Religious Broadcasts on Free to Air

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These programs on channel 10 and 9 educate, via religious sermons.

Many times over in watching various shows of this nature, I notice a common accordance in repetition.

That what is noticeable is demonic behaviour of personal word given.

These words consist of demeaning as sinners, condemning to eternal damnation of hell and negative torrent toward others.

These other in reference are those of other religions and other beliefs.

They may not know it due to ego of distorted intelligence, but they condemn their own of other following just as much as any one other.

Preservation use of torment via production of fear in aid of security in allegiance, is a preservation in doubt to which side one may be seated.

One may also overlook that live broadcasts is national in general, this meaning such behaviour in personal word breaches citizen constitutional rights in religion and belief, within many nations.

Whom are free to choose without ridicule by others.

Noted shows below -

Ministries (Texas broadcasts internationally)

Mass for You at Home


An Example Channel 10: Why preservation in word is use in sermons to deter people from taking the church to court.

Quote - Those who deem it necessary to challenge the church in a court of law, are not followers, but demons, whom will for eternally burn in hell.

This must also mean that getting justice in cases like below, condemns thee.

The Royal Commission holds formal public hearings to examine evidence about child sexual abuse and how institutions responded to allegations of abuse.

Case Studies

Free TV Australia

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