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134 1380 2 years 6 weeks ago
by rachel (not verified)
A forum for people who believe they have been falsely accused of child abuse or paedophilia and for their supporters.
24 140 3 years 4 days ago
by tinkerbell
Encountered the Case Worker from hell? Post your story here. Careful with names or other identifying information.
270 1947 2 years 5 weeks ago
by Anonymous (not verified)
3 6 5 years 5 weeks ago
by help the innocent
We all know there are child abusers and paedophiles in our midst. Your story too is of great interest to all readers of these forums.
61 311 2 years 20 weeks ago
by mellisa (not verified)
6 25 3 years 20 weeks ago
by sirslackcat
11 117 2 years 27 weeks ago
by whattheheck (not verified)
6 19 5 years 27 weeks ago
by bringingthemhome
A forum for people who wish to share a more positive story about their observations and experiences with the various DoCS departments.
11 90 3 years 39 weeks ago
by bringingthemhome
A Families an Children forum especially for workers from the various DoCS to have their say, share observations and propose change. Atnews protects your privacy. See our Privacy Statement in the Terms of Use. We hope that others users will have respect for the initiative to post here taken by those DoCS workers brave enough to enter the debate.
6 38 4 years 30 weeks ago
by Queenslander
18 88 3 years 4 days ago
by Anonymous (not verified)
2 2 6 years 25 weeks ago
by susanlancy
http://www.cyf.govt.nz/ This site is a focus for promoting the wellbeing and safety of children and supporting positive parenting. Child, Youth and Family is a service of the Ministry of Social Development, and is part of a network of agencies aiming to build an environment where child abuse is not tolerated. You can access news and information about our services and community partnerships, as well as advice and resources to support our vision of safe children, strong families and stronger communities. Other information includes our organisation and structure, the legislation we administer, the Ministers we work to and social work recruitment. Let's work together to stop child abuse and make a difference.
2 3 6 years 32 weeks ago
by smithycominatya
A forum for people from the UK to share their stories...
9 18 5 years 17 weeks ago
by children-activities
135 1342 2 years 8 weeks ago
by Anonymous (not verified)
3 3 6 years 32 weeks ago
by smithycominatya
9 63 2 years 21 weeks ago
by emma (not verified)
A forum for the discussion of general Youth Matters. Please post DoCS specific items in the appropriate DoCS forum instead. Thank you.
4 15 6 years 4 weeks ago
by alecomm
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