint to Jan Stuckey's office, and they read it and saw the names of the DOCS workers they replied 'oh we know about her...'.
They absolutely achieved nothing by removing my son for 7 months. He was not abused and was not going to be.
And if he was a child at risk then when does he cease to be a child at risk? So if it was so important to keep him away from me and only give me 1 two hour access visit per week for 15 or so weeks - why ever give him back? Get what I mean?
They did nothing - except cause a lot of grief to my family.
You should have seen the look on his little face when he was driven off after the access visit. I am crying now when I think about it and this is years later.
If I had trouble coming to terms with it, then how the hell did he comprehend this? Aren't these the formative years in a child's life - then what the hell are DOCS trying to do? DESTROY THESE CHILDREN?? Trust Vs mistrust/ Autonomy Vs Shame and Doubt (Errikson). Have DOCS done some deep psychological stuff up to my son's head?
There's no counselling afterwards, just hand him back and off they go. You are left with the damage.
In my personal life and in my professional life I come across quite a few people who have DOCS in their lives. A lot of it seems over the top - DOCS are very heavy handed and punitive.
DOCS seem to have a lot to answer for. No tansparency, no accountability, no truth not to mention their confabulations.
Be warned DCOS play dirty and it ain't about child safety. It couldn't be further from the truth.
The people and children of Queensland deserve better than this.
and lastly - DOCUMENT, have witnesses, tape the conversations, get a good solicitor, find your allies, move your evidence off your premises.

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Re: What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by Iknow on Sat, 12/04/2014 - 19:16.

Docs are only able to do their evils deeds because the currents politicians are sitting on their collective hands. Politicians today are mere puppets and do NOT serve the People of Australia. For those of us who have had our children stolen by DOCS through lies and deception, there is only one answer. That is to stand together and collectively organise ourselves.

The task at hand will not be instant or easy, but the rewards will be great -- our children deserve to be protected.

Please feel free to contact me.

Re: What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by Anne (not verified) on Sat, 16/08/2014 - 16:02.

Can you please phone me or email me. I have the same amount of extensive and malicious allegations from the department at present and I and my children are being extensively traumatised through all of this. Thank you so sincerely. Anne

Re: What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by Iknow on Mon, 25/08/2014 - 11:45.

My email is daryl@radiomedia.info

Re: What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by living in hope on Mon, 11/07/2011 - 23:02.

hi hope someone out there can help with this question

If there is a court order out for my kids would there be something in customs to stop me from leaving the country with them

thanks in advance

Re: What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by docchris3 on Tue, 05/04/2011 - 22:44.

Australian abuse of an American's Rights
I am appealing to the tribunal as they wanted to deport me my kids are not allowed their US citizenship (I and the kids are in NSW but I am American married to am Australian.)and my daughter is possibly being sexually abused and my son possibly has autism or adhd. I have chosen to stay with my husband even though he committed dv due to his commitment and success in the DV and CALM programs and to many positive changes in our marriage if not for my kids being held in Australia I would prefer to be home in the US with my husband, parents, brother, sister and friends. DIAC WORKER wanted to know how we met and why I did not apply for permanent residency earlier. I visited and was invited to stay for the full 3 months. By then we were in love and I was pregnant. Because of my history of having preemies and the baby causing me seizures I was on bed rest and had lost my job in the USA, I was not medically allowed to fly home and we could not afford the 2000+ to apply for a visa. Once I was no longer on bed rest I was still restricted from taking plane flights (I would have preferred to have Lucas born in the US to have my mom and dad help with the early months) so we got a bridging visa and started to try to save money for the spousal visa. I have been hit a total of 3 times and always reported it but could not leave our home and did not have residency, Medicare or anything so was not sure how to get help. . I offered my husband one last chance to get help, extended my avo and started trying to get protection visa. I do NOT have the money yet to pay for the medical check but apparently the Red Cross might help. I WILL NOT leave the country without my children but need residency so I have access to services; benefits etc should dv ever happen again. Yes we are trying to save our marriage. Both of us are in counselling and I don’t know the outcome but for now we are trying and for the past 9+ months succeeding. My dad is US Ambassador (ret) Edward B O'Donnell Jr
VIOLATIONS OF DOCS: Did not get the list of FREE services that the Judge Marion's ordered most are at costs we cannot afford due to my medications, specialists, bills etc. I have epilepsy and severe migraines. DOCS have been working against us. Including ignoring verbal directions to DOCS attorney to leave visitation "as is" for 3 months then to do the reduction (which I want 12 x year they are only providing 6 times per year). We also have never been given medical documents EVER. My parents will attach themselves as well for the section 90 reapplication. Jason and I will take any and all services that I have been given or looked into (including dv and alcohol and marriage). I would personally like to resubmit in April or May so that I can say either the concerns are gone or are in successful treatment and get the kids back or have my parents adopt them.
They also have not allowed me to take them to the US consulate to get their American citizenship and docs has not reviewed my parents if we are to lose. My father is a former US Ambassador currently working for Hillary Clinton. They have a 5 bedroom home and my mom stays home (does not work). My dad probably makes $140,000 per year and docs want to permanently place my kids in a 3 bedroom housing commission house with 9 people (including my kids) till they are 18. Docs has not helped me to secure permanent residence so I am still on a spousal visa pending tribunal decision "trapped" in Australia as I refuse to leave my kids.
case # 1-s2tr0r (DOCS) IMMI RE: Christina O'Donnell-Pyne (Masters) DOB: 27/08/1970 - Application for Partner Visa - CLF2009/143229
date of birth 8/27/1970app # sg95889535753 ch082099 class WE bridging

My dad is US Ambassador (ret) Edward B O'Donnell Jr
I am hoping for some alcohol and relationship counselling as well
PLEASE help me. Christina O’Donnell-Masters

Re: What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by meagainstdocs on Wed, 16/02/2011 - 22:21.

Amazing i read all these posts and u can tell the docs workers they stand out like dogs balls .With their anonymus posts.One such worker claiming docs dont take kids unless their is a reason what a joke .Not only was i not on drugs or a alcoholic i have never been on drugs and have never been a alcoholic i might have 3 or 4 alcoholic drinks a year as a celebation thing .But docs got up in court produced no evidence whatsoever just word of mouth .The magistrate believed them and you skunk docs workers, that come in here sticking up for yourselves .Make me sick Docs have had millions of kids molested while in their care or under the care of the minister . Not to mention the abuse of physical abuse and psychalogical I dont think you could ever deny that it happens all to often.Because their is to much evidence to prove otherwise and to many facts .And the facts are not word of mouth but confirmed in many ways by doctors reports sworn testimonies etc etc .Why dont you Doc workers face upto the reality of it all and start gathering evidence from within your department and do something humane in your life ?and bring and help to bring the whole corrupt practice of docs undone .Yous must see it everyday .Because to be honest the world is moving along and it wont be long that yous are all investigated and your corrupt offices where u work are bugged and your telephone s and one day u will be answerable to the people and the kids you have hurt .Dont think you wont because we have all seen it over time and through history through the stolen generation and other such things youse wont get away with it forever so my advice is to come on board organisations like this and give us all the evidence of the wrong things you see .By doing this you will be abe to live with yourselves .Knowing that what you have done is the right thing because u are saving the kids that u make out you are realy protecting .Because at the end of the day you cant run a protection agency based on lies forever while so many kids and families and parents are being hurt and think that KARMA wont catch up with yous all one day.So this is a challenge to all you docs workers that come in here why dont you try and make a real difference to a better society by doing the right thing by the children u are hired to protect .Give up your docs workmates when u see something wrong write it down the dates the instances etc etc and when u get enough blow the whistle .Because the way i see it if you are a decent docs worker and person you would be doing this .That way they would realise they cant lie and do corrupt stuff and abuse kids because their is good docs workers that wont let it happen .Maybe then and only then will docs ever be appreciated instead of reviled because to be honest to all the docs workers that come in here .its just as bad if you see and know stuff that goes on in docs thats not right and you turn a blind eye then you are no better then the ones that abuse the kids in their care or turn a blind eye .Karma will catch up one day mark my words .To deny abuse in the docs system is to turn a blind eye because the facts are to many .And to many people that i have read around the net and in real life all have the same story its no coincidence the paterns are their the structure same stories told over and over its about time if their is good docs workers then they should prove it by blowing the whistle on the bad apples .Otherwise they are just as bad.Because one day its only going to take one person to get the evidence and a fair few cases together and your whole docs system will come crumbling down.It wil only be a matter of time and numbers .Honestly i hope some of you docs workers do the right thing and give up all the corrupt workers and abusers their is just to many of them in your system that is why your system is not working you can do it anonymously .Lets see how many decent docs workers come forward

Re: What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by janetdeed58@hot... on Thu, 07/07/2011 - 00:47.

my daughter is losing her children for life because she didnt do five things she didnt jump when they said jump.. we have been to hell and back id love my story about them get on tv, they accused people of doing things that have never been done ...yes my daughter admited to doing the wrong thing by trying to commit suicide she has been honest with them , you see my daughter had 3 children in 3yrs i personally believe she sufferd post natal depression i never knew you could los e your children for that ...any way its been 15 months also they claim my daughter is a druggie...her ex is in jail this is when she wnt down hes in jail and they listen to him ... yes she tried marjuiana at 13 but she dint have children then, thye bring up crap fro her past...what they famlies sa never had a life i know of one social worker who went to my church and used to go on about her drug life, when i saw her there at famlies sa she wouldnt say hi becaue i knew her from the church you see so they do have past themselves... i swore at famlies sa and now have been banned from c the grandchildren ..im devasted look the list goes on and on i was told by one social worker because i said i miss and love them that LOVE doesnt come into it i swore again i got punished...well guess what my daughter started taking drugs after the children were taken away...ANYWAY AT THE END OF THE DAY THE CHILDREN WANT TO BE WITH THEIR MUUMY AND NANIE..ALSO THEY PROMISED TO KEEP THE SIBLING STOGHTHER AND GUESSS WHAT THEY DID THEY FOSTERED THE YOUNGER ONE OUT BECAUSE THEY DONT WANT HER TO HAVE ATTACHMENT ISSUES HOW CRUEL ARE THESE PEOPLE WHO GIVES THEM THIS ALMIGHTY POWER TO PLAY GOD IN PEOLPE LIVES LAST THING THEY SAID IS WE DO WHAT WE WANT WHEN WE WANT...ALL I CAN SAY AND IVE SAID THEM THIS I HOPE YOU B...can sleep at night because i dont sleep much now im worried more about my granddaughter whose been taken away from her mother then me now her siblings.. see i tired to stand up to them and i got puiished now i cant c my grandchildren until i have anger management.HOW THE HELL DOES THIS SYSTEM WORK TAKING CHILDREN AWAY FRO THIER FAMLIES ALSO I WANT TO KNOW WHY WOMAN WHO HAVE BEEN ON HERION CAN HAVE THEIR CHILDREN WITH THEM PLEASE EXPLAIN AND I HEAR SO MANY STORIES ABOUT THE CHILDREN WHO NEEDED TO BE TAKEN AND THIER LEFT WITH THE ABUSER OR LEFT TO DIE THIS DOENT MAKE SENSE TO ME WHY WHY WHY ... WHY I WILL FIGHT FIGHT THESE B.... TILL THE END COME ON KARMA ....THATIS MY ONLY HOPE THEY GET KARMA HOW WOULD THEY LIKE TO BE WITHOUT THIER CHILDREN OR GRANDCHILDREN... HEY FAMLIES SA WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES AND OF MY DAUGHTERS AND ALL THE PEOPLE YOU HAVE DONE INJUSTICES TO AND DO THE RIGHT THING AND TAKE THE CHILDRENT HAT NEED TO BE TAKEN... YES FREE THE CHILDREN.. GIVE THE CHILDREN BACK TO THIER OWNERS

Re: What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by rachel (not verified) on Mon, 09/03/2015 - 00:32.

