DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who have never harmed them ?

Submitted by bringingthemhome on Tue, 15/06/2010 - 09:38
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Why is it that DoCS/DoHS continue to remove children from parents/grandparents that have never harmed their children in any way?

We know of the huge financial incentives involved for NGO's.

We also know it keeps thousands of caseworkers/managers, psycholigists, lawyers etc employed.

But why and how are DoCS/DoHS getting away with all the false risk of harm reports,Abuse of powers and unethical standards.

When a magistrate/judge orders children to be returned to their parents ...why are DoCS/DoHS allowed to disregard these orders.

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Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 26/02/2015 - 21:24.

it started 2 year's ago 2012 when there was a fake report from the hospital.
I was a first time mom to a lovey blues eye boy. we know kids don't come with a book. we are learn on the way. When I was in the hospital docs wanted me to be fix so I couldn't have any more kids. I said no then I wad told have an implant put in I said no but it was done any way even when I said no.
13 day after my son was born docs caseworker come in took him without an explanation i cry for days no phone call or vist. 4 day later I got a phone call asking why wasn't I at court. I didn't know. I ask docs worker why did you take my son away. The explanation they gave me was you don't know how to look after babies.
When to court the verdict was you don't have any evidence so it was sentenced to another date. Went back to court again the verdict was give him to is mother or put him full time care. 5 week after this all happened l was told to move away to Albury and re adopted my son with a caution you must have a docs worker living with you. It took 6 month to get him back. After that I moved back to my home town was no more than 2 days when a new docs worker come over a put in a safety plan.
In the "safety plan"
-don't leve him alone. 2- take him every were you go even when you go to the toilet/ shower.3- don't go out the front or back yard. 4-never leve him with friends or family 5- don't let the amimls in they must be keep outside at all times. 6-no toy's.7- no blanket or sheets on bed he must wear a sleeping bag.8- no outings without a case worker. 9- no pictures on wall nothing on the floor. 10- landroom only a tv and couch bedrooms only a bed and a bed side table 11- no cleaning stuff you can clean with lemon and vinger spray. 12- well give you a set schedule to follow.
Then docs worker threatened me by saying if you do follow the plan you know what will happen. I had a nother docs worker coming a round ebery day.
I got very paranoid looking at ever car an person that came past me thinking is this the day docs are take my boy. then In 2014 I had nother boy 6 month after I had thr implant taken out .2 days after he was born docs came over and took him. We docs are taking your 2 year old son and in 6 month we docs will be back to take your other son. I ask why ? Docs told you breathe the "safety plan" noe they are in full time care. While I attend court my first court date is the rnd of April 2015 with no visit your not aloud to the see the kids. To be continued

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Submitted by Mary (not verified) on Sat, 10/01/2015 - 07:07.

My granddaughter has been taken from my daughter recently due to domestic violence in their home. As I have a mental illness they have already deemed me as being unfit. This is despite holding down a steady job (where I have to be cleared by the federal police), paying a mortgage and generally being a productive member of society. They do not wish to speak to my GP who will show me in a positive light and they do not wish to speak to my work colleagues who will also paint a positive picture. My daughter has been doing everything in her power to do everything correctly and she has been so strong through all of this. Still, they continue to lie to us and only see the negatives. Yes I have had dealings with the police but only due to the nature of my mental illness where I have needed their help. All we are asking is that we have the support and help that we so sorely need to have a happy and healthy family. Are we asking too much or do the liars and bullies of this world win every time. Stand with us and together there must be a way to make a difference.

im a mother of 4 children my second eldest hayley is almost 7 she was born with a servere disability she wasnt ment to last 24hours i still remember clearly the words coming out of the drs mouth "you might want to make the most of the time you have she wont be around in 24 hours " i watched as a nurse poked her tiny body every time she took a breath just to make her take the next a million thoughts ran through my mind but i sat by her side the hole time i told her how much i loved her and thanked her for giving me a a few precious hours to hold and touch her i told her it was okay to go if it was to hard to hold on but if she had just a little bit of strength to hold on and i would never leave her i would stay by her side and be her strength i hadnt prayed for years but the day she was born i prayed for a miricle and just waited watching every hour tick by i got my miricle my baby girl she hung in there and i stayed by her side till docs took her 8 weeks ago hayley has always had problems with weight she gets real sick and loses weight fast then gainns it again see she breathes through a tracheostomy tube in her neck and feeds throough a button in her belly she gets sick very easy and when she does loses weight but we always manage to get her to gain it again when she gets better many of times i begged the hospital to help us but we were told her weight wasnt an issue the last couple of years docs have had complaints about hayley not being bathed not being fed having wounds on her body so over all they think she is being neglected and at risk of harm hayley gets bathed at least 2 times a day but at night she would often vomit we would clean her to the best we could an bath her in the morning in the middle of winter to bath her at 2 am you would have her in hospital the next day with pnomina not sure how to spell it so as bad as it seems long term and health wise it was what was best for her and the wounds on her body she cant talk and tell you what she wants or what is wrong so she would scratch at her self till she had her legs or stomach bleeding she was frustrated she has this tiny body so being almost 7 she has a 7year olds mind trapped in a useless body and being fed she was fed better then anyone else in this house she came first but she was on a liquid diet of special milk as directed by the dietician almost 7 years i have spent doing the best i can for her i was un happy with drs in qld brisbane so i flew to melbourne and adelaide i researched drs from other states just to find the best in there field hayley was also missing half her left arm out of 7 ultrasounds when i was pregnant nothing was ever picked up so i sued the hospital 6 years it took but we won they admitted liability and they payed out which made things so much easier hayley had everything she needed we even seen a specialist from the states when he came to australia i would step infront of a moving truck for her she cant talk so i am her voice i didnt care whose toes i stepped on if it was about hayleys best interest i did it and docs just walk in over some bullshit acusations and take her they came to my house with 8 police officers and told me i was unable to see hayley unless i was supervised in 8 weeks i have seen her about 5 times i went the first 3 weeks not seeing her at all becasue they couldnt get someone from the department to be at the hospital then they allowed me to see her once a week for 1 hour she was used to being with everyday and all they give us is 1 hour and they say its in the childs best interest when i do see her she puts her arms out to me to be picked up and she snuggles her head into my neck and grabs my ear and pulls me down to her face thats her way of saying kiss me she loves her cuddles and kisses the department workers see this yet they now want to go for a 1 year order to have her cared for out of home who do they think they are she frets when she is not with me or my dad her poppy is great he has been my support he goes up to see her everyday without fail docs allow that thank fuck other wise she would be a mess but when she leaves that hospital with strangers she will fret bad i think that will be the end she will give up she had major surgery while in hospital they wouldnt even allow me to be there when she woke up i have always been there before and after my poor baby girl is so alone i know kids like my hayley are not given to us forever eventualy there bodies cant do it so we treasure everyday we have got im afraid she will give up thinking i have i promised her the day she was born id be there and i let her down i dotn know what else to do i feel like im fighting a losing battle i h ave tried to be strong but i dont know if i can anymore its killing me being away from her help what do i do

hayleys mummy

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 27/12/2011 - 15:44.

i would take it higher media they hate that get ur story out there

Thank you for the replies it was very helpful and comforting to know im not in this fight alone i waited all day yesterday to receive a email from the case worker on my princesses progress and i got nothing i rang the hospital to find out that she was discharged yesterday morning and no one decided to ring and let me know. How heartless and cruel must they be as much as it hurts and i want to scream and shout at the people behind this cruel game i have turned that hurt into strength to fight back im determind to take them all down 1 by 1 i have to for my girl. my solicitor is faxing a letter this morning to council our voluntry order (IPA) this will get it into court much quicker within 48 hours if not im bringing her home but i know they will have it in court within the 48 hours because they want a 1 year order now i hope they do come on here and see what is written because i want them to know that this fight has only just begun i will do everything in my power to make sure justice is done for my daughter but they had better hope and make sure my girl is not harmed in any way not even a hair on her head im taking this much further then to court im going public and to the media i want these spoilt little rich kids fresh out of collage exposed for who they are and what they are doing and a letting get done to our children i will make sure at the end of this that no amount of ass kissing from them will be enough to keep me silent and thoses that made these faulse allergations better get there savings and join it with the departmental workers because they will be paying and it wont just be there savngs im taking i will make sure there left with nothing and all the famlies who have suffered at the hands of these people or a suffering will be given something so they to can join the fight for our kids. We are all our kids have we are there voice and they depend on us to stand up for them and fight so that is what i shall do these so called workers are fresh out of collage with high paying jobs and to much power gone to there heads and they need to be stopped because while they are wasting there time with those of us who would do no harm to our kids there is a child out there getting beaten bashed raped and murdered and will wind up on tomorrows front page of the newspaper annother innocent voice silenced because the department wasted time and ignored the pleas for help There is nothing in this world i wouldnt do for my daughter they may be a biig goverment department and think we cant touch them but we have one thing on our side they dont have and thats the unconditional love of our kids and that will see this fight through to the end


Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 10/02/2012 - 12:40.

I am with you 100% of the way. This system is so broken that they rely on false unsubstantiated reports and blatent intimidation to push their lies through the courts. They are lazy uncaring plebs to which our kids are nothing but a number. There does not seem to be any where to turn as no one wants to hear the truth. They tell you to agree to the lies or you will delay the restoration process!! what a crock!! admit to nothing and take it to court no matter what you are told. These are our children and I challenge anyone who suggests I give mine away without a fight......MORE POWER TO YOU BEC!!! I wish you all the best. I am in a similar fight for four of my precious babies. We must keep going until someone listens to the truth.

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 03/07/2014 - 17:55.



Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Childrens Advocate (not verified) on Fri, 10/02/2012 - 18:28.

There is DEFINATELY something seriously SINISTER going on within the DEPARTMENT oF COMMUNITY SERVICES NSW ( Child Protection ) The Conpirers along with many Co-Conspirers are being given huge financial incentives to remove as many children as possible.

The system itself is seriously ill and without cure. The media across NSW has been gagged along with parents and children by corrupt courts, magistrates and judges. Deep instilled evil has become the core of this Dpt that is using children as a huge profitable business that is in co-hoots with Big Pharma Drug Companies and NGO's with the most shocking past histories in institutional care.

The hundreds of parents and families i have spoken to recently have me enthused by their willingness to fight this grot filled system to their dirty core.

The exposure and awareness is growing by the day and an army of well experienced ex traumatised families have left the DoCs torturous antics behind them in order to fight the deeply set in rot of this shameless, corrupt government child trafficking ring.

