Australian Senate Enquiry into Children in State Care 2014

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For all those ready to do a submission to the Senate Inquiry this is the link to an easy to use document to guide you through your case evidence and victim impact statements. You can complete a section at a time, save it and come back at a later time to finish your submission. Once completed just press print Submit and your submission will go directly to the Senate Inquiry. Press Print to print a copy of your submission.

Senate backs inquiry into children in out of home care | Australian Greens Click on the page and then Click to enter SUBMISSION.

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A huge thank you to Senator Rachel Siewert

We encourage Parents_Grandparents_Siblings and all family members of a Child in State Care Australia to submit a submission to the Enquiry.

Yes we need to do something now as to many children like my grandchildren have been sexually assaulted by foster careers and they get way with it because not enough evidence because the child is eight years old not good enough. This little girl is scared for life over it and what do they do about it. Answer nothing just stoped him from fostering Lets get up and do something about it in a Christian way, this is a DCP one in Western Australia

Re: Australian Senate Enquiry into Children in State Care 2014

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 31/08/2014 - 17:45.

we had our grand children taken from us over lies and things done by foster careers they have recently been taken from the foster careers for abuse that had been taking place since they was put with them when we went court back in 2011 it was a kangaroo court my barrister sat in his chair with aplastic cup in his mouth swinging around in his chair like a clown and use nothing that we gave him in the information. I am a forgotten Australian myself

Final submissions date is October 31st.

8 weeks to go for Submissions.

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