Well why don't we get a group together and get our storys on the news. My daughter was taken because i reported my partner abusing her. I left him a week after they took her but they wouldn't give her back. Two years later they gave her back to him and i can only see her for one hour a fortnight. Even though he is a abusive drug addict with borderline personality disorder and a learning disability they believe his lies about me. He is still abusing her but they won't believe me. She is 4 now and begs me to kidnap her

Re: What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by Asha Bas on Thu, 14/07/2011 - 09:28.

suicidal i should think would be a cry for help... and a clear indication that the person is not coping.

if there is a past connection with a worker that is a conflict of interest and [she] should not be allowed to be involved (not that that has ever really changed matters!)

'anger management' is just to make them look good, it's never going to do anything when that is not the problem.

direct quote "its got nothing to do with you being a bad parent or dangerous..."

THEY HAVE THEIR OWN AGENDA and it has nothing to do with keeping families together or protecting children.

ps, I know how frustrating and horrible this is. but please, put gaps between each paragraph as it is easier to read and will therefore more likely be read.

this is not to be critical or nasty i promise. and i do emphasise, my children and i have been abused by this filth since 2005 - and unknowingly one of the workers had been slandering me since 1997.

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Re: What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by bringingthemhome on Fri, 08/07/2011 - 18:23.

Hello Janet

They force you into an angered state and then use it against you. Of course a maternal grandmother will get defensive when it comes to her grandchildren...this is natural maternal instinct...............


All Children have a right to be loved and nurtured by their OWN GRANDPARENTS.

It is SICK whats going on in the Child Protection at present.

ABUSIVE caseworkers are on the rise .

Nil assistance and support is shameful ....

A New Stolen Generation is being stolen RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES

Children have become POTS OF GOLD for Community Services Dpts across this country.

They will suffer another STIGMA of another GENERATION STOLEN by IGNORAMOUS

Re: What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by Ashley (not verified) on Sun, 11/12/2011 - 14:11.

My daughter was taken from me at 3 and a half months old with no evidence or investigation, I wasn't doing drugs or anything. They told me I was neglecting her because I let a close friend baby sit here while I was very sick and weak. They currently have a 12 month order and have me jumping through hoop after hoop and them whole time have been promising a return but now are saying that anything I do is not good enough. They have also lied in reports and turned almost every story around. In the time she has been in care she has suffered being separated from me, suspected sexual assult, developmental problems, weight loss and has been taken care of poorly. I believe they are doing this for the sake of it as my daughter has never been at risk with me and never will.. Please how can I get help to get my baby home?? They are going to ruin her life as well as mine if she remains under there control. Please help me get my baby back!!

Re: What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by Whistleblower1 on Mon, 11/07/2011 - 19:40.

Can anybody tell me what has happened to alecomm.com?

has the site been hijacked? as Firecom Services Pty Ltd a Newcastle central coast base fire service

can anyone tell me if there is a link with firecom and newcastle based Life without barriers?

Re: What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by Asha Bas on Thu, 14/07/2011 - 09:29.

yeah whats going on...?

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Re: What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by I am Cherry Mac... on Thu, 03/02/2011 - 16:30.

Hi meagainstdocs (mad)? can i call u that? lol. first of all, who was ur dud solicitor, alecomm would love to do a story on him. what area u in? who was dodgy matistrate?

so far, we have judge truss, eliss who continually let doc workers lie and commit perjury, and dont let victims speak. they're also aware of solicitors like dennis chapman who leave their clients without representation in supreme court on that day also.

what was ur solicitors excuse for conflict of itnerest? and did you put in a complaint, not that it would have done any good but still leaves a paper trail.

why didn't teh judge let you speak? (not that this is uncommon either, some judges seem to think that the parents point of view or arguments aren't relevant anyway - and we do see this quite often).

judges in areas out west and all legal reps coota etc prevent parents from even having support persons go in with them, and docs make it impossible for them to get local representation as they make sure they use all services out there - meaning the docs victim has to go to sydney or other places to try and get legal rep.

not everybody has success either becuase it is still very difficult as legal aid do not provide assistance with transport nor anything else, even obtianing paperwork that every other legal person has, because the government sees fit to provide services like law and order for all parties to get their files copied EXCEPT FOR THE PARENTS / GRANDPARENTS.

Re: What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by meagainstdocs on Wed, 16/02/2011 - 21:07.

Hi Cheryl yes u can call me mad that dont matter .Firstly i was appointed a solicitor from legal aid it was a female and to be honest she helped docs all the way .At first she had all docs fabricated stuff unsubstantiated allegaions and actual lies .then i started getting letters from doctors schools etc etc disproving what they were saying .In my case they said things like i had no food no running water electricity etc etc .Also said i was a drug addict and alcoholic .They said the school principal told them i send my other daughter to school like a grub.So i went and seen the principal and she emphaticaly denied anything docs said and she actualy assured me that she said i was a good dad and am always their for my daughter .She also stated to me to get my solicitor to subpeona her and she would state in court that docs (Claire Ridley is nothing but a liar and she has never refered to a child as a grub and would not speak or infer to a child in that way .I also had a letter from my family doctor that said i am a great father that has brought his child up and looks after her very good she is well fed never been under nourished etc etc .I have also never ever been a drug addict i have given hundreds of urines that prove that also .So not only am i not a drug addict ive also proven it by giving clean urines that docs got my parole officer to give me and the urines came back all clean so not only was i clean and proved it> Docs also hid that evidence from the court ,but i also blame the childrens court magistrate for allowing unsubstantiated evidence that they didnt even say where they got their evidence from.So i went about getting tons of evidence to support my case. I had hundreds of awards that my daughter had recieved in 10 years as a state gymnast.
a A grade student she had performed on stage at waiakakiri and got runners up in the state tha was in front of 20 thousand people at the entertainment centre she has also excelled at swimming and other sport at regional levels .Had thousands of photos of our home and happy moments and celebrating christmas birthdays etc .And to be honest not once has docs ever been to my house to do a inspection or even knocked on my door .Then When i had another child to another woman thats when the trouble started the baby was born with a bad drug habit .But that was the mother not me I did not use drugs and never have not ever .So i gave all my evidence to the solicitor and to be honest i knew she was on their side but i had the evidence and realy thought it would be a win for me 100 percent for the sheer fact that i had my first daughter for 10years at the time and had done a remarkable job with her and had doctors schools sporting orginisations and seriously could have got a lot of people to verify this .But the night before court at about 8 at night my so called solicitor rang me and said she could not represent me because of conflicts of interest and the conflict was legal aid was representing the mother even though the mother was not even attempting to go for custody of her daughter. And actualy signed her rights away .the magistrate wanted the case to go ahead docs give their evidence .The prosecution gave theirs .Then i was asked to have my say and i just started calling docs liars producing paper work to prove everything that they said was a lie .The judge told me to shut up and i told the judge that they have had their say and you said its my say now, so iam only having my say she told me to shut up so i was upset and told the judge to shut up, and said she is running a kangaroo court .I was emotional because i fully love my daughter i have never even had more then 2 hours with her on a accesss visit yet i have other daughters that i brought up realy well and never heard from docs in my life .Im no solicitor i was upset i had been railroaded by docs and their lies railroaded by my solicitor .So when the judge summed up she said she believed docs that i use drugs that iam a alcoholic and gave custody to the minister till she was 18 .Then when i went to lodge a appeal the childrens court at glebe said they had no forms and i would have to come back tommorow i sorta got pushed out of court by security because i was upset .So i rang onbudsmans put complaints in been to that many solicitors and members of parliaments its like no one gives a fuck .Yet they are talking about a child here and its not about the truth with these docs scum as u would be fully aware .The thing is from the start they didnt know about me and they arranged for the baby to be taken into care and adopted out to a rich family that is involved with all the churches and stuff .Yeh well we all know about churches dont we .But i will admit the baby looks like she is cared for but that is not the point iam a great dad and i live with her 12 year old sister and we have a good life are well fed and clean and live on the water she goes to school doctors sports anything that she needs is catered for so why cant i have my other daughter ? Because these skunks docs decided that one of their so called families wanted another child so they arranged it all but then i turned up and wanted my kid when she was born and instead of working with me they just started building a case on lies perjury and utter crap .I have never been a drug addict have never been a alcoholic in my life either and to be totaly honest you would think if i used drugs and was a alcoholic wouldnt their be some evidence or a medical report somewhere ?You would think so but no their was not and the only evidence their was that i dont use drugs ,or alcohol, but they hid that from the court .Now if i was represented in the first place this would never had happened it was all a set up .In the end the law society said to me what i have to do is go away for a year or two keep visiting my daughter in care and then re apply so that is what i done and in the mean time i have consistantly wrote letters of complaint to everyone that i could think of over and over liberals labour etc tec ombudsmans and heaps more .The reasons the law society said that was because the docs was saying there was heaps of instances where they had had complaints over the years yet it was something i was unaware of so either docs fabricated it or the two mothers made it up .But the two mothers to both my daughters are just bad drug addicts even till today they are on drugs i dont see them or have anything to do with them but they did consistantly ring up on me but they have also been diagnosed with psychological problems one was diagnosed by a psychiatrist as a pathalogical liar and this is where docs got there information its enough to make u sick . havnt missed visits but its funny when i read docs yearly reports they say iam unreliableand stuff yet i have never missed a visit not late and even the carer that brings my daughter admits we interact well love the baby and she loves us she knows my name is dad she knows her sister and calls her by name .Last visit i had she cried and said i want to go with u .Now what i have going on now is my solicitor i have now is also legal aid i got it granted eventualy after a hundred complaints eveywhere i think it was through the commision representing the minister but they are having trouble lodging the appeal out of time but they said i should have a answer tommorow . I still worry about legal aid because its realy one government department going against another you know what i mean ?.Because the truth is this .If this was a fair and honest system Docs or the case worker in my case (Claire Ridley) Fabricated heaps of evidence didnt have evidence at all just made it up as a story .She commited perjury not just once but on a number of issues and it can be proven so easy things like saying i use drugs no running water in my house no food in cupboard or fridges what she said the principal told her it can all be proven that she lied .Not only that there was the good stuff that she actualy hid from the court and they left so much out that was hidden .I believe my solicitor was always working with them but when i produced all the stuff and the good academic things with the daughter i brought up not to mention the sports things .My solicitor would have known i would have beat docs thats why she resigned from the case the night before .So realy i have never ever been to court and been represented and its took nearly 4 years to even get a solicitor to lodge a appeal not that i havnt stopped trying .I have walked hiked and drove thousands of miles from qld to sydney to have my access visits .Never did docs even say if u do this or do that we will gve u your kid back i offered to do urines everyday .They were not interested because they had already promised my daughter to a church family its a money rort .The family that has her is now making inqiries about adopting her .Yet i havnt even began the fight and i will never stop fighting .Well yes exactly the questions u ask3d me that is what virtualy happened the judge wouldnt let me even defend myself .Wouldnt let me have a say she said its my say and i will get y turn then when it was my turn she told me to shut up i got into a big argument with her i couldnt believ tis was happening these people are suppose to be impartial and honest and fair i had never seen anything like it in my life .And as you have said yes docs contacted different legal aid places and some other places and put blocks on me everywhere .i would ring a place up and they would ring docs enquiring then a block would be put on me .I appealed to legal aid aleast 10 times even got a solicitor but legal aid wouldnt pay travelling and stuff like that .I was in Sydney and they had me going to places likemittagong albury on the victorian border u wouldnt believe the crap that i have gone through .But along the way i have kept the whole paper trail i met people that were genuinly concerned and could see my plight and tried to help some where in court and stuff and they could see themselves that what is happening is wrong they would tell me to do this and that and i would then at the end i would be bacck to square one .I even walked into federal magistrates courts etc etc .Supreme courts of Australia .Spent days and weeks going trying to get something done got a good paper trail though and it can only all help me if i ever do get back to a court with a honest judge .Because along the way i have had judges look at what i have in paper work and they have out and out been disgusted but legaly could not do anything about it .Its boiled down to after 4 years iam still trying to get to a court and its still only in the childrens court not even a higher court the system is so fucked up .And at the end of the day you know what the problem is ? Its all about money because if i had about 30 thousand for a good solicitor i would have my child .I got no doubt about that because a real solicitor would dead set put my case forward and lay charges on them for the perjury and all the crap they have done but to me thats not important i just want my daughter i love her and she should be with me and her real family .Not someone that docs promised a kid to

Good question and one I don't have the answers for but, reading this thread and the many comments within, MOST make sense and on their own form bits of the puzzle that may give us a solution.
Most people here have been "screwed" by the corrupt and dysfunctional DOCS system or some other gov't bureaucracies.
We know the key elements,
1 - public servants lie
2 - public servants are culpably negligent with public welfare
3 - the good public servants have their work outweighed by the many bad ones - consistently.
4 - Laws are used to ensnare the weak and the strong (and gove't officials) are above it - pure and simple.
5 - corrupt public servants and others have many fears and one of the big ones is fear of the general public ever knowing the truth of what they are up to.