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by tellmewhy (not verified) on Fri, 10/02/2012 - 20:45.

Sure is this company is called "ASSESSMENTS' and it is hiring now.......

•Are you a Social Worker or Psychologist, or a specialist in child protection?
•Do you have experience completing complex family asessment?
•Looking for assessment opportunities to complement your existing commitments
Are you a social worker with experience in child protection, foster care, and have extensive experience in working with children at risk?
> Healthcare & Medical > Psychology, Counselling & Social Work


There is no denying that children and parents once seperated and alienated by this unethical Dpt, suffer a great deal of trauma, shock, and emotional pain. DoCs Caseworkers and their managers DO NOT relate to the serious affects caused by the seperation of mother and child/parent and child/ families and children.

Community Services should be giving you all the credit you desrve for your around the clock nurturing, care, dedication and love of your little girl for the past seven years.

We the alliance, NSGBD, Power4Parents and Lukes Army commend you.

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Mick on Mon, 12/07/2010 - 14:12.

Hi Bec,

DoCS knows very little about disabilities or any other specialist medical issues. Despite this they do what they can to blame parents for the specialist community services being unavailable. The term Department of "Community Services" is a farce. They blame parents for the lack of "Community Services" for disabled children.

With disabled children DoCS routinely ignores Articles 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child with disabled children. You seem to be involved in this. Article 10 states reunification should be done in a "positive, humane and expeditious manner". Reading your story it sounds like they are not very expedient about it.

DoCS also ignores the basis for the Convention in that parents should be provided assistance with their children when necessary "Convinced that the family, as the fundamental group of society and the natural environment for the growth and well-being of all its members and particularly children, should be afforded the necessary protection and ASSISTANCE so that it can fully assume its responsibilities within the community"

DoCS also ignores Article 18(2) of the which specifically instructs the signatory states to provide APPROPRIATE ASSISTANCE to parents where necessary.

"2. For the purpose of guaranteeing and promoting the rights set forth in the present Convention, States Parties shall render APPROPRIATE ASSISTANCE to parents and legal guardians in the performance of their child-rearing responsibilities and shall ensure the development of institutions, facilities and services for the care of children."

And specifically with disabled children DoCS again ignores the child's right to ASSISTANCE APPROPRIATE to the child's condition and the parents circumstances.

"2. States Parties recognize the right of the disabled child to special care and shall encourage and ensure the extension, subject to available resources, to the eligible child and those responsible for his or her care, of ASSISTANCE for which application is made and which is APPROPRIATE to the child's condition and to the circumstances of the parents or others caring for the child."

In you case they have appeared to ignore also the right of the child to have nutrition that is appropriate for the cndition as per Article 27(3)

"3. States Parties, in accordance with national conditions and within their means, shall take APPROPRIATE measures to assist parents and others responsible for the child to implement this right and shall in case of need provide MATERIAL ASSISTANCE AND SUPPORT programmes, particularly with regard to NUTRITION, clothing and housing."


As you have seen they tend to ignore specialist medical advice, instead favouring administrative expediency. While the Ombudsman lists this as one form of maladministration they don't actually do anything about it when it occures.

Specific to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

DOCS ignores the child's rights to Health services (including allied health services) designed to minimize their disabilities (Article 25[b]) and in your case it appears they have completely ignored Article 23[4] where it says "In no case shall a child be separated from parents on the basis of a disability of either the child or one or both of the parents."

They claim to act with the welfare of the children as being paramount concern but often act in purely on expediency and self interest. Their budget breakdown, which demonstrates only 10% of the money they spend goes to assistance and the other 90% goes to fighting families or keeping children away from parents, is indicative of their approach to providing so called "Community Services".

Hi bec

What do you do ?

Fight as hard as you possibly not allow them to intimidate you in any way.

Get a daily diary going ..keep dates ...times...every one of their names and do not allow phone calls as their phone calls will confuse you and traumatise you. Demand all communication via EMAIL and return your emails to them in full explanation and PLEASE CC every one of your emails to Linda Burney Minister of Community Services.

Request the minutes of all meetings as you are entilted to them.

Take someone with you to case meetings as support , you are also entilted to do this and also write your own minutes during the meetings.

Stay in touch here on Alt and at Alecomm

If they have made false risk of harm reports against you ...put them on the alecomm register.

Stay strong ..we are here to support you.



You may want to delete Hayley's name from your comment.= Use an alias for her.

DoCs spy on this site DON"T THEY AUSSIE 1275 and will make a report that you put Hayley's name up here.

However the foster Carers can put childrens names up and nothing happens to them for them and a law for us.

Don't let that deter you from using this site as we are NOT intimidated by their SPYING.

All they are doing is reading their HOME TRUTHS of abuse of Powers and Corruption.

Hi all.....

The Commission for Young Children and Juveniles is aware of many Docs managers not listening to the children. I have not seen mine for 6 weeks,and it is starting to have a very bad effect on me,however,I am sticking to my guns.....there is no reason why the children should not be able to come home on my days with them...the Manager,Terese De Santes...I don't know what the hell gave birth to this "THING"is starting to get nervous....she still hasn't received any letters,but I did tell the new Case Worker,to Google her name,and that she'd be getting notification very soon.....hahaha She is "losing her cool"...

Hi SickAndTiredOfTheCorruption

Demand your children be given their Charter of Right Booklets IMMEDIATELY !!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL children in OOHC are to have their booklets in their possession ..NOT HIDDEN AWAY IN A DoCS ABYSS of the NIL RIGHTS cabinet in every DoCs office across NSW

Hi JAYE....

That is tragic story.

Send the story to Julie Robothum ,the medical journalist at the SMH.

The HCCC has it's own history of must be persistant.

Get the medical records and get a lwayer....go to a psychiatrist who can help you and keep a record of your Psychological damage".

Don't consent to any stupid apologies...the only thing they know is money,and they hate paying out.

Sympathy to you and your partner....

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Jaye on Sun, 11/07/2010 - 17:38.

Hi sick and tired of it

Thankyou so much for you're message & I will most certainly contact Julie Robothum & I'll be sure to follow Marney's advice & record the meeting.

Apologies are all well & good (in some cases) but in this instance it is highly inadequate.

My baby angel Dakota was cruelly murdered by that thing that refers to herself as a doctor & Gary & I are determined to see that she is deregistered & that there is an investigation to see just how many other precious little angels have been murdered.

I most certainly didn't go into hospital to come out suing them for money - no amount of money can ever compensate for or replace the life of my precious little girl - but as you say, they (as with Docs) only understand money.

I am concerned however that if I seek councelling from a psychologist to help me with the bitterness, anger & overwhelming sadness at both the theft of my son by Docs & the murder of my baby by Liverpool Hospital, that Docs will use this against me in court, claiming that I'm mentally unstable etc to care for my son?

On the other hand, the grief is so powerful & consuming & lately I have lashed out against Gary even though I know full damn well that he is equally traumatised by these tragic events.

Rest assured though that I have consulted with lawyers & they fully agree that my baby was murdered & action must be taken to hold Dr Murderer accountable.

I have also contacted human rights lawyers here in Australia (I'll message through their contact details) & referred them to this site & alecomm so hopefully something great will come of it for all of us.

All The Best

Hi Jaye

I can only imagine how deep yours and Gary's grief is along with the post traumatic shock you are both suffering at this time.

You both more than likely do need some grief counselling, and DoCs have no right to know who your independant counsellor/psychologist is.

Please know we are here 24/7 for you if there is anything we can do re: Protest at the Liverpool Hospital, a candlelight peaceful protest, you name it.

Mwa Pj

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Jaye on Tue, 13/07/2010 - 20:35.


I love you're idea of a peaceful candlelit protest outside Liverpool Hospital & will be talking to Gary about it.

It warms my heart to know that so many of you care about my precious babies even without knowing them just as I have come to care about & appreciate everyone (except for the Docs snoopers) on this site & alecomm who go out of there way to offer support & advice to fellow sufferers of Docs.

I have spoken to lawyers regarding my precious angel Dakota & all but one agree that the hospital was negligent & liable for her murder.

The last lawyer however took the assumption that as a premature baby, Dakota probably would have died anyway & therefore I should back off the hospital!!

The bloody nerve of that lover of child killers really got to me & its no different talking to lawyers about Docs.

A great many of them have offered advice & referred me to other avenues to leave a paper trail - one lawyer even admitted that there is a judge who accepts money under the table to return children to their families over Docs provided you can demonstrate that Docs acted in the wrong - while others choose to sympathise with Docs, claiming that we're attacking them because we feel they've done wrong by us rather than taking their views under consideration!!

The firm I am talking to now which includes human rights lawyers & government compliance lawyers however have kept an open mind yet are not particularly fond of Docs & have agreed at least to read the experiences we have all had with Docs on this site & over at alcomm.

While they haven't yet made any solid promises, at least their willing to listen & to view these two precious sites before they decide whether or not to help.

On another note, in the not too distant future, I will be coming into a substantial amount of money (six figures) & its legal, which I would like to use to help make the idea of a healing farm for child victims of Docs a reality but, while I will be in a position to provide the funds, I have no idea of how to actually establish these healing farms which is why I must ask if thats something you guys both here & over at alecomm can do?

I can guarantee to you I have no grandiose plans of playing the hero & big shot who wants to run everything, all I want to do is use the money to fund the healing farms & I would be more than willing to sign a contract stating as much.

To the disbelievers, I will contact you within the fortnight to let you know that I have the money & am ready to proceed with funding the healing farms but I'm not equipped to actually work on them from a business sense.

Furthermore, the money is not in any way related to my fight with Docs for my son or my fight with Liverpool hospital over the murder of my angel Dakota - neither of my precious babies are, were or ever will be for sale.

I will relate the specifics of the source to the people who will make these healing farms a reality.

Love & God Bless

Hello Jaye

If Gary is in agreeance of a PEACEFUL CANDLELIGHT PROTEST....Just say when ?

We are organising a few more protests at present ..hence we would prioritise Dakota's CANDLELIGHT PROTEST.

Those Judges ...i tell you....there are quite a few of them sitting on boards around the state and guess who those boards belong to ? Talk about conflict of interest re: Pissing in each others pockets. Suffer the little children.

The Health Farms ...Alecomm and a mother of 4 STOLEN children Jo are passionate about them. If we can help, assist and support some of the hundreds of STATE WARDS neglected by DoCS and living on the streets that would be a dream come true.