To this extent, these lying theiving mongrels monitor and control the media, and clearly a few have less control over this website than they may like.
The downside is that the reality is that this site is read by very few people in absolute terms and hence ther must be other ways to also get the message out to a wider audience.
Yes, the mainstream media is controlled, book publishing was screwed by the GST and governments regularly seize books from shops (without it ever being reported) and so on, so I have not got the majoc bullet solution.
All I can suggest is that we all try all ethical (and hopefully legal) options.
All the best
Snakeman Raymond Hoser
Snake show kids reptile party reptile education

Docs are only able to do their evils deeds because the currents politicians are sitting on their collective hands. Politicians today are mere puppets and do NOT serve the People of Australia. For those of us who have had our children stolen by DOCS through lies and deception, there is only one answer. That is to stand together and collectively organise ourselves.

The task at hand will not be instant or easy, but the rewards will be great -- our children deserve to be protected.

Please feel free to contact me.

bringingthemhome's picture

Re: What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by bringingthemhome on Tue, 02/03/2010 - 16:55.

What can we do about CORRUPTION in DoCs/CS

1) We must never accept it.

2) We must never allow doCs to intimidate us.

3) We must report their abuse of power.

4) We must report their Lies & Inuendo's.

5) We should never fear them as their fear mongering, threats and blackmail are totally unacceptable.

6) We must NEVER EVER be gagged for this only empowers their corruption.

Re: What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by Iknow on Sat, 12/04/2014 - 19:21.

Docs are only able to do their evils deeds because the currents politicians are sitting on their collective hands. Politicians today are mere puppets and do NOT serve the People of Australia. For those of us who have had our children stolen by DOCS through lies and deception, there is only one answer. That is to stand together and collectively organise ourselves.

The task at hand will not be instant or easy, but the rewards will be great -- our children deserve to be protected.

Please feel free to contact me.

Re: What can we do about the corruption in DOCS?

Submitted by sickandtiredoft... on Wed, 08/09/2010 - 20:06.

Totally agree bringingthemhome

There is an empirical idea that DOCS are above the law.Please don't start to believe this,that is what they want.


Submitted by natasha (not verified) on Mon, 17/11/2008 - 18:19.

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DOC's are just doing business as usual.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 10/03/2009 - 00:55.

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My story with Families SA

Submitted by Michael (not verified) on Fri, 06/03/2009 - 14:12.

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The Game

Submitted by Tiffany on Sat, 28/03/2009 - 21:38.

It is a proven fact if you are an abuser it doesn't matter its how well you hide it! The white picket fence theory close the doors and noone will know.Its the honest good people that say yes I stuffed up .They will be jumped on and sent to hell for asking for help or admitting one truth.The ones that are abusing our children have learnt the same rules as D.O.C.S hide and use the law to hide behind.Play the game and you will win.Be a criminal but hide it well.Be HONEST AND YOU WILL SUFFER!

Re: The Game

Submitted by Asha Bas on Thu, 14/07/2011 - 09:48.

yes, how very sad. good is twisted into bad and vice versa. we learn that it is better to lie, and be evasive - and then of course ya get condemned for being evasive! after all, how many of us are natural hypocrits like them...!

bringingthemhome's picture

Re: The Game

Submitted by bringingthemhome on Tue, 12/04/2011 - 21:05.

Well said Tiffany

Re: The Game

Submitted by Asha Bas on Wed, 08/09/2010 - 18:51.

yes that is what my court networker who is helping me keeps saying, gotta play the game.

Sad huh, that honest good parents get punished, abused, slandered, harrased - this is the same for the children too; and the abusers and liers get rewarded.

DHs took me to court after I realized that they saw nothing wrong with child neglect and emotional abuse, and took them when I complained about their worker molesting my child. This little girl has the saddest most beautiful blue eyes, her face looks haunted and like she has lost all hope. Her body is clenched tight and she has so much emotional hurt built up inside her.

I hate this dirty sick game.

Re: The Game

Submitted by worldcavingin on Mon, 21/02/2011 - 21:40.

I have ben told the same. "play the game, and be nice to DHS"
right. So they can come into MY house and treat me like sh!t, harrass me, threaten me, and try to get me to sign BLANK contracts! oh and lets not forget LIE.
They are telling me that i have Post Natal Depression, when i have been given the all CLEAR. they say that i am not mentally stable to be my child. Again. ALL CLEAR. i am on 24 hour supervision. I am not allowed to even kiss my child without a baby sitter around.
If my sitter can no longer stay with me, then they told me that they are taking him from me and putting him in foster care.
Yet i have to play the game???
My child is NEVER at risk by me. I made a silly first mum mistake and took my hands off him for a second and he fell.
I am now considered high risk.

Re: The Game

Submitted by Asha Bas on Thu, 14/07/2011 - 09:59.

lol the first time i made that mistake - all it takes is a split second, and when they start rolling boy can they be quick - everyone i encountered knew about it. I let out a resounding "SHIT!!!!" within the building i was changing him in; and then on the bus later i talked to an elderly mum who really helped to calm me down. my baby was fine - but i was shaking for ages!!!!

we all make new mum mistakes. how could we not when families get smaller and smaller and spread further apart, and so much advise is conflicting...

Re: The Game

Submitted by chrissy1 on Tue, 12/04/2011 - 07:57.

was just browsing all posts and couldnt agree more more about the whole play the game and be nice to docs theory its a fact i know people on drugs that docs know are on drugs and because they play the kids get to stay :O ........... its sick

bringingthemhome's picture

Re: The Game

Submitted by bringingthemhome on Thu, 09/09/2010 - 08:05.

What they have done to you and your children Asha Bas is so very cruel. My heart goes out to you.

How could they not allow you to see your children for three years.

These parasites will one day pay the price for alienating your children from you.

All children grow up asking questions and all children should have thier questions answered honestly. You will one day be able to tell your children the honest truths of how these department parasites stole precious quality time from you and your children.

The law suits of State Wards will cost this NSW Government Dpt Billions upon Billions of dollars one day in the near future.

Re: The Game

Submitted by Asha Bas on Thu, 14/07/2011 - 10:13.

yesterday i whispered to my daughter - had not seen her in seven months and time was only an hour for her and her brother, half of which i have to read stories to even get their interest and curiousity gauged enough to respond cos it hurts to much - that i love her very much and am fighting and will never give up cos she's so very precious.

her red rimmed eyes never left my face as she listened intently, refusing to say a word or even nod or shake her head. oh she is so very beautiful.

i am saving all papers i can. but more than that I am writing private letters to them which i save, and writing their story. i will be incorperating stories of others - anon of course - who i've encountered along the way. i will eventually publish - no matter how hard, or how long it takes.

these stories need to be read and exposed.

all of these children are so very precious and worth protecting.

alecomm's picture

Re: The Game

Submitted by alecomm on Thu, 09/09/2010 - 18:05.

DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY SERVICES is one big walking law suit ...

And I have made my first intro to alecomm movie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRJ2Mcvmb5k&feature=player_embedded so for those of you who don't know me, welcome to the alliance at alecomm where all hands on deck are required!

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Re: DoCs/DOHS YOUTUBE exposure by the Alliance

Submitted by bringingthemhome on Thu, 09/09/2010 - 20:03.

Well done Girlfriend !



Submitted by SQUIRT (not verified) on Wed, 29/04/2009 - 17:56.

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Submitted by Asha Bas on Wed, 08/09/2010 - 19:16.

I had not seen my younger two children, who are together, since may 2006 - till sep 2009; the oldest till jan 2010.

I recognized my daughters eyes first, and her baby brother still had his freckles. My daughter had changed physically quite a lot.

When I saw my older son, I kept on staring at him - his appearance had altered so much. Thankfully he remembered details and his mannerisms were still the same; like whispering in my ear (though I could not make out what he said:(.

It was of course rather traumatising for me, but more so for my beautiful children, and very confusing especially for the youngest child who could remember barely anything as he was still a toddler in 2006.

It is a comfort to see how very strong my children are. Of course I also pray for them every single day.

Consider yourself lucky if you see them on any kind of regular basis - the rules change all the time, at the whim of these Nazis who would do anything to crush spirits and destroy families.

Re: Caterpillar jane's comment

Submitted by ifitwasn'tsoseriousitwouldbefunny (not verified) on Sun, 29/03/2009 - 14:09.

Ah ha, you speak the truth. Yuu couldn't put it more clearly. Yes, to win in this life you need to be evil and deceitful - just like the way DChS workers operate. But if yoy admit one fault you are stuffed - strung up and dried out. Crucified.

DOCS and the new stolen generation

Submitted by shirley (not verified) on Sun, 15/03/2009 - 21:14.

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banging our heads on the wall.

Submitted by parents in need on Mon, 09/03/2009 - 11:26.

Hi to all,
We are having dramas with the department in Ipswich. We have 4 children with one on the way. I have been with my fiance for 2 years and have tried to make a fullfilling life for our new family, as my ex was an abusive controller. Docs hold that against me. We had a court ordered conference to try and meet the department in the middle, what a waste of time. I had the mediator of our conference who by the way was not supposed to take any side tell me to leave my fiance. The allegations they have against us have not been proven. 2 of our children went to care with my mother and she abused them verbally and physically. DOCS didnt take any action concerning her and they still allow her to have unsupervised visits with our kids. Because my parents dont support us, the department have gone out of there way to let my parents have control of when they see our children. The department took our children for less and give us 1 hour a week access to our children that have never been away from home before. We are banging our heads against the wall as everything we agreed to in the family conference the department have changed their minds and never returned the information that we require to help get our children back. funny isnt it, if you dont do what they say they write in their reports that you are not co operating with them but anything you need to your kids back they turn a blind eye!!!! TOTALLY SICK OF THE RULE CHANGES!

Re: banging our heads on the wall.

Submitted by need to expose Ipswich DOCS (not verified) on Sun, 06/11/2011 - 19:56.

Everything you have said i can sadly relate to. I dont know what to do myself, DOCS in Ipswich seem to thrive on making legitimate reason to have them in there care by putting children at risk.
"Im really over their attitudes myself!"

DocSniper's picture

No money, no win.

Submitted by DocSniper on Mon, 09/03/2009 - 15:18.

Greetings parents in need.
Like most that are caught in that trap of Docs that are as fresh as a new bud of a flower blooming,You and others like you are just at the front door, while others like me. have seen every dirty trick they do.
People that are broke or are on or under the gutter line, Have no chance in hell to ever ever win.
I am telling this to you as Honest and str8 up,I have seen it all and there is nothing that would ever shock me to how DOCS are the most retarded bunch of penis smokers walking on 2 legs.
You are so right, They will change the rules to suit them,when they see they are losing, Cause I have said this a 100 times, our kids are a commodity to this Retarded government. The biggest pedos in this Country are the ones in Government.The closet Pedo. Dennis ferguson is a Pussy compared to this Government to how they kill it all.
I have stated to Springborg that same words. Even said to bligh,your the molester and killer to the children and families in this Country.
People of this forum and others, will not take good advice and again I will Quote, Until we that are abused stand up and form a rally and yell to the world of this un-human acts upon us,nothing will ever be done.
Until we march to their front doors and make head lines no one will give a frk.
Start a bush fire and people of this nation will flock to be a show pony, but when Government are the murderers and stealer's, we have nothing but gutless people that hide behind a monitor.
I speak out not just on these forums but, i also bad months every scum in government and hope they come to arrest me. I can call springborg and bligh kid frkers and they dont do shit.Why?:)
I wish you the best of luck and dont ever give up the fight for Justice.