Lawyers with a bloody nerve.... well a hell of a lot of them have BRIGHTER FUTURES thanks to the $1.6 BILLION DOLLARS child protection budget they get a slice of from DoCS.

PJ x

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Jaye on Thu, 15/07/2010 - 10:06.


In regards to the candlelit protest for Dakota, we would both very much love & appreciate this but I'll be damned if either of us would know how to go about organising it.

God Bless, Jaye x

10% goes to families. The other 90% goes to lawyers and NGOs. Truly disgusting, the rich pilfering the poor in the name of child protection. Check the figures Mick posted a few days ago via gov rept.

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by AP72 on Thu, 24/06/2010 - 18:00.

Website from the 'mother country".


I received a letter from Pru Goward today.....a copy of the letter she sent to Linda Burney. I have also just sent the Case Manager,an e-mail telling her that she IS in breach and that I will personally take legal Action against her if she continues to not allow my children to enter my/their house. I am not going to let some woman who can't even speak English properly continue to fucking play games with me.

I made it clear to the Shadow minister that people were saying she didn't do anything and she was offended by that...whatever,she has written to Burney....what a waste of space that woman is.

A word of advise for those struggling with Childcare.....ask Centrelink for the "Special Benefit" one will tell you about it,but I just have.

Don't be afraid....tape everything said with these workers.....most phones have an inbuilt recorder.You need to be a step ahead.Remember,these people are morons,dumb,and lead meaningless lives.

Everybody hates them,and they now it.LOSERS,that's what they are~!

This group has me terrified now. I joined their 'brighter futures programe after my complaints about preschool affordability (or lack of) for disadvantaged families in NSW fell on deaf ears from Lynda Burney M.P.
In order to secure funding so that my child could have equitable acess to a preschool programme that provided the preliteracy and numeracy as well as important socialisation skills necessary prior to school, I felt held to ransom, my options reduced to being case managed from the state, as no other funding avenues currently exist for disadvantaged families in NSW.
Believe me I tried everything. So much for Rudds 15hr a week free preschool pledge.
Had I resided in any other state in Australia where preschool is free or by donation this would not be necessary AT ALL.
I resent the stigma attached to being poor, ie, that I am case managed by a department that is set up to deal with child abusers.
The same families my child rubs shoulders with, (who can afford $20,000 fees over 2 years when youre a sole parent?) may very have at least one sexual predator molesting a child, but will escape the departments radar on economic imperitives alone.

When my review with the department came up, I noticed my case manager noted that im 'not coping', have 'inconsistant parenting abilities'- she asked me to sign this.(now Ive been reading some posts this seems common methodology in distorting the truth, or just outright lying.!)
I questioned this as I have no issues,- aside from lack of financial resources, and periodic bouts of depression because of my circumstance-but this in no way affects my ability to parent, which I do very well. I even gladly attended parenting courses set up by the department, -who couldnt do with wanting to be the best parent, and seek out constantly to improve themselves? Im fearful now this will be used against me..(.'we found that she required our intensive involvement, becuase she demonstrated inconsistencies, parenting classes were required, we feel however since this time, the welfare of her child has not improved significantly, blah blah get the drift?)
I was told if there wasnt something written to suggest i needed support then I didnt qualify for the programme.
I weiged up my 'options',- to be instantly disqualified from the programme, that is, to have my childs funding zapped immediatly, destroying established routine and friendships and early childhood education, which I rank in a high importance, or to sign. I was offended to say the least and signed the document, but noted on the side, I do not agree with this statement, I am signing this to enable my child to continue preschool through the funding of the brighter futures programme.
It concerns me greatly that this document may be used against me down the track.
Im noting this here in case because I have a distrust of the department having been raised by a child molester who was also a foster parent-which they turned a blind eye to. Contacting them in the first place has been traumatising because of my past.
So far so good, but lately my case workers been asking alot of questions and im worried whatever I say is being noted and misconstrued (as that blatant lie about my parenting abilities) Im concerned whatever I say is being used to mount a case to take my child away.
I would think there were some governing laws around falsifying documents.?
Are the workers told they have to make stuff up to get funding? I think it might be a good idea to up my community involvement and supports just in case.
So far they have been good in providing whats needed but im scared, a part of me feels like Ive done the wrong thing here asking the department for help. Am I wrong?
Im noting this here in case I might need some backup to what Im saying down the track...

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 01/03/2015 - 13:16.

Do not go with bright future because I went with them and then they said to me we will be coming out every wensday i ask y. Because there's been report from were? We can't tell you. After my kids were taken I went to court found out from court the report come from bright future in a court order.
Bright future are a nother form of docs
Eye's to get information to take kids.

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Submitted by anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 10/02/2012 - 13:27.

I want to let u in on a recent revelation of mine....ADMIT TO NOTHING! keep your responses minimal and as positive as possible. Docs cw's rely on confessions from confused parents/carers that think they will help them. They will take your conversations and only report the negatives to the court. This is how they support their cases. If you know that you have done nothing wrong then stick to your guns and tell them nothing. They want you to break down and crack coz this gives them grounds to keep your kids. Believe me I have already fallen for the old we are here to help support you. You must rely on your own strength because this is what will help you. Concerntrate on what you think you need to do and seek out the help that you are confident will boost your success. Dont lose faith in your own judgement. Trust yourself and get a couple psychs or councellors to talk to. You get to choose what you talk about they are very non-invasive if you get the right one. if you dont like one, then change. This is your right. You must feel comfortable in their presence. These people can provide important letters of support and assessment to the court for you. Docs also have access to your files but you can have this work in your favour. I have found most of them know the system and will give you positive advice and perspective.
best of luck.

quite simply the sad truth is the minute you ask the departmetn for help you are tagged and yes now they will be on a mission to remove your child . my advice plan a better life in another state leave nsw as fast as you can and never ever use brighter futures every person i have ever known to access brighter futures ends uploosing there children and yes it all gets used against you in court . and everytime you ask for help it is made in to a risk of harm report , these are all re worded and given to the court when they take your child.

i was a state ward and i lost my 4 kids i hate and distrust docs severly .

qld is the best place for early education , go there . becasue i regret ever leaving if i had stayed there i would never of lost my kids.

good luck im thinking of you .

If this is what the intense fear has come to in NSW as in Brighter Futures then it should not be allowed to continue.

If BRIGHTER FUTURES is being promoted as assistance for parents and their children then that is what it should be > > ASSISTANCE and SUPPORT for those in need of it...not a scam to take children into care.

I've said it many times over > > WHERE ARE THE REAL SOCIAL WORKERS. DoCS caseworkers ARE NOT REAL > Social Workers.

It is absolutetly LUDICRIST what is going on.

32 DAYS UNTIL THE > Association of Children's Welfare Agencies Conference. I suggest we ALL protest at it.

God only knows what they are going to get up to in this CONFERENCE.???????????????

And what of these new company's entering the FOSTERCARE arena as NON FOR PROFIT ORGS

I think the name Brighter Futures suits it well. Think of all the scumbag solicitors that are now going to have brighter futures and better bank accounts due to this wonderful linked trafficking system the governments installing. You dont think they really named it brighter futures meaning our kids did you???

quite simply the sad truth is the minute you ask the departmetn for help you are tagged and yes now they will be on a mission to remove your child . my advice plan a better life in another state leave nsw as fast as you can and never ever use brighter futures every person i have ever known to access brighter futures ends uploosing there children and yes it all gets used against you in court . and everytime you ask for help it is made in to a risk of harm report , these are all re worded and given to the court when they take your child.

i was a state ward and i lost my 4 kids i hate and distrust docs severly .

qld is the best place for early education , go there . becasue i regret ever leaving if i had stayed there i would never of lost my kids.

good luck im thinking of you .

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Submitted by Mick on Tue, 22/06/2010 - 21:26.

> I would think there were some governing laws around falsifying documents.?

There are several laws about this. The laws about this are ineffective when they are not enforced.

Because they can!
Because they need to justify having their jobs secure for generations to come>
Because the children they take now will just about all have problem growing up and so the merry go round of abuse.
We have to stop them taking children from good homes on allegations NOT PROVEN and Malicious Allegations which all add up on paper to make their case.
When the children are suffering more now than they ever were in their parents care!
What do these so called Child Protection Workers do about the complaints from parents about the new improved CARER abusing their children? NOTHING>
I am sick of it Kidnap is a two way street! Justified?

Shit Anonymous,

I guess you're not aware that the brighter futures programme was set up to enable linking between just about every government department and associated agency so they can keep and track your kiddies.

I would suggest no more direct contact with the department and everything you do must AND I REPEAT, MUST, be via email or registered post.

Put in writing what you have sighted and ask them to explain their statements (nicely of course).

Good on you for writing what you did on the side of the note. PS: I would sent an email with a copy of that (obtain one) to mr rudd himself and question his free? 15 hours per week presechooling because this just seems to be a way to lassoo you into the docs prison system.

Check over at the complaints registers to see if anybody you are dealing with is listed there and if they are BE VERY VERY VERY CAREFUL because i guarantee they have their eyes on your kiddies, and they are like a pack of hyenas once they get their claws in.

Im sorry you didn't find us before ...

Love and best wishes,
Marney - Director Alecomm

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Submitted by Mick on Sun, 27/06/2010 - 13:31.

The 15 hours a week pre-school thing seems to be a vote grabber for middle-class, two income families only. They used the excuse that early learning would be beneficial to childhood development but any child with a learning delay was excluded. Really it appears more about providing an opportunity for families in the mortgage belt to let mums continue to work. It is targeted to families that do not necessarily need the early learning.

Those children that benefit most from early learning are specifically excluded and instead parents criticized by DOCS when they complain.

The research shows that a MINIMUM of 15 to 40 hours/week of intensive early learning is the most beneficial thing for intellectually delayed children.

" a lower limit of 15 hours minimum per week is sensible " (p59)

Despite this the so called "professionals" actually reduce the intensity of learning if the children have difficult learning disabilities - yet blame parents when things get out of hand.

Although it is against the law for government agencies to carry out reprisals against parents that have a grievance about the (lack of) services for disabled people

Disability Services Act 1993 - Schedule 1: 2 ( l ) & ( n )

DOCS records that there being 'issues' with parents who want more than one and a half hours early intervention a week or those services recommended by specialists.

So much for the Rudd 15 hours a week vote grabber.

Is the DOCS culture more about denigrating parents than looking after the "best interests of children"?

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Submitted by AP72 on Sun, 27/06/2010 - 18:37.

Unfortunately, yes.