Be safe

So instead of whinging about

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 01/03/2009 - 15:49.

So instead of whinging about things 'being hid' from parents/interested parties etc....

Why don't you search the internet and find the Child Protection Act 1999 and read it? Its in everyday language and then you can arm YOURSELF with knowledge etc.

So if you want things to change...DO IT YOURSELF...its not up to everyone else to do it for you.

Re: So instead of whinging about

Submitted by Whistleblower1 on Tue, 08/11/2011 - 01:18.

Your are either a docs worker or just a plain idiot Anonymous....... so which one is it??

here is just one of many you may want to read and maybe just possibly educate yourself on the corruption of these evil bastards in NGOs & docs along with the corrupt politicians we have here in oz and this missing link which i have copied as the public can be informed on whats really going on in this billion dollar industry

http://www2.parliament.as.gov.au/Hansard_data/2001/LC/WH291101.lc.htm was taken off the Internet around 3weeks after I posted the link on http://forums.altnews.com.au/


\IND\Question:nn:The Hon. SANDRA KANCK The Hon. SANDRA KANCK: I seek leave to make an explanation before asking the Minister for Transport and Urban Planning, representing the Minister for Human Services, a question about foster care services.

Leave granted.

The Hon. SANDRA KANCK: For some time I have been expressing concern about the alternative care system that we have in South Australia. We are facing a serious shortage of foster carers at a time when there is an increase in children entering foster care with more complex needs than ever before. One of the few positive steps forward the government took was to support a longitudinal study undertaken by Flinders University. The research that tracked children entering foster care in this state was unprecedented in Australia.

According to a letter I received from the Child and Family Welfare Association, the Department of Human Services has withdrawn funding support for the study. I have been informed that this was under the direction of Ms Roxanne Ramsey, Executive Director of the Country and Disability Division. Sector workers now inform me that the Department of Human Services is actively obstructing the study. Re­searchers are prevented from speaking to the children who were part of the study, FAYS workers have been prevented from speaking to the researchers, and carers are not allowed to talk about the wellbeing of the children with researchers.

It has also emerged that the government commissioned consultants from New South Wales to undertake a review into alternative care in South Australia. These consultants failed to contact Flinders University regarding its research findings despite the fact that it was the longest tracking study of children in alternative care in Australia, and the second longest in the world.

Further, I am informed that a private company called Life Without Barriers from New South Wales has been advertising for foster carers since August 2001 in South Australia. This advertising began just one month after the contract for foster care had been extended by 12 months to current service providers. Yet foster carers are being approached by Life Without Barriers and asked to defect from the existing provider for more money.

A Sydney Morning Herald article in June this year revealed that Life Without Barriers received favoured treatment in a tender process with the New South Wales government, and that a government department is now being investigated by the New South Wales Independent Commis­sion Against Corruption. In September, the Minister for Human Services wrote to service providers saying, `Between now and 3 October 2001, 30 service providers, including Life Without Barriers, will be invited to prequalify for registration to join a provider panel to tender for provision of individual care packages for these young people.'

522 Sector workers inform me that Life Without Barriers principal, Ray Dunne, flew in from New South Wales to discuss the provision of individual care packages for young people as early as July. I have been informed that Ms Roxanne Ramsey and Mr Ray Dunne are former work colleagues and that Ms Ramsey is keen to move services from existing providers to Life Without Barriers. My questions to the minister are:

1. Why was funding to the Flinders University terminat­ed?

2. Why is the Department of Human Services actively obstructing the research of Flinders University, which could assist in improving the lives of children in foster care?

3. Why do the consultants reviewing alternative care in South Australia not make contact with the researchers at Flinders University?

4. Why is Life Without Barriers advertising for foster carers when the contract has already been awarded to existing service providers?

5. Has the government provided any contracts to Life Without Barriers in either alternative care or disability services? If so, what tender process was entered into and what probity checks were undertaken?

6. Does the minister think it appropriate for the govern­ment to engage Life Without Barriers when a tender it was involved in in New South Wales is being investigated for corruption?

7. Has Life Without Barriers been provided with any information about foster carers in South Australia? If so, what level of detail, and how many names?

8. If information has been provided by DHS, have any aspects of privacy laws been broken?

9. If the information was not provided by DHS, will the minister institute a police investigation to ascertain how Life Without Barriers obtained the information?

10. What is the connection between Ms Roxanne Ramsey and Life Without Barriers?

11. What is the connection between Ms Ramsey and Mr Ray Dunne?

The PRESIDENT: Order! Question time is for a question, not 11 questions.

\IND\Answer:nn:The Hon. DIANA LAIDLAW The Hon. DIANA LAIDLAW (Minister for Transport and Urban Planning): I was just wondering what was the inference of the last question, whether it was personal or professional. Did you want to clarify that in the question?

The Hon. Sandra Kanck: No.

The Hon. DIANA LAIDLAW: I think that is unusual. I, nevertheless, will refer at least the first nine questions to the honourable minister to bring back a reply.

Who needs to read??

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 10/07/2009 - 22:10.

Who really needs to read the Child Protection Act 1999 when if you take a closer look, it is being abused by the very people that go by it...

The law itself is pretty simple.. from personal experiance no one listens through the proccess anyway..
that is from lawyers to councilors, to dept staff... you put the facts infront of them.. they only use what they want to and to top it off, they will not mention factual and important information on purpose just so they get your kids...

how much longer is the abuse going to go on for???
When you have everyone that doesnt listen.. then whats the point of reading something that doesnt really matter anyway because the very people assigned by the community to help the community are only abusing the community with the very powers that the community gave these people in the first place...

So go figure... I recommend to grab a blacks law dictionary and read that instead.. then you might come to the true understanding of the law.. you will be surprised just how simplistic it really is..

Ps, even when you know the law or think you do.. they still dont listen... though at least you can say you know the law.. or that you think you know the law....

Pss, I could sue both docs and cssc for discrimination and more .. though no one wants to take the case.. even for false allegations and misrepresentations .. tho guess what.. you got it.... heck i can prove that they (the CSSC) submitted a false misleading and incorrect affidavit to the courts (of course no one noticed)

Oh and if you think its up to the individual to do it. well you are correct.. the 2 people against 1 is more effective. so why dont you back people you know that have been affected? it takes more than one person to do something .. if you havent seen/realised that already.. well i feel sorry for you.

Re: Who needs to read??

Submitted by Asha Bas on Thu, 14/07/2011 - 10:35.

whats to bet that anon above is a worker...?

Agreed, we don't need to read the 'lawbooks', dhs are above the law. they do not need to substantiate any of their claims - they can get away with saying anything they like and doing anything they like - legal or otherwise, and get away with it.

a magistrate is more likely to ask the workers what they want to be done - and then order it, than to ever reprimand a worker for doing the wrong thing.

yes we need to work together,but this appears to be australia wide - so perhaps aiming for canberra may be wise...

and we need to gather as much info and support and papers etc as possible before making big steps. Little by little...

DocSniper's picture

Open court to the Nation

Submitted by DocSniper on Sat, 11/07/2009 - 15:33.

You are correct, Why even bother to know or to learn these laws, when even the people abusing it themselves are the ones that have no iota to the basic item Called TRUTH.
Why bother seeking out any avenues to show and to indicate that You, have all the Facts and the Truth of, when it lands on cold hearts and retarded thinking.
Again you are right, I have documents here, to where I can take members of DOCS( my hit list ) to a district or supreme court for them to be accountable of their Claims. Due to myself being well and truly emotional I can not fill these documents out,as they need to be done in a legal profession manner, The judge dont want to be looking at emotions, He/she wants Facts. and with me,I got DOCS by the balls, For how, can any human be in two places at the same time.?. How can any human escape from a MAX SEC prison Un_noticed to molester three children ?. How is having a one off dealings with a per 16 yr old that was willing be Transformed to be a pedophile ?. When the laws of that age factor is so divided. Why take a new born to a court room for a placement and leave the said parent out in the cold?. Where is that right to defend when a figure is pointed at you?.
Again you are right, In solo mode, not much can be done,unless you have a bank balance that is like a timtam, a never ending supply.
While with the last Partner, we together rocked DOCS cage,They found her weakness and played it, to where she gave up and betrayed. DOCS wins again.

We all could sue docs, with the proof we have,In a normal court system, this proof is all you need to cast doubt.
It is this reason, to why I believe I have been so FRK'd over by Docs, No one, Nay, No one can ever place a price value to what this government has done. And above all, to murder love between two normal minded humans, Is no worth then Hitlers attitude.
If the Jews can have a world war crimes court, where is our Courts to justice ? from these Nazis/KKK's.?.
I said and stated this before, No point sitting in front of a monitor, Bitching. We need to form a group,we need to have all our proof in one big pile and then take it all to the High courts of OZ.
Until this retarded OZ law system is Forced to concede, We will always be on these types of forums, going NO where.
Then,as this group, we will have media attention and that is just as good as a bullet.
Dont all of you's believe its about time, we stood up?. enough is enough.

DocSniper's picture

Only a retard from a DOCS office would say that

Submitted by DocSniper on Mon, 02/03/2009 - 12:31.

and true, no one else is going to Help are they. More so a DOCS retard.Them the ones that break that 1999 law, Hey.

AND "Do it myself?..." is that giving permission to go hunt down a Retard at a DOCS office that Murdered my family and do the same back?. Cause, I can do that myself. what I cant do by myself, Is Prove that DOCS are as guilty as they Come. Maybe you should go read the Forde Inquiry findings of QLD department of child stealer's and Families murdering.Maybe you should spend sometime with the victims that DOCS have murdered.

It didnt just take one person from DOCS to do what they did. and as soon as you get out of your kitty litter the sooner your eyes will see the truth.

I hear that you have a deep

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 02/03/2009 - 20:55.

I hear that you have a deep hatred for DOCS workers...fair enough...so do heaps of people.

What I am saying is try turning some of that pointless hatred into something positive for you and your family rather than just saying 'oh they destroyed it so now its all screwed'. Why don't you work with them or with your lawyers or arm yourself with knowledge (ie their own processes and legislation etc) to address the problem in a way that will give a positive result FOR YOUR CHILDREN. I'm guessing that's why you are so angry...because you love them and that's why you are here...because of them.

Well I don't think that its helpful to have an angry parent who doesn't do anything except for whinge and be abusive about the situation...so instead of being abusive and rude to someone that is pointing you in the right direction about how to HELP your situation and YOUR CHILDREN....how about you just go 'thanks for that information' and just look into it?

Re: I hear that you have a deep

Submitted by Asha Bas on Thu, 14/07/2011 - 10:40.

you must be a worker.

Re: I hear that you have a deep

Submitted by meagainstdocs on Wed, 02/02/2011 - 21:13.

You have to be joking anonymus .Since when does anyone in the docs system play by the rules i had docs get up in court and commit outright perjury one lie after the other all fabricated and iam standing there in court with a trunk load of papr work and evidence of twenty years of bringing children up photos doctors reports school reports sports reports all from credible people principals teachers doctors etc etc .When it was my turn to have a say i was told to shut up by the magistrate .the whole bloody system is corrupt .The night before my court hearing my legal aid solicitor tells me they cant represent me ecause of te old conflic of interest so im in court the next day represnting myself .And docs by the way knew all my defence because im sure my solicitor worked for them .Iam no lawyer so all i could do was my best and it wasnt good enough .3 years on iam still trying to get back to court yes still in the childrens court i might add still no date .I have been through every ombudsman members of parliament every court from nsw to qld.Trying to get some action yet i stand here still on my own with all the evidence that they lied commited perjury etc etc etc .Now these docs scum sent me a letter i got today saying that the carers that have my daughter are taking steps to legaly adopt my child yet i have never even been represented in court and its still under appeal and even after the childrens court i still supposedly have a right to appeal all the way to the supremme court or federal magistrates court so u tell me to go read there family law documents .They are not worth the paper they are written on

bringingthemhome's picture

Re: I hear that you have a deep

Submitted by bringingthemhome on Wed, 08/09/2010 - 22:22.

This so called anonymous person is surely living on a faraway planet in la la land.

Phew ! What we need to do here is EDUCATE these UNEDUCATED people who believe for some sick reason that these DoCs parasites work ethically under the LEGISLATION , when all they do abuse the whole system, legislation, children's charter of rights, etc etc etc.

Hello ............

Don't Tell People Not To Be Angry Or FURIOUS About DOCS

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 28/07/2009 - 00:33.

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DocSniper's picture

Ya not in my shoes.

Submitted by DocSniper on Tue, 03/03/2009 - 02:23.

So many times these words you speak echo in the halls of nothing.
I try that, to work with them, So many times I quote" can we have a half way point so that I can be a lab rat so you(DOCS) get it right.Unqoute":
Now I got one DOCS office buck passing it to another,who in turn buck pass's it elsewhere.
I have not laid One eye on any of my kids, since they were born. DOCS stop all contact, ALL.
I am here for the Justice of DOCS file tampering/manipulation and murdering my life, for unprofessional conduct,for personal vendetta.
Nothing short of a court room with myself and those retards in a court of law and have that Justice. What part of that dont you understand ?.
Lawyers dont careless,Unless money is in their hands.
And what do you call them (DOCS) that call me a kid frker?. and then spreads that around to their friends ?. so I get strangers coming to my home that want to kill me? or try to run me over as I walk to the shops?, And yeah, I report this to the cops, and these retards are no better,they do nothing. CMC and the State ombudsman and the anti-discrimination board are all in the pocket to government,Thats why they never really investigate, and reject and refuse to help, Oh! lets not forget human rights,Shell we, I am Not even class as a human,cause I dont fit under a heading to be class as a human.
Then ya have retards in the media that will rush to a tree to save a cat,yet next to the tree,is this human,Abused,and all just over look to save a frking cat.
DOCS murdered,pure and simple. They Stole and made 3 of my children to have not their blood father anywhere in their life. They killed love,tween two normal humans. and just Murdered a family.

Now how about you go grow a brain and be grateful that you dont have DOCS killing your family and killing love and stealing the kids. You be thankful that you have a life. Cause your information is not worth shit.

Re: Ya not in my shoes.

Submitted by Asha Bas on Thu, 14/07/2011 - 10:49.

how old are your children doc?

I guess I can say that I am blessed to have had my children the number of years that I did have, before dhs came in to destroy us.

You know what...you are

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 05/03/2009 - 19:10.

You know what...you are right...information isn't 'worth shit' to people that don't want to use it. Maybe some other people on this forum will benefit from it instead...that's good.

Basically the basis of your arguments fail to make sense to me...its simple...you say that DOCS have done illegal things by removing your children without due process etc. So I try to provide you with their legislation so you can tackle it head on and show them their own legislation and start yourself a court case....but you respond in the way that you do??? Doesn't make sense...just sounds like you want to sit there and feel sorry for yourself to me. That's not helpful to you or your children.

And if your children are in the care of DOCS...without very good reason (ie you significantly hurt the kids) they cannot legally withhold all contact from you. That's just illegal...which you would know if you read the information I gave you and their policy manuals. So why don't you show that and that will force them to give you some contact and if they don't...well take it to their complaints tribunal. If the kids are with their mothers...well then DOCS have nothing to do with it and its a Family Court issue.

Also, I do not assume to know anything about your life and what kind of life that you have...I am just merely trying to provide information to HELP YOU... so please don't tell me what I have or have not experienced in my own life. I wish you the best of luck...

What Legislation? Don't even try to speak of law!

Submitted by natasha on Tue, 28/07/2009 - 19:27.

All legislation has been thrown out the window in my case so I would imagine all the legislation in this country matters little to those who are in the same boat as I.

So take time to know that law are being broken and scattered to the four winds!

DocSniper's picture

Yes, I know who I am.

Submitted by DocSniper on Fri, 06/03/2009 - 00:16.

Do you think your the 1st person to ever utter them words?. to me. Dont you think, I have done all as you stated.
I can Promise you that I have, and Still to this day, NO contact what so ever.
You have blinkers on and there fore can not see from my point of view. hence to why it makes no sense to you.

How many ways should I say..DOCS have fabricated my files and have tampered with it.
What other way do you want me to write this ?.
They have added events to me to places I have never ever been.

DOCS are just one of the UnProfessionalism and UnEducated, there is also the police who cant investigate a complainant.
If you think i am feeling sorry for me, you got another thing coming, I dont want sorry or pity, I want That bloody Justice. OF cause what they do is Illegal. I am proof of that.

Your information you give, Might sound with some hopes to others that are fresh to the attacks of DOCS, But I have heard it so many times and I still watch DOCS just get away with it.
In most cases a lawyer is required. I like one of those, but I cant pay one off.
If you dont believe in the words I speak, Come spend a day with me and Just for you I will show you how many rejections I will obtain.

DocSniper's picture

Lawyers are just retaeded monkeys.

Submitted by DocSniper on Fri, 13/02/2009 - 19:49.

I got my lawyer telling me to plead guilty to a fake charge of trespassing,Was man handled and slanded/demoralised by these up standing law abiding retarded cops.That was conducted as puppets to the Retarded family SA.These cops Jumped at the commands of retards.
If I take that plea of guilty it will be recorded on the already added more of their cap,to my files.But lucky me they wont send me to jail..Awwwww frking Awwwwwwww.
Cause of the X partner and her hate for me now, She will and Has rolled over to Family SA and will being lieing in a court of law and will conduct her children to do also.
I knew from the moment she dumped me on Xmas eve.That this was going to happen. And a court date we will have and I am not going to back down to lies and Take that plea,They can shave it.I will win this,hands down and it will open doors right back to Qld docs retarded department here in townsville and in toowoomba.Them lawyers already killed one opening when they took the X to court over the children and her being a unfit mother.Cause I was Ordered by lawyers and others not to attend,that killed anything related back to me and they knew this and stopped it.Not this time.we all know what will happen if you are found to do perjury 'Prison' Theirs lies will come undone.
Ring a lawyer,leave a meno to be called back and they never do.cos its me.and dont want to touch it.
If slater and gorden had any ballz,they would see the bigger picture, of that money factor they are and all lawyers are about 'Money'. if they just took on 1000 abused cases from DOCS murdering and stealing and just being so Corrupted, that compensation will be in the Billions and you bring down the government. now times that 1000 by 10,000 abuses and Boom. No one wants to touch it.Hence people like me, where files are added and manipulated and tampered with to enhance what they lies of me.Put me places I have never been, Dont Question me,let alone the most important person in all this, My eldest Son.Never Questioned, Not once did any cop ever come to me and say,we like to talk to you about these dealings with children and smut on your computer,Not once have I ever been approach and nor has my son. Why was I only charged with trespassing and not to why them killers came there for there in the first place ?. When at the station never Questioned. Why Not?.Why remove me from a stable home?when her and that family backed me and believed in me They told them Retards the truth and they twisted it,to I am grooming,PffffTTTTt, If i was anything like that, I had ample opportunities to do anything I wanted at any time. How can that family now Lie that I did ?. I wasnt having sex with a 14 yr old as her son was.I try to drum some logics in him, But no went and sex with her, Told him you will end up in the same boat as me. But,Seems in SA that cane happen and Family SA do nothing about it.How frking Odd.Huh, compared to what they did to me for 9 frking long yrs,my kids they stole, my woman the murdered the love of.The make a child be fatherless. for to this day,I have no laid one eye on them.
If any lawyers read this, get out of your tree and come down to reality.
If people can all huddle to form sympathy and show Empathy for the Bush victims, Where is That Sympathy that Empathy for the 1000's for murders of children being stolen and raping of children that, that department of child"not"safety have done, Didnt the forde Inquire already Prove that? Didnt they proved they Abused the children In care.? I am one of,they Abused that In that Forde Inquire.That 7000 you gave, went right back to you. so I could survive in a state that Branded me a Kid frker.

If my profanity sarcastic attitude cuts you. So Be It.

What can we do

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 13/02/2009 - 15:45.

I think a public campaign to notify the public and the media of a proposed demonstration outside the ministers office in Beenleigh, complaining about the corruption in DOCS would alert the general public that something smelled rotton in our government. I wonder how many would attend and protest

DocSniper's picture

Media are retards to

Submitted by DocSniper on Sat, 14/02/2009 - 03:06.

from ACA to 60minutes you name any type of media in this country and they All rejected to even look at it.
anything that this Government has their finger in, Will never help either.

World Attention, Will make these Retards wake up to themselves, They have this Tall poppy syndrome and vanity of being show off to the world, when they are just hypocrites.
The Stolen generation is but many this Country has abused all the way to the Next New Stolen generation of stolen children.

To the writer who stated that

Submitted by Anon (not verified) on Thu, 08/01/2009 - 20:57.

To the writer who stated that DOCS are involved if you are a weirdo, druggo , alcoholic, well lets get this right. I am NOT a druggo, alcoholic, weirdo or such. I know from first hand experience just how twisted one team leader is , how words are made to suit her, how she can blatanly lie and tell untruths yet what ever she says, is apparently gospel. BULL. The need for this department to be investigated is a very real need. I have written to Minister Keech, the Premier Anna Bligh, spoken to the regional office in charge and I have gotten no where. You can be guranteed of one thing if you complain about DOCS, you will be dealt with more harshly, you are lied to, information is kept from you. Tell me this, how does a girl who was repeatedly abused by her carers, taken into care and whilst in that care then becomes a young girl who cuts herself repeatedly, gets to smoke pot, has sex at 14, is walking the streets at night and when questions are asked as to how can this happen under DOCS roof, guess what....more trouble than you can poke a stick at. I went to the childrens commission, was told to ask DOCS for a complaint form, next thing I know I had police on my door twice in one day. Next day, my children did not arrive home from school. Four police went to school with 2 CSO's and taken my children. They had been to court and got an interim order ....this one particular office smells to the highest and while no one watches them and holds them accountable they will continue to get away with what they are doing. Where is there someone who WILL listen to the whole story from word go and seriously read between the lines. People need to be mindful that just because DOCS become involved DOES NOT mean those parents are bad. Gossip, malicious phone calls and lies are all it takes, you are guilty first, my solicitor sleeps with the enemy I'm sure. He told me, kiss their ass , as unfair and unjust as they are, they hold all the power whether allegations are true or not and if you want your kids back you will do what they say. HELLO... what about real truth and justice for parents!! Politicians should be helping their constituents not riding on the coat tails of being a politician.

re: posting on the 8.1.09

Submitted by ifitwasn'tsoseriousitwouldbefunny (not verified) on Fri, 09/01/2009 - 22:29.

I know what you are saying is true. I have experienced this myself. And yes, docs are untouchable and yes, things will just get worse for you.

And because I feel like being sarcastic "it's all about the child's best interests" yeah, sure.
That mantra needs to be changed to "There's nothing safe about the department of child safety"

Is it either Mermaid Beach or Pine Rivers branch by any chance?

DocSniper's picture

But, they are touchable, Just have to know how to touch.