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Submitted by Mick on Tue, 29/06/2010 - 19:01.

So, even if DOCS people cant be bothered considering the welfare of children important, what mechanisms are in place to ensure they obey the laws?

Well ... one can only assume that not much at all is in place to ensure they obey the laws, policies,procedures,directives,childrens charter of rights NSW, childrens human rights etc etc.

As their BOSS Linda Burney does not ever reply to any of copious amounts of complaints she receives from parents, mothers, grandparents and family members of children in her care...afterall she herself is the true gaurdian of all children in care of the STATE.

What she does or should i say her office assistants do is refer all complaints back to the offending caseworkers.


The great sadness is that many children/teenagers/youth do warrant State Care and for these children we would all like to believe that their best interest is seen to by DoCs/DoHS, hence there is data all over the place telling us that a huge percentage of these children/teenagers/youth are terribly let down by the State Child Protection system.

It is even more worrysome that a huge percentage of State Wards are being medicated to the hilt and prescribed drugs by Departmental health workers without any conscience attached what so ever.

The drug use mentality in care can only spell dire straits for these children/teenagers/youth.
We know many leave care addicted to various prescription drugs and you can bet your life on it, that when a percentage of these State Ward take to illegal drugs out on the streets the Dpt turns their backs on them as in they are now 18 years old re: NIL ACCOUNTABILITY.

For the children in care who do not warrant State Care and are removed from Parents who have never harmed them and do not need the forced medications other than being controlled for their trauma and loss of family, therefore their behavior of not wanting to settle with strangers/foster carers, they are of course going to become rebellious by the knowledge their parents have not ever harmed them, not to mentioned confused and mentally affected by it.

State Care for a great percentage of children/teenagers and youth is a total failure.

The alliance > NSGBD Luke's Army Power4Parents believes DoCS/DoHS needs a total revamp as the Woods Enquiry has also become a failure to thousands of children.

We do know of a case where the mother of a healthy thriving child requested some speech therapy for her little girl. She was told she had to submit financial information etc via forms to be eligable.

The speech therapy did not ever eventuate hence a 14 year nightmare with DoCS did.
The last thing this little girl got was a brighter future and instead her future has existed of being isolated in a cold,cruel and lonely place for many years.

If you visit and click on Outrageous Risk Of Harm reports ...there you will see what can happen in asking this Dpt for assistance.

If your caseworkers are asking questions other than the ones needed to place your child in preschool i'd be very worried.

I met a girl recently in a Docs Office who said that Docs had taken her children until she found a place to live. DOCS were going to pay for a Caravan for the Mother.
Why couldn't they pay for a Motel for her and the children until she got the Caravan?
I told her to be careful.
Docs spend anywhere between $100,000 and $1million dollars on Litigation on an Individual case.
They could have bought her a CARAVAN!
The money they spend on Litigation, Foster carers, keeping connected Drivers, Solicitors, Psychiatrists, Courses etc. etc. etc.etc could keep many families in What do you think?!

The FEAR instilled by this Government Dpt is terryifying to say the least.I don't even think it was feared this much back in the 40's 50's 60's and 70's as it is today. are so right ... the bottomless pitt of tax payer dollars these caseworkers have at their disposal in crucifying families is outrageous.

Yet we continually question why there are NO FUNDS going into the SOCIAL SERVICES coffers ? to assist and support families staying together.

Yes of course they could have paid for a motel for the young woman and her children...but only a true Social Worker would of been capable of doing such a kind deed. What we have to remember is...these caseworkers and their managers ARE NOT SOCIAL WORKERS for they are a breed of their own ...bred by the DoCS/DoHS heirechy to remove children and ask questions later Re: Guilty with not much chance of being proven innocent.

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Submitted by Mick on Mon, 21/06/2010 - 14:53.

That sounds familiar. That's what you get when you request for services from the Department of "Human Services".


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Submitted by Mick on Tue, 22/06/2010 - 20:25.

It is unfortunate that DoCS do not behave in accordance with the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act when it comes to the health care of children.

When the parents are unable to obtain appropriate health/medical care because those agencies responsible for delivering these services don't feel like doing so it places the children at a significant risk of harm according to Section 23(1)b of the Act. If parents make a Section 21(a) request for assistance to have those negligent agencies act appropriately it is against the law for DoCS employees to either (1) report dishonestly about the services being provided or (2) blame parents for services not being available.

Section 21(a) clearly states that parents are allowed to seek such services so parents should not be blamed by DoCS for doing exactly what the law intends them to do. Once parents do this it incumbent on DoCS to administer the law as intended and ensure such services are provided rather than abuse caring parents simply because the state government can't be bothered.

Parents that seek services to deal with health or disability issues that require allied health services only make such requests for assistance because the state government can't be bothered investing in its children without the parents pushing for it.

Section 9 of the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act places the responsibility on decision makers that in making decision "in any action or decision concerning a particular child or young person, the safety, welfare and well-being of the child or young person are paramount".

It is a pity they appear to continually ignore the law (or be straight out dishonest) in order to blame parents for not being able to access services needed for the welfare and well-being of their children.

When are DoCS employees going to be accountable to the law?

I bet that in NSW all requests for assistance are dealt with by Section (22)b with the Director-General taking no action to provide those services. I would be interested if anyone can report a single case where they have received appropriate services in response to a Section 21 request for assistance.

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Submitted by Mick on Thu, 24/06/2010 - 07:53.

Interesting bit of research here:

In Section 4.1 it says that parents are shocked or surprised by the actions of the Statutory Child Protection system when caring parents ask for help.

I tell people now, “you never go near that department, don’t listen to those ads,
they don’t help they just take your kids” (Interview 21).

Gee - I wonder why they are shocked given that is what the legislation encourages.

We are expected to access health and welfare services when we need them. That's what taxpayers fund them for. We also expect those services to act appropriately.

I wonder if they would be shocked if they took a sick child to the doctor only for the doctor to decide the best way to cure the child was to take the child away.

Isn't that what they used to do with disabled children people before they realized it caused more abuse?

(oh - might open up a can of worms here)

Wonderful research find Mick.

Gongratulations to FIN WA INC =Family Inclusion Network


Four experienced Social work Practioners.

Human research Ethics Comittee.

Grief ... Loss ... Despair

What a can of worms it would open up in NSW

If ? such a grant was attained.

We should speak to FIN NSW Inc

Maybe Catholiccare would fund one and donate some of those POKIE MACHINE profits they are reaping in.

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Submitted by Mick on Mon, 05/07/2010 - 08:46.

Talking about research - it seems that some "research" that used to be publicly available is no longer available unless you buy it.

A policy monograph on child protection called "Fatally Flawed" used to be available for public download from the Centre For Independent Studies at

They claim its available

but now it appears you only have the option of buying it

His main argument appears to be that because the social workers do not know how to investigate and help to resolve the family issues properly with the more complex (non routine) cases they should simply remove more children rather than improve their investigative processes and fix the cause of the problems.

I wonder how the public would feel if the hospitals operated on a similar premise. I.e. those cases where the doctor does not have the investigative skill or time to properly identify the cause of the health problem the patient should refused assistance.

Interestingly the author appears to identify "traditional child protection work" with simply removing children from families - yet suggests we should not be worried about another "stolen generation".

The conclusion of the Fatally Flawed analysis is "early child removal and, better still, permanent adoption of vulnerable children by suitable families is the best way to protect them"

Child protection systems work like this( and i know because I used to work for them outside and in
1. yes they are falllible
2. Most workers are young, inexperienced and overworked
3, within the system there is a downward blame culture
4.thhe treatment of foster carers is harsh
5.there are church based ors that seem to get away with anything
6. at the same time DOCs really dont want to really take children in care because its more work and expensive( their budjets are low).
7. chiild protection is an inexact science- its difficult-the Govts are more interested in quelling the media- therfore like to keep child protection quiet.
8.Most parents within the system are their own worst enemies- say and do things that just makes things a lot worse.
9. true never ask them for help- if you do youre gone- you will be labeled as an innefectual parent and yes your name will be entreed into the system.
10 not all docs workers are in agreeance with the system yet the system gives them no choice,
11. there are factions within the syytem that have no interest in families or children -- only uppwardly moving.
12. its avery political org
13.moving interstate wont help you
14. most parents are not strategic- the fact is they most of the time need to clen up their acts- of course there are some that through poverty become emeshed in the system.
15.most workers are social workers-( well thats another story!) Docs isnt some machevellian org- its just and has always been stuffed.
16 youd be supprised by the amount of bullying thats goes on within the org
17.dealing with in it anger will get you nowhere.
18 most clients are in poverty- or have mental health or coexisting substance abuse issues= but not always.
19.Nobody has ever beaten the- they are powerful- the idea of class actions is stupid beyond compare
20.etc thats a start

Welcome to our FORUM Relayerx

1) They are FALLIBLE..NEGLIGENT..ABUSIVE..CORRUPT...BRUTAL LIARS...who are trained as in STEPFORD mentality by their higher than mighty CLIENT MANAGERS and SUPERIORS all the way to the TOP JOB. !b ) Yes there are children who need OOHC hence there are many hundreds of children being taken unjustly and without true cause into a system that now calls them UNITS as opposed to CHILDREN.

2)Most workers are way TOO YOUNG and without LIFE EXPERIENCE and do not go out and work in the field of family breakdowns and cannot for a minute relate to what they are dealing with, therefore can be of NIL support.

3)Within the SYSTEM > There Is Something Rotten In The State Of DENMARK !

4) Yes we have Foster Carers who are being treated in the most appalling manner by DoCs/CS workers for speaking out in supprt of children in their care = TABOO. On the other hand ABUSIVE CARERS are being PROTECTED to the HILT re: Liabilty / Damage Control

5) There are CHURCH based NGO's who have a HISTORY of ABUSING almost ONE MILLION CHILDREN worldwide and as of last week another one in the MAITLAND DIOSSISE and still today there is NIL TRANSPARENCY and PEDEOPHILE PREISTS are also still protected.Yet they are being handed MILLIONS by DoCS/CS NIL MORALS

6)What PLANET are you living on ? The budget is 1.6 BILLION DOLLARS for the CHILDREN in OOHC Enterprise. With a pittance of this 1.6 BILLION DOLLARS going to support families in need of support & assistance. NIL MORALS ATTACHED to Community Services NSW

7)The GOVERNMENT CONTROL the media and the MEDIA is PISS weak. Community Services alienate the children from their parents and families in order to hush them up, hide them away and DRUG them up re: 25% of Children in OOHC are on MIND ALTERING DRUGS as in an IMMORAL Product of the SYSTEM.