Submitted by DocSniper on Sat, 10/01/2009 - 08:26.

none of those places, try townsville,toowoomba and adelaide.
what makes it worse is the X, can give me a 100 reasons of No's, why she wont re think about the relationship,But cant tell me to why she said Yes,when i asked her to be the woman of my life. for a year she stood beside me, and defended me,all of a sudden she becomes a expert on a Psych and got some education in the last 24hrs to say this to me,Narcissistic Syndrome and other types. No woman does that just for the sake of doing what she did for me in that year.and denies she was ever in love with me. any normal man would be asking the same questions. she seems to have adopted the attitude of a DOCs worker., now says she dont trust me and dont believes in me. before she was with me on pages like this, backing me as as backed her. her net friends,pffft as if they would be any type of friend,only go by what she tells them, I try to even defend that, and they take a side to a lier.and Im the mental case for trying to save a relationship.

Dont matter which way it is looked at, DOCs are the ones that started all this off, Kill a family that is Stable, kill the love from it.
In the beginning it maybe all about the children's safety and concerns of, but, now, it is all about the money factor and how many stable homes and families they can destroy.

They are touchable, they can be taking to a court room to explain their claims. there is a loop hole.
its just filling out the paper work, in a professional and legal manner, so it dont get rejected. and can see the light of day.

Come have a peek at just one of the crap that is being said...
I am NomadSniper and she is Baby angel

If you have been involved

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 14/01/2009 - 21:24.

If you have been involved with not only numerous child protection offices in QLD and at least one in Adelaide...both states have different legislation and procedures.

When does one realise/think that 'maybe it is me and not everyone is out to get me?' You know the saying 'rice: a million Chinese people can't be wrong'?

How about instead of venting everywhere else, you sit down quietly and do some soul searching and then maybe put your energy into making yourself happier and address whatever concerns that the Dept have. Then everybody wins!!!

Re: If you have been involved

Submitted by Asha Bas on Thu, 14/07/2011 - 11:04.

you arrogant piece of shit!

you can always tell a worker by their superior attitude. never ever do they admit to a mistake they make.

the real parents, they ones who love and care for their children and are safe with them but may be vulnerable for some reason... they admit to mistakes, they admit to wrongdoings, they admit that they are human and therefore fallible

Ignorance Shows

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 16/01/2009 - 12:48.

In reply to the above comment, only someone who has not dealt with this Dept. could write those words. When your child is removed for no reason at all, and the Dept. play around with falsifying events etc., to give them a reason after removing the child, you are put through an awful torment and only people going through this can make these comments. Anybody else should not even be in this forum if they are not having their own problems with DOCs.

So your comments are not welcome here - the obvious is that you are ignorant of any facts AT ALL!

DocSniper's picture

Only someone in this Pain,will write this.

Submitted by DocSniper on Sat, 17/01/2009 - 11:59.

Come spend a few days with me, and watch the pain,the suffering, its better then watching grass grow.
Until you have a child stolen from you, No one will ever ever know that Pain.
Until you lose the love of a woman that supported you and stood by you, till she turns love to hate. That is just as bad as losing the child.
It takes two to make a child, takes two to build love, Just takes DOCS to murder it all.

If what you all say is true

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 24/01/2009 - 10:01.

If what you all say is true and DOCS are just 'out to get' people and families....I wonder what your theory is on why they would want to do this? It costs millions of taxpayers $$$ to have children in foster care and no one receives 'bonuses' to remove children...why would they? It doesn't make any sense...

I am rather confused as to how people on this forum are not even willing to enter into a thought that they share any responsibility for the removal of their individual children. I am not saying that DOCS is not at fault in some ways/cases; however I am curious that some people think that they are 'completely innocent' and that the courts, government departments etc are wrong!!!

Did you know that if your children are currently subject to child protection orders that the parents can lodge a request to the court to 'revoke' the child protection order at any time? And you can do this without legal representation and therefore it can be done at no charge to you? So if you all have the proof of your 'innocence' that you state that you have...then I'm sure you'll all have your children back in your care within the next month if you follow this process.

If you have truly been misjudged and there is no reason for your children to be in the care of DOCS...then please follow this process....I urge you.

Re: If what you all say is true

Submitted by Asha Bas on Thu, 14/07/2011 - 11:11.

i found the truth extremely hard to believe for a long time. so much so that when I finally had no choice but to admit it, I had to test to be sure. Unfortunately my suspicions were indeed grounded. How very sad and heartbreaking.

however it is quite clear that you are one of them.

'child protection' is being exposed more and more in the media - albeit slowly - for their lies and corruption and abuse. Therefore only a person who is indeed 'one of them' would defend dhs/doc's. After all, you always defend your own.

Either that or you are a complete ignoramous with no understanding or empathy whatsoever.

Why Would DOCS remove children

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 13/02/2009 - 15:40.

To answer your naive question, in the public service, the larger the department (staff numbers )the higher the rank and consequently the larger the salary. The staff do not make the rules. These arbitary rulings are made by team leaders and above, whose prime motivation is the size of the workload, demanding a larger staff and ERGO a larger salary.
THATS WHY. I have met 4 team leaders and they are all cast from the same mould. Hard faced, ambitious, overbearing and totally uncaring women. YOU work it out.

but what about...

Submitted by ifitwasn'tsoseriousitwouldbefunny (not verified) on Tue, 27/01/2009 - 21:00.

To the above poster.

Sure, play the devil's advocate but so many parents don't know this information. It is not public that if there is a protection order placed on a child that the parent can at any time apply to have it removed.
And the problem lies that it is a legal thing.
I see many parents who don't have this information, as a support worker I do not know this either!! It is like the best kept secret.
The whole child protection process is a secret.
The government needs to have an independent body that informs parents (and other workers from other areas) of their rights and how this child protection system operates.

That is how these corrupt CSO types can roll over these parents.

DocSniper's picture

There is no What Abouts.

Submitted by DocSniper on Wed, 28/01/2009 - 06:57.

You then tell me, 20 minutes after my son is born and I am drag out by 5 cops, to never ever see my son or the mother ever again.
20 minutes was all I got. At no time did those scummy dogs, said i had any right to any type of contact to my son.

Again, Take up my Challenge. dont let fear stop you or anyone. If a Human can throw himself at you, Why get out of the way, when that person is seeking Help.

DocSniper's picture

What Proof do you really Needs

Submitted by DocSniper on Tue, 27/01/2009 - 17:42.



Would a Pedo, Openly talk of his life?. Would a Pedo,Run to a Corrupted department or run away from them?.
Would a pedo,Do the Things I am??. to show and to prove who his is?. Do I hide,? Do I Voice out this Injustice in a Manner of a Victim or a Predator ?.
Dont sit behind a monitor with words of Advice or to judge. Dont be all to gutless to come and spend time with me and See if I am lieing.
Dont tell me file was not added to me,when I know I can never be in two places at once.Dont tell me,They Dont Fabricate,when they do it to me.
And if they can and have with me,Who else has been a Victim.

It is All about Money. Why leave kids on the street and goto a Stable home to remove children or the Man?.
Why leave the Abused and the homeless children on the street of your city?.And will march in like Nazis to a Stable,non abused family home and just murder the love of a family?,Steal the children and place you in a Hell?. Why?.
Why give a 16 yr old a license to drive a car to become a killer or be killed, yet is still a Child concerning Sex. yet that same child your society will place in a prison. It Is ALL about money and Power.
Until you have had it done to you. You have no Iota of the suffering.Until you can Spend time in my shoes,just to have a taste,Then you just may have a Iota.
You are as blind as they come.

Misjudged is an understatement. Its a Ripley's Believe it or not that became bigger then Ben FRKing Hur.
A court room, Nothing more and nothing Less, Thats the process I want and They Dont.
I want my children, and be That father,Be that man to my woman and build a family, NORMAL.DESIRES.
and just to help you understand a tad more of me.
the last two partners. I'll give names to them.
Becca and Jody, Becca gave me two kids, and the love we had was ripped to sh|t, By docs.
Jody: gave me one child and that love was also ripped apart.
From the two, if it was ever ever possible, Jody would still be the one I would want to build a family with.
To watch that Love just Drain from them for what DOCS have done, Is a Crime in itself.

Take the Challenge I offer, Come spend time with me. And then See the Truth and Then become a voice,Just Like Me.

DocSniper's picture

have you got a retarded Gene?

Submitted by DocSniper on Thu, 15/01/2009 - 10:09.

How about you come spend a few days with me Quietly as we search the souls that are corrupted.
8 years I have asked for a half way point with them scums. 8 years they just add more to me.
when I am told to move on and leave my city to have that Happy, these scums just follow. tear me down yet again, and the destroy what relationship was being built.
No,a million Abused souls Cant be wrong , AY.

BUT you are.

DocSniper's picture

What we can do.

Submitted by DocSniper on Fri, 09/01/2009 - 16:50.

What we can do, is group in numbers, what we can do, is become one voice, I can not do this alone, not a bloody chance, nor can you, if your alone. As a group and a voice, We will be heard.
What else will it take for Us the Abuse to get our fingers out and REALLY start doing something about it, Not ALL THIS TALK ON FORUMS, action.
I KNOW, FROM ME, I HATE AND AM SICK OF LOSING THE ONE THING I WANT SO MUCH, love, if your one heart beak that you can remember that hurted you the most, Mine has been 10 times that pain and some. I dont want any bloody pity, I want JUSTICE, What part of frking JUSTICE doesnt anybody understand????????.
I want my life back, Dont you????
I may never get my kids and I may never be with love. What frk else do I have?,.
MY freedom to live. As a Man, As a Human, Why cant I have that, Like everybody else?.

Re: What we can do.

Submitted by Asha Bas on Thu, 14/07/2011 - 11:19.

i'd say every victim here wants their life back. I want to see my precious children together, and happy again... I want my name and that of my older son, cleared... I want my children to not be poisoned anymore... No matter the gender, we all deserve respect

Re: What we can do.

Submitted by meagainstdocs on Fri, 10/09/2010 - 22:30.

What we can do is build our numbers by getting together and bring your cousins aunties uncles mothers fathers friends organisations solicitors stolen generations anyone that we can involve publicity is the key etc etc etc even ur friends kids and march with 50 to 100 thousand people .With the media behind us placcards telling our stories and signs with the corrupt docs workers names and locations gather all the evidence that can be gathered ..The lies that have been told every scrap of evidence a big truck full of paper work ....Tape recordings of every single case in the last 20 years and make sure we fill a truck with all the abuses and lies the deaths .Whatever docs the police and carers have said and done and empty the whole truck load in front of parliament house with the media their to show the whole world how docs breach every rule in the book every lie every abuse ...And if we dont get action the only other way is to go to land marks climb them and stay there camping out disrupting peoples lives till we are heard start getting in front of docs offices with placards and demand a real Royal Commision not like the other one they had ... Iam talking about a real Royal commision into these maggots we call docs.Go on hunger strikes till they start doing something .We as people have to make them listen and the only way to get them to listen to the corruptive actions of docs is to demand it and dont stop till we get answers .I think its comman knowledge that so much can be proved about Docs so why isnt anyone listening ??Not only is there law suits we could win millions of dollars in lawsuits and put that money back into fighting these people .Look at the blocks they put in front of us ive been trying to appeal a childrens court order for 3 years and only now have i finaly been granted legal aid .Still dont have a court date .When i finaly get to court its only back into the childrens court .What a friggin joke.This whole system is fucked

bringingthemhome's picture

Re: What we can do.

Submitted by bringingthemhome on Sat, 11/09/2010 - 00:36.

BRAVO ! Love your style MeAgainstDoCs ! BRAVO ! BRAVO ! BRAVO ! Spoken like a true activist.

For only a true activist can spill deep passion the way you have above.

1) A truck load of documents dumped outside the parasites haunts ( Parliament House & Ashfield )only a passionate activist could do that .

2) Climb the Landmarks = HOLT TRAFFIC ON SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE . Our passion could assist with that.

3)Throw 5,000 flyers from the roof of the highest building in the Sydney CBD at 5pm Friday. Our passion could organise that.

This is true activism, with true deep passion and only true deeply passionate activists will succeed in highlighting, exposing, displaying this highly corrupt and hostile DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY SERVICES NSW.