8) Most parents go into over protective MODE as they should ..for even an animal will go to any legnth to protect their young and rightly SO !


10) Those who wittness EVIL and do nothing about it are also EVIL.Everyone has a choice and lets not forget the PSU................

11) The Factions in the system are self centred WANNA BE's climbing the POWER LADDER with their own best interest as the PRIORITY..just check out their PAY PACKETS on the APPENDIX's

12) Its a POLITICAL POWER LADDER...hence come MARCH they can all KISS the LADDER farewell. I am ashamed of the LABOUR PARTY my parents taught me to believe in.

13) Moving out of the COUNTRY WILL HELP...for we have nil rights...nil democracy and nil freedom of speech in our so called LUCKY COUNTRY NOT when it comes to our sacred CHILDREN who have become a CONGLOMERATE BUSINESS FOR THOSE CLIMBING THAT POLITICAL POWER LADDER.

14) No REAL funds are going into DRUG REHABILITATION nor are there any real funds going into STATE WARDS who leave the SYSTEM institutionalised and immacitated due to NEGLECT of the STATE ..just ask the 40% who have lived as homeless YOUTH. And in future keep an eyes on the 25% of State Wards who are lining the pockets of DRUG COMPANIES ...SO IMMORAL IT IS SICKENING TO THE CORE OF MANKIND

15) Most case-workers are SOCIAL WORKERS = GET A GRIP ! Are you for real REAL ? SOCIAL WORKERS are a thing of the past ..the breed is dead and gone. How can there be any Social Workers when there is no longer any SOCIAL JUSTICE??????????????

16) We can only imagine the BULLYING that goes on in every CS Office across NSW. ASHFEILD and STRAWBERRY HILLS etc etc The Halls of Parliament we are not that UNEDUCATED hmmmm

17) Parents are not ANGRY they go into PROTECTIVE mode and suffer SEVERE TRAUMA 7 SHOCK when brutal, cruel and calculated blatant lies are told of them.NO MERCY

18) DVO sufferers are now the main target of Child Trafficking in the SYSTEM .. the downtrodden DRUG ABUSED are losing their NEW BOrn Babies one hour after BIRTH . Re: Generational Damage of STATE WARDS by the NEGLIGENT SYSTEM that let them down.


20 ) Please continue. Your voice is being heard and also greatly appreciated.

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Mick on Fri, 09/07/2010 - 11:46.

Point 6.

It appears that last year only 10% of the total Child Protection budget went to doing anything useful (i.e. supporting children and families).

Three times that amount appears to have gone to lawyers, judges, social workers at DoCS, police etc to push paper around.

Well over half the total money spent went to OOHC.

If they really wanted to reduce the budgets they would redirect a lot of the money into helping people rather than destroying them. The money is not the problem. The real problem is that those in the middle have a blame culture rather than trying to think what would be in the interests of the children. They spend too much of their resources blaming parents then covering themselves when they get it wrong.

Beautifully said Michael :-). It's no different to the overseas AID not making it to the communities that need it, here it's being pilfered by the lawyers and solicitors and NGOs

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Mick on Thu, 08/07/2010 - 09:29.

Okay - well

1. All complex social systems can fail. That is why all other systems have appropriate checks and oversights. With complex social systems the ultimate oversight is usually accountability to society itself [i.e. the public] at an individual point of failure level. That is the must be a lift on the media ban when things go wrong so the public can demand change.

2. Excuses. Many modern organizations have difficulty attracting good staff. The best way to attract intelligent staff is to show your organization has a positive impact on the world. That is because that is what most intelligent middle class people want to do. (i.e. proactively fix the problems within DoCS rather than hide them)

3. That is their problem - not ours nor our children's problem. Our families and children should not suffer because of their problem. They should recognize and fix it. After all many have university degrees and are supposedly intelligent.

6. MMM - you are saying they want to do the least work possible for each case they see rather than the appropriate work? I would call that malfeasance and have seen how they make up crap to blame parents for the lack of community services when they don't want to help children.

7. Ahh - yes. Is that why governments legislate that cases cannot be shown to the media? Great way to cover up the mistakes instead of fixing them. This needs to change so the system can improve. See point #1. Instead the supposed child protection experts appear to use the excuse that the public are generally stupid and malevolent so will harm the child?

9. So true. You can ask doctors to help sick children without being labelled as an ineffectual parent. In fact if you don't give your kids regular checkups by doctors you are labelled as a bad parent. Yet you can't ask for "community services" from the Department of "Community Services" without being labelled as ineffectual. What a stupid culture/attitude they have.

10. Sure. Its just a job - why worry about anything other than what seem like arbitrary performance indicators :) The performance indicators they report on do not appear to have any measurement of child wellbeing or development but rather a count of systems processes and outcomes from those.

17. Anger and frustration with the status quo is a big motivator. Other than public anger via the media towards politicians and the organizations (which they have effectively made illegal) it appears to be the only motivator for people seeking justice from systems that (as you say) can fail them.

19. The legislation should be changed to make a public duty of care towards the children so that they come out of the child protection system less harmed than they went into it. This should be enforceable at law.

Legal and public accountability are the only way the system will improve.

I dont think the masses in here claiming corruption in the system need the information you are providing, sorry but what they are claiming is that DOCS WORKERS LIE, BEEF UP AFFIDAVITS, DESTROY FAMILIES AND HAVE NO CONSCIENCE AND MORALS AND THEY DO HAVE AN ENDLESS SUPPLY OF LEGAL FIGHTING POWER including the judges already on their side becuase they say they are model litigants.

THis has nothing to do with being young, or blaming somebody else or lack of money. THat is a load of crap. THese guys are family annihilators.

And for the record most clients do not have mental health or substance abuse issues, however DOCS WORKESR happily thrown all those words around in order to subdue the judges into giving them what they want - family destruction.

Nice to see you in here, and in your own kind of way, thinking your trying to help, but ...




Hi Mick, and thanks again for the info regarding the findings Fataly Flawewd.

I've said it over and over again....these caseworkers with nil life experiences cannot possibly relate to family problems and breakdowns re: fresh out of Uni and thrown into a system of take take take and give nil to assisting families and children.

Their managers on the other hand have been trained up in the same MODUS OPERANDI hence another STOLEN GENERATION.

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Jaye on Mon, 05/07/2010 - 11:47.

Hi Everyone

I understand we are all here to discuss our issues with Docs/Children's Court & to find support & solutions etc but I would like to share with you the recent murder of my precious baby girl "Dakota Jamie Ford McCarthy" in which I believe Docs strongly played a role.

As some of you knew, I was 5 months pregnant & under stress with the battle for my ten year old son who was kidnapped by Lisa De Meur & Alex Comer of Lakemba Docs 7 years ago.

Last Thursday just after 6am I experienced heavy bleeding & my partner Gary rushed me to Bankstown Hospital where an ultrasound revealed that my waters had broken but that my baby was not yet in the delivery/birthing position.

As Bankstown Hospital does not have neo natal intensive care facilities I had to be transferred to Liverpool Hospital via ambulance while Gary had to make his own way there.

I wasn't in the delivery room of Liverpool Hospital more than 5 minutes awaiting Gary's arrival when two doctors came in to explain what was happening (my waters had broken) my baby's chances of survival 46% & my options...

1. I could do nothing at all (forgo all medical intervention on her behalf & just concentrate on myself) regarding my baby & just let her die or...

2. I could have them fight & do everything possible to at least make sure I delivered a live baby & then depending on any defects she may be born with & the severity of those (possible) defects make the choice to either save her or for my partner & I to choose instead to deny her any medical intervention & spend that time with her (in the hospital) until she dies or...

3. We could choose to have them fight to keep her alive no matter what.

The defects my baby could have suffered ranged from mild to severe deafness, blindness & learning delayments etc for all of which there are services that could have been accessed to help us cope with the situation if needed but the doctors were very much in favour of just letting MY baby die.

I told the doctors that my partner & I needed to discuss what we wanted to do together but for now my wishes are to at least fight to give my baby a chance at life & I understood that if she delivered early whether naturally or via ceasarian, she would remain in hospital in a humidi crib/incubator for at least 6 months.

The doctors agreed that my partner had a right to participate in the decision & were to meet with us the following day - as my baby was not yet ready to be born & everyday she remained safe inside me increased her chances, I was removed to the maternity ward - but they never returned nor was my partner consulted although he agreed with my decision.

For four days my precious baby fought hard to survive but Sunday night her heart beat started lowering enough to concern the midwife who quickly got the doctor called down to see me.

The doctor asked me if I knew the plan & what I wanted to do? I told her I wanted to give my baby every chance at life & requested a caesarian to which she became increasingly hostile & asked me in a nasty tone "Do you really want a baby born like that"?

I explained to her that I wanted the caesarian & that my partner & I wanted to give OUR baby every chance & if she didn't survive at least we would know we gave her every chance but she just got angry that we wanted to fight & stormed out of my ward.

The doctor returned a few minutes later & told me that THEY were not going to do anything, that the baby would just have to hold on for another week & then THEY would consider reviewing THEIR decision & left me scared & alone in my ward as my baby was dying inside me!!

Monday morning my baby, my precious little girl was confirmed dead & if that wasn't enough, they were going to make me deliver her naturally because even though I wanted & repeatedly requested a caesarian, they were concerned it would leave a massive scar on MY body.

Suffice it to say, after my precious baby was confirmed dead I broke down like a pathetic lump, hiding under a blanket as I cried for her & begged to go home as I just couldn't stay in that hospital a moment longer.

I was allowed to go home provided I returned by 6:30am the following morning so they could induce my labour.

We returned by said time yet I was not taken up to delivery until Tuesday evening when, without inducing my labour, my little one had practically delivered herself & I would only have to push her out.

The labour was almost painfree & undetected by myself as Dakota was only 32 centimetres & 650 grams & her delivery was at 7:30pm at which I again broke down as did my partner.

I was so angry that the doctor ignored my rights & wishes & took it upon herself to decide that my baby would not have life that I couldn't contain my anger when the social worker came to see me & after learning what happened, she had the head doctor come see me & even he could not disagree that the decision was mine & that doctor had a duty of care to follow my wishes.

The head doctor could also not disagree that my baby girl may be alive had the doctor done her job & although he has set up a meeting between himself, that doctor & my family on August 9, there is NO JUSTIFICATION for what she did MURDER!!

By law at 25 weeks gestation my baby girl is legally considered a person & must have a birth & death certificate which the head doctor confirmed so I told him straight up that her refusal to help my little girl to survival is MURDER & again he could not disagree.

I have since reported the doctor to the Health Care Complaints Commission & midwives & other staff at Bankstown Hospital have stated that Liverpool Hospital was negligent & needs to be legally held to account but I did not go into hospital to come out suing them, I went there to have my baby cared for.

The reason I believe Docs is also responsible is because I know Liverpool Hospital contacted Docs to let them know that I was pregnant & in hospital & then my wishes, my rights are taken away from me & my baby is left to die!!

Maybe I'm paranoid, you be the judge but why else would a doctor willingly murder a baby?

Could someone please tell me if the hospital contacting Docs regarding my condition/situation constitutes a breach of my privacy? Surely they can't just divulge my medical status without my consent or signature on something or am I forgetting that the Hospital too is Government run & therefore above the law.

Oh no no no dear Jaye
My heart goes out to you, Gary and your little angel could they do this inhumane..cold and murderess as you say. are not being paranoid...of course the Doctor..midwives would of contacted DoCS/DoHS regarding your arrival.

They are being alerted all over NSW of the labour of hundreds of young women and mothers to be on their watch list and unfortunately it would seem you were on that watch list.

They done the same thing to Marnie at Alecomm re: assumption was muttered and they took her four hour old baby girl.

Jaye ...please contact ICAC and demand a full investigation on the corruption of what has occurred to you , your partner Gary and your beautiful little angel Dakota. We will support you in every way.

Love, sympathy and support PJ x

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Jaye on Mon, 05/07/2010 - 17:45.

Thanks BTH

I will most certainly be reporting my baby angel Dakota's murder to the ICAC & other governing bodies including the health minister but I just can't bring myself to trust anyone of those mongrels in positions of authority.

Thankyou for assuring me that I'm not being paranoid thinking that Docs has some responsibility in my baby girl's murder.

I just can't fathom why the doctor refused to honour my wishes which according to Bankstown Hospital & even her own head doctor & a solicitor advised she had no right to do but when I thought about it & after reading of other parent's similar stories of Docs being in full control over their children's medical care, it occured to me that Docs may have instructed them NOT to help my precious Dakota survive.

I understand this may sound absurd to some people but until you've been in my shoes ( I sincerely hope no one ever is) you probably wont understand my thinking.

Ask yourselves this, why did the doctor go against my wishes & leave my baby girl to die after I had already instructed the doctors to fight for my baby no matter the risk to myself (medical records show that I was not at any risk medically.)

My son does not even know about his baby sister or that I was even pregnant & Uniting Care Burnside have not let me have any contact with him since before christmas despite a court order giving me visitation rights nine times a year!!

I believe they are denying me contact because every time he reveals his unhappyness in the carers home or tells of the ongoing abuse, emotional, mental & physical for which he has shown us cuts, scratches & bruises etc I have demanded that the case worker Michaela Wheeling investigate as well as her former managers Ross Smith & Michell (I can't remember her last name) but I'm then accused of coaching him when I'm supervised the whole damn time!!

My battle now is to get justice for both my babies, Ethan & Dakota & I'll never stop until I've achieved this for them.

I appreciate the support of everyone here & my family & I appreciate that I could share my experience with you all.

God Bless will sound absurd to many people, but to the many people who have experienced the life destroying actions of DoCS/NGO's it will very sadly come as no surprise.

I know exactly what you mean by what Burnside are doing to your little boy as Catholiccare have done the same to two of our sibling group as in when they started to tell/confide in things that their abusive carer was doing and saying re: mental/psycholigical and emotional abuse, the siblings where restricted and the children were gaurded with no right to free speech at contact visits.

Catholiccare stopped unsupervised visits with the older sibling sister FALSLEY ACCUSING her of inappropiately helping her little sister with the shower temperature...THEY ARE VERY SICK PEOPLE ..they shattered the sibling sister mentally and emotionally.

Jaye i can only imagine how torn you and Gary are at the realisation of what this bastardised linked up inter system has done to your dreams of rearing your little angel in a normal healthy invironment.

Be strong and know we are with you and that our great cause in bringing those who are guilty of horrendous family distruction will one day be made fully accountable, no longer will they practice nil transparency and nil accountabilty.


Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Jaye on Tue, 06/07/2010 - 19:56.

Thankyou PJ

I really do appreciate you're kind words & support, it means more to us than I can say.

Just a reminder that Gary & I along with our family will be confronting DR Murderer on August 9th & we will do everything possible to ensure that she is deregistered & investigated to find out just how many other families have had their precious little angels murdered.

Equally important is the fight for my precious little man who was by no means forgotten during this bleak time in our lives.

I will be contacting Edward Dabrowski of the shared parenting council - he is the man who launched the $33 billion dollar class action against Docs - & refer him to this site.

If you do not hear from me for a week please do not worry, I am just focussing on bringing that murderer to justice & getting attention to this site by as many influentual/powerful people that I can.

God Bless

Please please please please please Jaye,

1. Get a dictaphone / recorder
2. Record everything that is said in the meeting - I mean everything.

3. Any correspondence at all must be in writing / registered or email.

4. Any conversations / phone converstaions MUST be recorded. Its amazing what people say when they think they're untouchable.

WHY? Because public officials in their working capacity have NO REASONABLE EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY.

My sincere condolences to you and your family and if theres anything we can do, just ask.

Marney - Alecomm

You checked out this stuff Marney? The new standards for foster care are being talked about in the papers:

What I haven't been able to find yet is what these 14 things are.

I'd like to know what they have so far identified they have done wrong all this time.

Hi Jaye is nearing 100,000 visitors to the site.

The registers are being added to everyday.

Why not take advantage of exposing this corrupt and unethical Doctor to the complaints register on alecomm.

Just so the next 100,000 visitors can see this Doctors name as in just where her name should be re: abuse of powers,corrupt and definitely LIFE DESTROYING.


On the site there seems to be so many complaints againsts Tweed Heads and Cootamundra DOCs offices

Dear Shadow Minister Pru Goward,

The questions i would be asking the outing Minister Linda Burney would be

1.. How many complaints have been made against Tweed Heads and Cootamundra DOCs of the past 10 years?

2.. How many children are in the care of these two offices?

3.. How many of those children have been contracted out to the NGOs?

4.. How many of these NGOs competing for the contracts of these children in Tweed Heads & Cootamundra?

5.. Have any of these NGOs been questioned for wrong doing or corruption in any State Parliaments of the past 10 years?

6.. Have any of these NGOs been investigated for corruption by the ICAC of the past 10 years?

7.. How long have the Managers of these 2 DOCs offices been in their current positions?

There you go Hon Shadow Minister, A few tough questions for the Hon Minister you may want to ask but rest assure this Minister runs a squeaky clean department called Community Services and has nothing to hide from the preying eye of the tax paying public and those bad paraniod Parents and foster carers who complain about her wonderful department who can do no wrong

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Mick on Sun, 20/06/2010 - 06:31.

With house prices on the Gold Coast I don't know how anyone can afford to live without being paid by the government to raise someone else's children.

HI Pest Control

It appears Cootamundra and Tweed Heads are swooping children up in those two regions. And yes it may well be those greedy NGO's looking for a slice of the recent funding pie RE: Supply on Demand ?

We did hear that Tweed Heads took 37 children into care a few weeks ago.

Pru Goward questioned The Hon Linda Burney come squeeky clean Minister on nine DoCs workers that were transferred over night not too long ago, asking what was the reason ? and where did they go? Nine squeeky clean caseworkers no doubt. TUT TUT TUT

Hi bringthemhome,

Could you send me the link to the 37 children recently in the care in the Tweed Heads Region?

Must be something in the water there ! so many bad parents I gather, why cant the grandparents ,uncles, aunties and the elder brothers and sisters(if any) of those 37 kidnapped children care for them??

Just plain disgusting isnt it!

Wouldnt it be better if the NSW government spend money on courses to make these Mother- Fathers better Parents? it will save the taxpayer millions of dollars, keep the children rightfully where they belong and it wouldnt be necessary to have web sites like this one as everyone will be happy! and no NGOs needed !!

oh im just dreaming! just too much money at stake here! A billion dollar industry in child trafficking at risk

Yes ..Pest Control our children have become quite an Enterprise.

NGO's Re: NON FOR PROFIT = Pigs might FLY

Nil funds going into family support services.

Dangerous drugs being forced upon children with terrifying side affects: Immoral Drug Companies get their slice of the pie.

Much easier to send the parents/grandparents/families to a life of hell...not to mention the children. has some interesting stats on the front page Re: State Wards

Any Parents or Foster carers who have had dealings with Tweed Heads or Cootamundra DOCs
please post your comments here

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Mick on Sun, 20/06/2010 - 09:07.

Well a woman in northern NSW was jailed for suggesting DoCS were corrupt. Apparently she sent over 100 letters complaining about them being corrupt but instead of adequately investigating the claims the Government made a political prisoner of her. Yes this is in Australia!!!

Apparently DoCS workers lived in fear of reprisals from God while she was free. Now she is incarcerated God will no longer scare the DoCS workers.

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Mick on Mon, 21/06/2010 - 14:57.

If there is anyone in northern NSW or southern Queensland that has some time is it possible to get the story from the woman's side.

Fantastic idea Mick,


What about you Jo, you close? This woman, I bet my bottom dollar, and trust me thanx to DOCs, im down to it, is innocent and has all the paperwork and evidence to back it up.

We need to know:

1. Had the DOCs workers taken out AVO's for stalking?
2. What were her original complaints?
3. What paperwork does she have substantiating her complaints?
4. Has she got a papertrail for all the emails she has sent? IE showing her ENGAGING THE SERVICES?

5. ??? anyone else care to add to this please

Yes ausaec i have a couple of questions to add

5: What office of DoCs is involved and who is the Manager of that office?

6: Is a NGO involved in this matter? if so who? and what relationship do they have(if any)with the DoCs staff at this office?

7: How many complaints have been made by other people regarding this office since this manager held his/her position there?

8: How many of these complaints which an NGO is involved?

i just feel in my opinion there is yet again a link with a NGO and DoCs in removing her children for tax paying fundings

The Alliance is working on assisting this woman in some way.

We can all relate to what they would have put her through before taking the desperate measures that she did.

The almighty GOLIATH downs defenseless DAVID once more.

Hi All

just found this link to an event in 2008 concerning Lismore Docs and wondering if it is the woman that was jailed recently there.........