Vengenace will be bitter sweet

Submitted by Alex (not verified) on Wed, 31/12/2008 - 11:12.

While the biggest debate is the concern of children well begin and care,yet that abuse is done by DOCS and Parents. DOCS do the Job, but do it incorrectly and without any concerns if they are wrong. Thats a crime in the actions of DOCS workers.

What is everybody doing over looking the relationship of a man and a woman?. when DOCS does invade, DOCS will do their up most to rip the family apart,the relationship.DOCS are not the only one that will tell you this, Lawyers will, the family carer will, what friends you have,will,even your net friends that really dont even know you,will also tell the woman,Just leave him.whether married,de fecto, or trying to build a relationship or a family.to build Love.
Why is that emotional part not also looked at?, its just not the children that suffer.
I am suffering, not just cos, I lost my children to these dogs.But, the Biggest Issue, in all this, IS The LOVE.
When Docs enter, That love is tested, and who really suffers the most, The man does.for the man reacts way different to the woman.and before you know it, The woman starts to lose that love in the man.And a relationship ends and the only winner is DOCS. The burden of DOCs upon this LOVE is also the Abuse.

In truth, we dont need Documents as Proof, Lining up at their front door in numbers,all yell out the same thing. 10,000 odd souls will get heard.On way or another.

But,since this is done in what should be a Fair Justice system. we stand no chance, in solo mode, we have no hope of regaining that Love that DOCS killed.
The further they separate you, the more chance that family and that relationship will Die as well as any love that could of have been.

We never truly mean to hurt the loves ones that stand beside us, Words,and just words, that gets us all into trouble.

And with the words of truth, Class action as the stepping stone, I Pray I am heard, I pray you are heard, I pray that this Justice is for all that has been inflicted by the Evil of DOCS.

Re: Vengenace will be bitter sweet

Submitted by Asha Bas on Thu, 14/07/2011 - 11:27.

everyone suffers. my childrens father became severely mentally disabled under the 'care' of his female dhs councelor.

as far as I know he has got worse, not better.

last I saw he had shut down all his feelings, like a stone, nothing could get in our out. (you can just imagine how terrifying it is for me when I see my precious daughter displaying similar behaviour - theough at least I know she is still there, she's just holding her emotions in.)

dhs had a huge problem with me seeking help for this man, and had an even bigger problem with me wanting to fight for my family to stay whole.

they still do

Caseworkers have nothing better to do.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 31/12/2008 - 04:47.

It may suprise you all to know that DOCS makes recommendations to a court and provide evidence to substantiate their claims of abuse. The magistrate holds the power here, not the department. True enough magistrates know bugger all about chid developmental psychology or theories. This I believe is where the biggest problem lies. Psychologists and a whole lot of other proffesionals also provide evidence. It is not all DOCS decisions at all.

As usual the bloggers are giving one side of the story. Children are not your property to do with as you wish, not in this country anyway. Weirdos, psychos, druggies, DV perps,molesters, do not have the right to put a child at risk of harm either physically or emotionally.

Child protection services work with the arse end of society. A society that will winge and complain if a kid is taken and winge and complain if they are not.

Court work is hard work and the caseworkers won't take it on lightly. The whole system is slow and frustrating for everyone concerned, except the lawyers who gain the most.

If you have legitimately been wronged I hope you succeed in your action. If you're just upset that you have been stopped from abusing or neglecting your child, manipulating the situation or your just not getting your way then tough!!!

If your children have been taken into care anyone reading this blog can rest assured that DOCS is seeing something very wrong, or they will walk away and close the report. The kids have not been taken because they had no lunch or shoes one day etc. Druggies and alco's are the best at blaming everyone else except themselves for putting their own needs first.

If a child has been lifted without investigation it will be very serious stuff like a report of sexual abuse or non accidental bruising.

Anyway, parents need to feel that they are doing something to get their child back, possibly the first time they have bothered to do anything of significance, for their child. It helps your guilt and provides you with a story to tell your child when they grow up about how hard you tried to get them back but the nasty welfare took you anyway for no good reason. This is also a good avenue for letting out that anger. Parents go through grief and loss similar to a child dying in these cases.

Put your energy into planning your contact visits and being child focused. Show your interst in the kids. Use your time to interact with the kids rather than winging to the contact supervisor. This is what the caseworker are looking at. If your focus becomes the courtcase you will loose sight of what's really important.
Good luck

Re: Caseworkers have nothing better to do.

Submitted by Jaye on Sat, 11/09/2010 - 09:25.


Mass incarcerations without trial or charge; forced confessions; children forcibly separated from their parents; doctored hearing transcripts & falsified court records; evidence fabricated against the innocent; government agents entering the homes, examining private papers & personal effects & seizing the property of citizens who are under no suspicion of legal wrongdoing; special courts created specifically to convict people who cannot be convicted in ordinary courts; children instructed to hate their parents by their State functionaries: Is all this the Soviet Union in the 1930's or Communist China in the 1960's? Is this some novalist's prognosticated dystopia? No, all this & more is routine in the United States of America today.

Article by Dr Stephen Baskerville

Australia is no different

bringingthemhome's picture

Re: Caseworkers have nothing better to do.

Submitted by bringingthemhome on Sat, 11/09/2010 - 01:45.

Spoken like a true child stealing DoCs worker on $147,000 per plus perks, lurks and pats on the back from all those employed in the Government Abduction Ring..trained in STEPFORD style at Strawberry Hills no doubt

A prime example of what we are all experiencing re: Bullying..Intimidation..Lies and False Accusations in overdrive.

What PLANET did this uneducated oxymoron fall off ?

Hello ....

a reply to the above.

Submitted by ifitwasn'tsoseriousitwouldbefunny (not verified) on Thu, 01/01/2009 - 18:35.

So I just read the above. I have to say from personal experience that I am not a weirdo, a DV perp, a person with addiction problems, a person with untreated Axis 1 or 2 mental health diagnosis. I am a registered mental health nurse. I am a solo parent too. I had a brief fling with the father who I could see not good stuff (abusive) in and my friends and a solicior told me to vanish whilst I was pregnant.
But I rang docs, thinking they were like some sort of help line and thought I could have a whinge about the father.
Result? docs took the child off me for close on 7 months stating my child is at risk from me. My child 'was lifted without investigation'. I still worked as a mental health nurse and often in charge of the shifts. Docs were trying hard to keep my child and me apart. Lots of court stuff and cost me $20,000 - I had to remortgage my house, no legal aid for me. And my child received major physical abuse whilst in the care of docs, the foster parent smacked my child for pooing child's pants and the bruises lasted one whole week.
A lot of stuff happened that was bizzare. My colleagues and friends said docs were very unprofessional when they saw clearly what was going on for us.
I would have to say docs are very dangerous. I am very wary of them in a professional capacity too. I am very wary of mandatory reporting along with my colleagues.
dcos gave the child to the father in a different state (no paperwork or application to the court for this) and took over the abusive role from the father. I have so much on tape and I documented like crazy.
So to the above person. I would like to inform you that nothing has changed in my life. My parenting style is not changed. There is no change in my mental health, or the antagonistic relationship that the father has toward me. So if nothing has changed does this mean that my child is still at risk of me?
If so go ahead and put in a notification to docs about me; I am ready this time as I know how docs operate and will play this GAME their way. Want my phone number?

I remember reading your

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 30/03/2009 - 13:28.

I remember reading your comments late last year..you still haven't changed. You're still a bitter and twisted person who claims to be a mental health professional. You're still the victim and it's still all about how you've been wrong done by. Wake up lady, it wasn't just DOCS who thought your child was at risk from you, it was also the Children's Court who agreed with the Departments findings. Why not go after the magistrate? The Legal System? Even better, take a long look at yourself. You're wasting so much energy going after a Government Department and it's making you even more bitter and twisted. Put the mouse down, leave the keyboard and turn the computer off and go and be a parent..the one thing you claim to do so well although it seems a lot of people would disagree given that your child was removed.

Re: I remember reading your

Submitted by Asha Bas on Thu, 14/07/2011 - 11:40.

p'raps i can safely assume that you are 1. a worker or someone who works with dhs/docs, and that you are 2.female.

we all know that 'child protection' is above the law and that magistrates and etc OBEY them.

it is not paranoia if the danger is real. and unfortunately just because something is totally unbelievable does not mean that it is not the truth.

** perhaps she is repeating herself because she wants to be heard and listened to, and she is tired of the lies and corruption and abuse.

We certainly need the help of

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 19/11/2008 - 01:41.

We certainly need the help of adminisration lawyers specializing in pro bono pay upon win cases like Slater Gordon in a commercial sense...one that comes to mind is Terry OGorman...civil liberties lawyer who we are told by an ex cso that DOCS is scared stiff of and so they should....if a pro bono is not available then perhaps a fighting fund could be established....

Re: We certainly need the help of

Submitted by Asha Bas on Thu, 14/07/2011 - 11:42.

good idea.

there are good pro bono workers out there. but they are hard to find, and obviously few and far between - most lawyers refuse to touch anything to do with dhs/docs.

and by the time a good one does come along, so much damage has already been done by uncaring/inept/corrupt lawyers, that it takes a long time to undo

Anonymous. Good idea about

Submitted by tissi (not verified) on Fri, 13/02/2009 - 12:49.

Anonymous. Good idea about pro-bono lawyer. But research this first. There are up-front costs for barristers etc with firms like Slater & Gordon

There will come a time when

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 19/11/2008 - 01:35.

There will come a time when through public pressure the doors will be opened for class action lawsuit....in preparation for that it might be now prudent for a responsible party to start collating a list of potential litigants....for our part we have the documentation, we are just waiting on the timing.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 18/11/2008 - 20:43.

I can understand what you are going through my 13 year old daughter and 7 month old son were removed from my care after my husband claimed i threatened to kill them...i was in a DV shelter at the time had left after brief marriage and had a DVO yet they believed him and i lost my kids...as he not my girls dad she luckily went to my parent but my son went to the abusive ex husband i left the same man on the DVO named as being an abusive step dad..18months later my daughter stays over 5 nights a week...she only safe that many nights with me not seven apparently and I have not seen my son at all as my husband disconnected his phone and disappered after all this time i just got to family court and finally been granted two hours supervised access with my son yet my daughter deemed safe?? is bizarre..my family wrecked..teh CHild safety officer from Labrador even gave my husband a copt of the file even though he not the childs father or the responednt and was only her step dad for six months!! So a complaint was lodged was taken so seriously an outside company are conducting an investigation...now 18 months later yet apparently i will never be told why this happened to us or what her punishment for her actions and inefficeincy. Why? Why is she allowed to invade my privacy believe a lie and take my kids and why did she never interview my 13 year oold girl and ask her if she was abused??? Clearly is easy for every dad f=to get custody of their kids if they want them just lie and tell Child Satey Labrador that your wife who left you for good reason threatned to kill your kids and they wil disappear...my ex husband did and it happened and is still happening. They were also removed becuase i used ot smoke week occassionally...myh ex who i married breifly and left because he used cocaine and was abusive..got our child..seems you cant smoke weed either but you can sniff cocaine and be a good parent...i quit the weed that day the kids were taken and never have since...yet cocaine head dad who diappeared with my son prob still does, what a joke of a government

legal aid

Submitted by Janisthefree on Wed, 12/11/2008 - 23:34.

well, i doubt whether legal aid....a gov funded pack of inert lawyers....would even dare contemplate taking on corruption using a gov funded legal system......
many have lost their homes to dolt legal eagles fighting the dept o child abuse......they not only condone it....they endorse it!!!!!

I have to agree legal aid, is in the pocket to government, even with the proof I got, legal aid still rejected.

and yes, they are rednecks.
But that is not the main issue. yes, DOCS are in the firing line, But State government, Gave them that power, and when we, the common folk, ask for help concerning DOCS. They say theres nothing they can do. Bull!.
Hence why I attack Rudd, he made all these promises, and zit so far. he is a clone to Howard.