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Mick on Thu, 01/07/2010 - 20:54.

I wonder if there is a link between that news and DoCS in Lismore getting new offices

Here they claim the new building is to help people ask for assistance.

"DoCS is a professional service and people should feel they can approach us for help. This new building helps us achieve that," she said "We have heard cases of people avoiding DoCS, but we want people to approach us when they need help."

DoCS claim to want people to approach them when we need help but when we do they provide more harm than good. Why would we approach people who write false/misleading reports or blame us because services are unavailable or not appropriate for our children?

How will a new building make us trust them more?

If you really want people to approach you then how about taking a dose of truth syrup?

Truth Syrup along with a CONSCIENCE

We have not heard from one parent they have trully helped.

What they have done is destroy the lives of parents , children , grandparents along with the broader family networks.

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Mick on Fri, 02/07/2010 - 05:01.

This article :

suggests that the only thing a huge increase in funding to DOCS and a change of the law to give more power to DOCS has done is make it easier to remove children. I suppose I can understand why the lawyers and judges would not want to spend the 1.2 BILLION DOLLARS of taxpayers money on helping children when it can go in their pockets.

It just goes show how much money it takes to circumvent Article 18 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

and Article 27

Instead of providing appropriate allied health services to children in need of health care they simply run to a lawyer and blame parents when the health service is not available.

1.2 Billion dollars. Gee I wish I was given that increase in my wage along with a change in law giving me more powers. With that kind of increase money going to lawyers and judges it seems an easy decision for them to remove a few more children.

It this money actually went into providing health and welfare services for children in need as the UN Convention indicates it should the poor lawyers, judges and police would find themselves without their taxpayer funded bonus.

Thats right Mick

I've said it over and over again >

FOLLOW THE MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

This 1.2 BILLION DOLLARS > is going to the upper and middle class people of society...Forget the needy families in our SOCIETY.

Stealing another GENERATION is worth 1.2 Billion Dollars to those who have access to the Pot's of Gold.

Thats only NSW and doesn't include all to do with the whole child racqueteering scenario. Anything you guys find , ie more money figures in child protection australia wide, please send over to alecomm as i reckon we can reach $40billion no worries. You must remember things like the community centres that get paid to run parenting programmes etc that docs force you to do, and theres also things like extra personnel and divisions now in police etc for child protection stuff.


You can only imagine what they done to this poor woman who evidently not only lost hope with the system that took her child away but by communicating via 100 letters that were more than likely totally ignored by all until she found herself taking desperate measures.

Jailed ... the mother of a child has been JAILED how disgraceful.

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Mick on Sun, 20/06/2010 - 18:45.

Yes - this is disgusting treatment for a country that claims to value the rights of individuals, ideals of justice and freedom of religion.

It looks as though protection of the image of DoCS workers is more important than protection of the rights of the country's citizens. The really bad thing is that the average taxpayer is now paying for the child to be raised by someone without the strong biological incentive to have the child achieve PLUS the person that wants to care for it to be jailed. It costs NSW taxpayers around $77,000 / yr to keep a person in jail last time I checked.

Since the woman appears to put her own liberty and wellbeing at risk in order to care for her child, on the face of it she does not appear to be negligent. Indeed, on the face of it she appears very determined to raise her child. If people think, and are able to make an *honest* argument, that she is going about raising the child incorrectly then perhaps guidance is more appropriate than jail. It appears logical that such a determined mother would want to do the best they could.

Just as importantly, instead of using my taxes to incarcerate the woman and pay the ongoing costs of someone to look after her child maybe a fraction of it can be used to properly investigate the validity of her complaints about corruption.

But who seeks real justice when a delusion of justice is just as good?


ALEComm really is a blessing,and I am glad I stumbled across this website....Scott Mitchell led me straight here.....well looking him up,as I do frequently....knowledge is power!

I was not suggesting you had a drug problem btw.

It really is amazing,that even with past Royal Commissions these "thing" and that is what they are,continue to do the wrong thing,btw then again.....they are inhuman,robots,they are wired like that...who knows what their miserable lives were like.SOCIOPATHS,the biggest hindrence to the evolution of our civilisation.

Any "nice" worker I have come across has ended up LEAVING DOCS!If I could grab every corrupt Robot and toss them out into the ocean,I would.

So often I am ashamed to be part of the human race.

In the end,all you can do,is show your children by example,because who knows what awaits them in their future?

I have been told so often,even by my Barrister,be "nice to Docs"(sarcastically,Docs are referred to as "the Baby snatchers" by many of them. But,it's not a matter of being nice when you are faced with people who are telling you that "pigs fly"...

No,they don't fly.

I have been so offendeed by a lot of the things that have been said to me. I been offended by being blatantly ignored.

and I say so.

I just can't be an "ar$e licker"....I have never liked the taste of sh@t!
Send you story to the editor of the SMH,please.

...AND,as far as the media is concerned,

they do not want to be sued for defammation!

You need to send your emailed correspondence and the a copy of the stupid letters you get back from Linda Burney/s etc office. Then they can quote, it!

I have already spoken to the woman who covered my daughters story from the SMH about this website.Write to the editor,let's make it FRONT PAGE NEWS!!!!


If a magistrate is being ignored,I hope you have placed this information on ALEComms Breach page,I hope you have emailed as many organisations as you possibly can.

I hope that you are emailing your Docs office and forwarding to Linda Burney and again forwarding to Premier and again to PrimeMinister.

If you have emailed the Ombudsman and he has done nothing,you need to enter his name on that register too!

Everything on email and forward to wherever you can....Police Commissioner,etc etc.

Don't be AFRAID to point out any wrong treatment by the Case Workers and your complaints to hotline...eventually a judge will read them in court.Heep a record of the Complaint Number.

Be vigilant and don;t give up!!!

The past few weeks,since i discovered this website...have been very dark for me.I felt like all this time I have bean writing for nothing,I became very depressed by what you are saying can people do these evil,unethical things???? But do you know what....seeing the case Workers names when I Googled them,cheered me up!Telling them what I intended doing,empowered me.

I stopped work on my Autobiography.I cancelled lessons,my health started to decline and i had to go back on Beta Blockers again,because my heart was constantly racing with the tremendous amount of stress I was feeling...having to hold back an almighty SCREAM at this INJUSTICE!!!!

I thought about what i was told by my x-husband about not ever being bullied at school....showing the bully that you are a force to be reckoned with,knock the offender down so hard he does not get up...and he and his cronnies will never bother you again!

If they continue to make things worse,you continue to fight,to complain. These people want to tire you out! You cannot let them succeed.

and for those of you who are still scared,and you know you are don't take drugs anymore,you don't live with a violent partner,you seek medical advise regularly to help see a Psychologist as part of the Governments Mental Health Plan...I suggest going to one who is especially trained in these Court Matters,and gets you to the stage where you are ready for them(GP and Psychologist) to support your addition they have a record of your latest problems with Docs,your latest wonderful experiences with your whatever it takes,because we are fighting a fucking EVIL monster out there.Fight or accept your position...there is NO other way!

I don't believe in turning the other cheek....I believe in slapping the offenders cheeks...both of them,as hard as I can.I believe that EVIL really does exist...look at our world!!!! No fucking forgiveness here.....we are each responsible at stamping it out!

DO IT.....



R :o)


I have never been a drug addict: hence i do have compassion for those who are or who have been, for most drug addicts have had their souls stolen by an evil person way before they themselves had the chance to sell it, as we all know the psychiatric journals will tell us that the abused become the abusers of their own lives and their addiction is a life time sentence of utter misery and self destruction. But you won't find our governments showing any real compassion for these people or acknowledging drug addiction as the serious illness that it is, for only a pittence is spent on that life destroying illness and its sufferers.

I adore children and have never ever contimplated harming any child as i see our children and our elderly as sacred, being the most fragile and innocent and they are also 100% dependant on those around them. I was reared in an era that took their grandmothers home with them when it was time to look after them, just as they had looked after us in our fragile and innocent days. The Times They Are A Changing.

I was elected a junior coucillor to support my school peers in the Mayors chambers at our local Townhall at the ripe old age of 12 and supprt them i did. I had to sit for an English Scholarship to get into the next school i wanted to attend as they were the days that if you didn;t have a brother or sister at the school you had to prove yourself by passing the English exam re: totally discriminating. At this school the future wife of the President of the Australian Labour Party was my French teacher and an activist for social services and later became the Minister for Community Services Vic. I protested in the 70's in support of my peers along with hundreds of others and wittnessed wonderful changes in women's rights.

At present i am an embarrased Australian due to the knowledge of how easy it is for caseworkers and their managers to practice corruption and abuse their powers on fragile and innocent families. It would appear that humanity is no longer taught in the curriculum of the new age social worker.

I will continue to SCREAM LOUD!!!! at the UNJUSTICES as this is who i am and my steed will never dim.

The Alecomm site is a blessing in disguise as it has now exposed over 80,000 visitors to the immoralities of those who steal the souls of the innocent.

Why would DoCS prefer to pay an NGO $5,000 a month per child in agency fees and a lawyer up to $10,000 to keep the child in care of the State, when the child has never been harmed by the parent they have removed the child from ?

A new born child made a State ward is worth a million dollars in NGO agency fees alone over an 18 year period.

So much for NON PROFIT NGO's

Something Stinks to High Hell

Hi Bringthemhome

I am aware that you are an activist of families so I thought you might have some documentation in relation to a case you state or simular in original form.

Claims from parents and what they have said about Docs
Claims made by Docs for holding the child in custody
This would help better understand whats the real picture, if you could post. Where names are just put Jo Bloggs

Hi Bringthemhome

I am aware that you are an activist of families so I thought you might have some documentation in relation to a case you state or simular in original form.

Claims from parents and what they have said about Docs
Claims made by Docs for holding the child in custody
This would help better understand whats the real picture, if you could post. Where names are just put Jo Bloggs

Why is it there is no help from any government agencies, that can help people that have had their children taken unfarley from docs its been 12months since my kids have been taken i cant do a god damn thing ive had to remove my children from my family because of sexual assault in order to protect them an they take them from me an give them to the evil ones please is there any help out there??? my kids are suffering. i know i was a good mum they even told me that so why???

dhs/docs do not want children safe. if they are in a safe home - they will take them and put them in an unsafe home, and vice versa. they are on a power trip.

I have been told that if your children are blonde and blue eyed they are also more likely to be stolen!

Hi Brett

I'm not sure if you are interested in the amount of children being taken into the care of State who most definitely DO NOT WARRANT STATE CARE.

What i will say is that our figures are becoming quite alarming. Almost every parent and grandparent that have come in search of support here at Alt or to Alecomm and NSGBD have contacted the Ombudsman and the Hon Linda Burney Minister for Community Services NSW thus finding it a pure waste of time.

The Minister herself refuses to address the claims by parents , grandparents and families of children taken into care who have never been harmed in any manner,shape or form. Instead the Ministers office repeatedly refers you back to the caseworkers involved in false risk of harm reports.

We now literally know of hundreds of cases where parents and children are suffering deep trauma, shock and heartbreak, not to mention the huge financial burdens of fighting in the court systems to have their children returned to their rightful place in life.

Parental rights are stripped away immediately and once a child is deemed a State Ward they become compulsory organ donors , not to mention that 25% of children in Out Of Home Care NSW are being medicated in order to control their trauma of being taken from their parents and family networks.

Sibling groups are being systematically destroyed in that their bonds and relationships no longer exist once they have been divided into various agencies and carers. NGO's such as CatholicCare have no interest in sibling relationships and instead find it easier to alienate siblings from each other.

NGO's are recieving $5,000 per month per child in agencie fees. We cannot find any funds going into support systems for victims of domestic violence and the most you will get from phoning the Domestic Violence HOT LINE is YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE REMOVED.

The word Assumption is being used on a regular basis to remove children without any real evidence. New born babies are being removed from their mothers breasts an hour after birth on ASSUMPTION.A new born has every right to bond with their maternal mother and take in the scent of that mother.

Aftercares should be set up for mothers and babies to be monitored as both mother and child have every right to be supported, instead of the baby being ripped away to a stranger within the first few hours of life.

The legal system is most definitely one sided as in the Department has an endless money pitt and legal aid is way under funded RE: David VS Goliath.
Many families have been forced to take out 2nd mortgages on their family homes to pay for legal costs.

Time and time again the Children's Courts will not view the evidence of parents & families and take the word of the caseworker as GOSPEL. Or in some cases the magistrates order the child be returned , only for DoCS/DoHS to refuse and ignore the directives of the magistrates and judges.

Parents who spoke at the Woods Enquiry have been severely persecuted in revengefull attacks by the department.

Parents and families who challenge these unethical caseworkers and their managers are alienated from their children as punishment for speaking out hence further false risk of harm reports.

The Department itself absolutely refuses to admit to their mistakes for fear of litigation and for proof of this i would rerer you to the Georgia & Luke case which is proof of what the department can do to innocent families.

I myself have wittnessed the most callous and cruel false allegations of a beautiful , caring and adoring sibling sister who the Department has tried to destroy due to her reports of her siblings being abused in care and where the caseworkers went straight into damage control in protecting the guilty carer along with the conspiring Catholiccare caseworkers, who i might add recruited this abusive carer. The carer is receiving $1,600 a fortnight for the two children and has tried very hard to have them diagnosed to care plus 2 as to receive $2,000 per fortnight for them and continues to abuse them both mentally and emotionally.This carer also put our little girls name up on global internet sites and when we complained nothing happened to this person.

Yes we have countless parents and grandparents with documenation proving the wrongs of caseworkers and we will continue to support each other until it is recognised that the system is unjust with unethical abusive work practices being ignored by superiors.

We are all aware that there are of course many children who DO NEED State care and we also acknowledge the many wonderful carers in the system. But the cold reality is that there are many abusive carers in the system also.

The fact that caseworkers and their managers investigate their own is appalling as not even the Police Force has this luxury.

The Children's Charter of Rights is a total farce and never adhered to by the Department or its employees.
I requested our children be given their Charter of Rights Booklet last August and found it was given to them seven months later hence i have no proof it was given to them.

Children's rights are stolen along with their identities as to who they really are and where they came from with no information given to them of their ancestral background.. Some children have been seriously lied to regarding their maternal and paternal families not wanting to see them which is a terrible thing to tell children.

Parents and grandparents are being diagnosed by 22yr old caseworkers who have not yet lived , let alone are able to diagnose adults suffering the affects of their children and grandchildren disappearing from their lives.

An independant body/panel to investigate the abuse of power and false allegations would be far more humane and a just way of investigating claims of caseworker abuse as the ombudsman appears to be a TOOTHLESS TIGER.

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by bella on Sun, 20/06/2010 - 14:06.

Hi there,
I am knew to the website. I am a gradmother who's grandchild has been taken into care just recently. I have asked the department to allow my grandson to come a stay with me even if it just for the interim until the court case is finalised. I have been visiting and ringing the caseworkers most of the time they never return my call and when I go to see them at the office they are unavailable. I have asked for information and have been told they cannot give it to me because I am not a party to the proceedings. Well little did they know I am not a person that will back down without a fight. I took a letter to the office requesting information about my Grandchild under the Children's & Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998. Division 1A. As a significant person in my grandchilds life I am entitled to this information. They don't like being quoted Acts and policies, I am not supposed to know these things. They have moved my grandchild to another area, away from his school, weekend sport and two siblings, Father and extended family. Are you ready for the punch line!!! I am a foster carer for DOCS and have a long term child with high needs in my care. I have been informed by DOCS in writing that another child cannot be placed with me (including Grandchildren) whilist I have my long term foster child in my care. I am an approved carer for 2 children - duration - crisis, short term, medium and long term. They have put me in a position that I now have to choose between on grandchild and my foster child. There is no choice! My foster child faces been moved on once again. I have only just begun to fight.

This is all too common can DoCs deny a child their loving Grandparent.

These caseworkers appear to be hell bent on distroying the bonds and relationships of the childs siblings and family networks re: ALLIENATION

Sending your grandchild to a faraway place and denying the child his family support and love in his greatest time of need is nothing short of child cruelty.

We have many grandparents being denied their grandchildren.

We also have DoCS carers that are treated in an appalling manner.

You can report these DoCS workers who do not abide by the policies and acts to where there is a register you can enter their names on.

Stay strong Bella for their are many walking the same path as you and strength is the one thing we all have in common.

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by bella on Sun, 20/06/2010 - 19:15.

Hi bringingthemhome,
That you for the email address I'll be right on to it and will pass it on to all the foster carers I know that DOCS are giving a hard time to. It is not only the parents that they give a hard time and ours is a hard job but a very rewarding job. There a good and bad in all walks of live. The foster carers I know really do a good job and give the children in their care a lot of love and support many of the children are still with them long after they turn 18.

"not even the police force has this luxury"???"
of course they do-
undeniably so.

there has got tobe a way, this is not right its another stolen generation ive never harmed my children an now i watch them being harmed in the care of other people my kids cry to me for help an there is not a god damn thing i can do, docs dont want to hear about it.

we need media attention.

thank God, dhs is being exposed a lot in this past year, but it needs to be more so. the general public needs to be shocked into caring!


You are not alone.... we are all with the true knowledge of what is going on behind the closed doors of DoCs/DoHS, which is why we are here highlighting the situation we are all facing and continually supporting each other.

I myself could not believe what was happening until i wittnessed it myself. None of us want to beleive that modern day Australian Governments could be doing this to our most vulnerable parents and children, offering nil support and services to reunite families in a humane way.

Governments are elected to represent all its people and has failed miserably for hundreds of us along with the life destruction of our children and the stigma of State Care for which they do NOT NEED.

Their total ignorance of each one of our situations is proof that they would prefer that we climb under some rock and never be seen or heard of again as in protecting themselves from their cold , chilling and destructive lies and cover ups.

I awaken each day with a horrible and sickening feeling knowing our children are left with an abusive carer who is protected by an immoral system of lies and spin.

I have no reason to lie or invent such things and will always stand by each and every word i have uttered in defending our children in a system they do not belong in.

Be strong Rachel...we are early days into our fight against the wrongs of a Government system who are not interested in the best interest of our children who do NOT NEED their care.

Hi HOney, just in case bth (bringing them home) hasn't told you,to register your docs workers on the complaints register. If you have dooped by your legal aid solicitor make sure you put him under the legal eagles section. you may find names you already know. make sure you are specific and not so much nasty with your statements of offence. this makes it easier for icac to understand exactly where we are coming from and why there are so many people claiming docs and child protection workers are nothing but legalised child traffickers.

welcome to altnews. and a place where you will find you are definitely not alone. im glad you found us.

marney - director alecomm.

there has got tobe a way, this is not right its another stolen generation ive never harmed my children an now i watch them being harmed in the care of other people my kids cry to me for help an there is not a god damn thing i can do, docs dont want to hear about it.

Re: DoCS/DoHS Why do they take children from parents who ...

Submitted by Mick on Wed, 16/06/2010 - 07:57.

Hi Brett,

Many have posted parts of their story here. If you say the wrong thing you are persecuted (as seen by the recent post from wewantourkidsback) so people are quite justifiably scared. People are also scared of being ridiculed and not believed as most have been through processes where this has happened. In other words people are bullied and abused because of their position / status in society.

I have tried to find your email to email you some information but it doesn't appear on your web site. I had a look at your essay about the trial of Jesus, however. This appears to be a case in point. You claimed He was given the opportunity to respond to allegations against Him.

Jesus actually did respond but his response was to question the authority of those in power to judge him given he had done nothing wrong. He simply wanted to know what he has supposedly done wrong. He was put to death because he questioned those in authority as to their right to persecute him.

John 18: 19-23

It is a lesson for all modern people never to question morally corrupt people who hold authority that they can, and sometimes do, abuse.

Mick,it says in scripture- if any see a sin, and do nothing about it, the sin will be accredited to them-
for seeing and turning a blind eye- we must question-but not blindly-
We need a huge thundercloud, we need Christ- meanwhile all we have are ourselves-
and if there is a Catholic person out there who would help- they have already been judged here-
they will be afraid to help us-all it takes is one brick in a wall to fell it-
all should pray....just Thank Jesus the compassionate Christ..
Questioning in public, as Jesus did, leaves examples, and leaves unanswered questions for others too.
Ask...i.e. ask Catholics what Saint Francis would say if he witnesses what happens-
Ask God for the questions to ask-we don't have to accuse- they already are accused.
ASK.....for answers....God does answer----not always how we expect-
Could some drown in the tears of Mother Mary perhaps? study law,expect no-one to be good.
does anyone have two-way radio? or a free community one?
Throw a free picnic-to tell others (not naked either) respect the sanctity...Go Preach the Truth to All...
I too, was one of these says- "fear not"

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