Rudd quoted, " sorry to the stolen generation, it will never happen again". Unquote. just one, stolen generation person that I know, that got 53million compensation.

Then theres that other Quote," Australia has a fair justice system. Unquote.<----this was referred to Dennis Ferguson.

Yet, as I am writing this, Children are being stolen, there is no Fair justice system. and its business as normal for the Australian government to rip the family apart.

Buck passing is a indoor sport for the government.

Commission for each child removed? Not correct.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 10/11/2008 - 18:44.

It's obvious that whoever wrote this is pissed off, but outlandish comments like this arn't going to help your cause.

How about try these things:
* Name the CSO's involved
* Say what office they are from.
* Look into your class action options.

Yes ... they do lie, and any whistleblowers are quickly disposed of if they speak out.


Just ask about the Senior officer(s) from the Northern Zone that got charged and fined for drinking spirits on Palm Island a few years back. They took it over there and cracked it open whilst sitting on the varandah. Their faces plagued the media and do a google search and yo will still find this disgrace and blatent disregard for the People of Palm.

Did they loose their jobs? Nah.. Did they have to drop a level or 2? Nah...
Are they still working in their fat cat positions of $70K pa? YES
Should they have been sacked? YES.
Was there a investigation into this Mr Reynolds? Just like you prommised - well if it was it wasn't released, I doubt there was one.

So remember that when you come accross this officer (you can find her name in several articles on the internet about drinking by Department of Child Safety charged on Palm), then bring this up in your family meetings - should make for an interesting topic. Ask for a more credible officer than one that has been charged and fined for drinking on Palm Island.

Think smart. Act Smarter.

nth qld and its corruption

Submitted by Janisthefree on Wed, 12/11/2008 - 23:27.

Mr Reynolds himself would have to earn the medal of "MR Corruption" without a doubt......there are more rednecks up that way than people realise....and this evil dolt is the "Mr speaker" in parliament....says a lot for the rest of that mob doesnt it......

DocSniper's picture

Townsville is so Corrupted

Submitted by DocSniper on Tue, 11/11/2008 - 10:32.

Yes! it is obvious that I am Piss'd off.

How about I add this:
# I have named names and I have gave locations.
# class action is coming.

How about also, I rub in their faces this.

1: The above that you mentioned.....And if you do a google on Snak3, you will see, What I have mentioned here. I did elsewhere.
2: A 14 yr old girl,walks into, the department office in Townsville and pours petrol all over herself and lights up.
you may remember that one to. Peter Le'grant, 2nd in charger to Reynolds.
3: Mr Reynolds, did investigate and those 2 workers was transferred elsewhere. no other punishment giving.
4: When DOCS brings up my criminal history. I to, Bring up theirs.
No, not the workers criminal history, But, of the department criminal history,dating back 200 yrs.

I am way ahead of you in the "Think smart. Act Smarter."

You also forgot Linda Nelson-carr MP and Peter Lindsey MP as these people are in the pocket of DOCS.

The day is coming, and you and others will know who I am, When I bring down that Department of child (NOT) saftey.


DocSniper's picture

We the Jury, Find the department of child safety* GUILTY

Submitted by DocSniper on Thu, 06/11/2008 - 04:08.

Yes, WE can, do a class action. But! has to be done in a professional manner to pass the first stage, The Register of family courts and or the district courts.If that happens, a door is open.
As for Jann Stuckey, she is a waste of space. I sent her all the documentations,outlining the file tampering and adding of events, to which I can prove I can not be in two places at the same time.
unlike you, I had my 20minute son removed from the birth site,after 20 odd hrs of the partner in labour, these dogs lay in wait(predators) in the shadows of the hospital, then i was marched out, never ever to see them again, The partner was screaming, Baby, Please prove yourself, please prove who you are. that was on the 29th of Aug in Toowoomba. and to this day, I dont even know what my son looks like.
DOCS are NOT under funded, They get a commission for every child they steal. the longer they have the hooks in, the more money they make.

I also went and undertook a polygraph test. this test came back positive. that I spoke the truth.

it only takes 20 minutes for DOCS to murder a family

Now ask yourself, WHO gave this power to DOCS.to act as Nazi's? yep! the Australian Prime Minister.then he give a little control to the state PM's.
Pedophilia is a money making machine for the Australian Government.
instead of voting in the major parties, Vote for a Independent person. they will fight a hell of a lot better, then the scums that are in power now.

response:what can we do about child protection

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 26/07/2008 - 11:51.

I have become familiar with this forum when with myself child protection came calling. I live in VIC but the stories sound familiar...it is not just QLD. I am one of the lucky ones...to date that is...after my experience I am very afraid and understand how twisted the department is. I have three teemage daughters who I have raised without a problem and in UNI following winning scholorships which just shows to my credit being a supportive and good mother. My oldest daughter is in her final year to become a social worker!!! I commence a new relationship and we now have a lovely daughter, I am an older mother so also have some wisdom and experience and am educated. My new partner's ex got involved in drugs when he finished their relationship which has eventually affected her detrimentally and her ability to care for their children. CPS became involved with their children and he has been unable over 4 years to obtain unsupervised access due to constant lies and manipulation from his ex and her family. She was eventually diagnosed with sczoprehenia and another ant-social personality disorder which is untreatable, which explained to me all the weird stories she would come up with. Because of all this conflict CPS took myself and newborn into custody based on their previous relationship - or as I have discovered probable harm. Part of their case they used against me was my intervention order I aquired against my ex as he tryed to gain entry to my home. CPS said it was my current partner even though I have documents to prove otherwise. I eventually had my case NOT PROVEN which basically is the only apology you can get - I am thankful for that but also very angry and now paranoid as I have also been told by my solicitor that my partner's ex has had a long history with CPS and CPS has copied and pasted all her records in my file dating back years to her first husband...19 notifications stated as mother this, mother that etc all looking like this was me!!!! I now have to apply for these records under FOI, which is now 55 days and still waiting and I have been warned that to have this rectified CPS will take slight at this and come back for me for revenge!!! My local office is particuly screwed. I am still afraid even though there are no orders on me or my child and I am open to false allegation due to my daughter's father highly conflictial screwed up ex and her family. Can any one provide any helpful information if this does happen again. As I said this time I got off lightly with a $6,000 bill, it could have been in the thirties if CPS didn't see reason that nothing has happened with my child and based on past hisotry of my daughter's father...mind you being 8 years old... Thanks

Hmmm probable harm ?

In NSW they seem to be using the word ASSUMPTION before they await the umbilical cord to be cut.

Can someone ask Linda to fund some aftercare units so these NEW BORN BABIES are given back their rights as in

1) Scent of a mother

2) Mothers Milk

3)Cultural Background Rights

4) Religious Rights

5) Maternal Family Rights

Assumption ?

To put it nicely
Assumptiom is the mother of all stuff ups.

response:what can we do about child protection

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 16/01/2009 - 13:02.

I read your story and feel compelled to pass on this advice.

DON'T TAKE ANY ACTION!!! If you have your child/children back and are just questioning the Dept's procedure during the whole traumatic event, then my suggestion to you is to leave it at that!

It's true - DOCs will hunt you down and remove your children again if you try to find answers now. I have experienced a similar verdict and after questioning the return of my son and asking for help with the way he was (damaged), they slowly but surely worked very hard following us from daycare to daycare until they just removed him again. Only this time it has been years. The other time(s) was only for a month at a time but when they couldn't prove anything wrong, handed him back. This happened to me at least 4 times in Victoria until I moved to Qld to get away from it all only to have him removed again. It has been 3 and a half years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay put, get on with your life, try to push it out, cope on your own, don't stir too much shit. Your child WILL SUFFER for every move you make from here on.

Re: response:what can we do about child protection

Submitted by Asha Bas on Thu, 14/07/2011 - 12:05.

you cannot let fear rule you. nothing wrong with speaking out, just do so carefully and in some cases anon. it is fear that gives these people their power.

why does the rapist victim speak up? because she/he knows that there is something more important and worth fighting for, like the protection of the next potential 'victim'.

alecomm's picture

Re: response:what can we do about child protection

Submitted by alecomm on Thu, 25/02/2010 - 13:41.

I am with you heart and soul anonymous (above) but i do not agree with quiet. My daughter is home also but i will not stop because they rely on people being scared. it is the docs workers who should be scared. Please visit us at alecomm.com and register your abuser. We are setting up official complaints register using legislation to have the corrupt docs workers jailed and sacked. 'd prefer jail for those who are destroying lives.

You need to gather your information in order to show in page vs page style of msileading information or omitted information, or just plain lies. Anything to do with blackmail u have in writing threats, etc thats a 10 year offence.

Please register at the anonymous register so the Australian Crime Commission (and ICAC) can see how bad it really is, and in the meantime we are setting up the official register.

You are not on your own, and i do know what ur going through, trust me. But silence will not work. It is the docs wrokers who should be starting to get scared, trust me in this also.

Marney - Director Alecomm


Submitted by Jason (not verified) on Mon, 14/07/2008 - 16:14.

Jesus it's amazing what we let government agencies get away with. This is the problem with "systems". The people who run them don't THINK they just follow their stupid set of rules, never mind who gets hurt.

illusion's picture


Submitted by illusion on Mon, 14/07/2008 - 16:39.

The rules are solid, as in the legislation. The intent is correct.

The problem is many DoCS officers don't follow the rules.

Magistrates give DoCS to much leeway due to their "under funding and work load."

The Executive turn a complete blind eye due to the easy votes gained by hysteria created by the Politicians.

The fact is protecting children is paramount. They just ignore the damage done to the innocent.

The sinister outcome is the infiltration by deviates into departments of Government that lack oversight. One of the abusers in our case had a friend within our local DoCS.

The Queensland Education Department is another one who fail to Act.

A senior teacher who is clearly not fit to be around children continues his position regardless that the evidence shows he abused our daughter. DoCS conceded we were to protect our daughter from his business and his friends the co-workers. He has a business that he still recruits trainees for, through his school position.

DoCS can't act as their legislation says they can only investigate within the family.

While society rants and raves, the real abusers operate un-touched. All an abuser has to do is make claims against innocent families and DoCS protect them under the FOI 100%. The families are torn apart through naive young DoCS officers. Many of these officers haven't even got the skill to hold down an adolescent relationship.

God help us all in the Sate of Queensland !

alecomm's picture

Re: Rules

Submitted by alecomm on Thu, 25/02/2010 - 13:45.

underfunding and workload, what a heap of crap. the government spends more money on taking kids in australian than they do on all teh people on welfare. and workload, well maybe if they didn't all have some form of munchausens and be abusing our kids and trying to make out they're helping them, their workload would be less than halved.

you can't possibly believe they're underfunded and have a big workload. ps the average caseworker has six, i repeat six cases. read the documentation (govt) on alecomm.com site on where the money and time is spent. it is spent on removing children and playing in the courts.

time for jail docs, its getting close.

what is Corruption & who is

Submitted by christopher (not verified) on Wed, 02/07/2008 - 16:54.

what is Corruption & who is the parent of Corruption?, do any one has answer, yes WE ARE THE PARENT OF THE CORRUPTION, when we want our work to be done, out of the turn/way, we ourself become corrupt and bribe the other person, then same old word we have to say, SYSTEM IS WRONG, if we want to get rid of Corruption, we have to learn to live our life with some values.

Re: comment from 'Christopher' - What is corruption & who is

Submitted by confused (not verified) on Thu, 03/07/2008 - 20:05.

I must say I am totally confused by your comment Christopher - would you kindly please explain yourself more. This comment you posted doesn't make sense to me and seems to be more of a riddle.
You can talk to me in person - 0405 145 442. Just text me with your return number and I will ring you in the evenings after work/ children gone to bed etc.

RE: what is Corruption & who is

Submitted by Queensland- the state of corruption (not verified) on Wed, 02/07/2008 - 19:45.


why dont you get a job

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 27/01/2009 - 17:57.

why dont you get a job

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