Returning Kids to Families

Submitted by NSGBD on Thu, 03/03/2011 - 12:10
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I have just been notified by George Potkonyak (solicitor) that this article appeared in the Daily Telegraph today. Pru Goward is planning to make some serious changes to the Child Protection system...

Hopefully this will be of some positive interest to parents who have had their children removed by DoCS. I genuinely pray that something comes of this in regards to restoration of children to their parents. Anything that can lower the rate of children in Foster Care is a positive event!

THOUSANDS of children from troubled homes will be returned to their families under a Coalition Government.

The Coalition plans to cap the removal of children for the next four years before DOCS would be asked to slash numbers by more than 20 per cent.

Under the plan, most of the more than 16,000 NSW children in foster care would be looked after by charities and the private sector.

Policy documents show the handover to the non-government sector would begin immediately if the Coalition wins the election.

The policy revelation came as the Coalition yesterday pledged a $120 million fighting fund for preventive health initiatives a day after The Daily Telegraph's People's Parliament unanimously voted for health policies to focus on prevention measures.

Liberal Community Services spokeswoman Pru Goward said that, despite fewer removals, children would be safer.

She said DOCS was now so overloaded it was failing.

Parents would be asked to enter contracts and prove they had combated problems such as drug and alcohol abuse and domestic violence for a period of up to two years before their children could be returned.

A family preservation model would be adopted, with a focus on early intervention.

Out-of-home care is threatening to swallow up to $900 million of the DOCS budget within three years, leaving little money to investigate cases of children at risk, Ms Goward said.

In the policy document, the Coalition said there were so many children in foster care, some were not safe or properly cared for, while the bill placed "significant costs on taxpayers".

Ms Goward said the money saved would be spent on early intervention programs and family services. "This is what Justice Wood [in a special commission of inquiry in 2008] recommended and all the research is there. Children in non-government sector out-of-home care have fewer placements, are more stable and have better outcomes at school," Ms Goward said.

"The only difference is, they didn't do it and we're going to do it."

The State Government agreed to implement the recommendations but the handover to the non government sector has been delayed.

Ms Goward claimed it was to satisfy unions.



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Re: Returning Kids to Families

Submitted by docchris3 on Mon, 14/03/2011 - 07:24.

Australian abuse of an American's Rights

I am presently appealing to the tribunal as they wanted to deport me March 9, 2011, my kids are not allowed their US citizenship and my daughter is possibly being sexually abused and my son possibly has autism or adhd.

I have chosen to stay with my husband even though he commited dv due to his commitment and success in the DV and CALM programs and due to many positive changes in our marriage if not for my kids being held in Australia I would prefer to be home in the US with my husband, parents, brother, sister and friends.

Ruth (DIAC WORKER) wanted to know how we met and why I did not apply for permanent residency earlier. Jason and I met on a game called wow (over the internet). I visited and was invited to stay for the full 3 months. By then we were in love and I was pregnant. Because of my history of having preemies and the baby causing me seizures I was on bed rest and had lost my job in the USA, I was not medically allowed to fly home and we could not afford the 2000+ to apply for a visa.

Once I was no longer on bed rest I was still restricted from taking plane flights (I would have preferred to have Lucas born in the US to have my mom and dad help with the early months) so we got a bridging visa and started to try to save money for the spousal visa.

I have been hit a total of 3 times and always reported it but could not leave our home and did not have residency, Medicare or anything so was not sure how to get help. The 3rd time I was hit I had a bridging visa and Medicare but no centerlink or any of that stuff plus my kids were taken away by an agency called DOCS ( child protective services) because of the dv and problems I developed as a result of depression and “being trapped” here. I offered my husband one last chance to get help, extended my avo and started trying to get protection visa. I do NOT have the money yet to pay for the medical check but apparently the Red Cross might help.

I WILL NOT leave the country without my children but need residency so I have access to services, benefits etc should dv ever happen again.
Yes we are trying to save our marriage. Both of us are
in counselling and I don’t know the outcome but for now we are trying and for the past 9+ months succeeding.

RE: Christina O'Donnell-Pyne (Masters) DOB: 27/08/1970 - Application for Partner Visa - CLF2009/143229
date of birth 8/27/1970app # sg95889535753 ch082099 class WE bridging

My dad is US Ambassador (ret) Edward B O'Donnell Jr


Also did not get the list of FREE services that the Judge Marion's ordered most are at costs we cannot afford due to my medications, specialists, bills etc. I have epilepsy and severe migraines.

DOCS have been working against us. Including ignoring verbal directions to DOCS attorney to leave visitation "as is" for 3 months
then to do the reduction (which I want 12 x year – they are only providing 6 times per year). We also have never been given medical documents EVER. My parents will attach themselves as well for the section 90 reapplication.
Jason and I will take any and all services that I have been given or looked into (including dv and alcohol and marriage). I would personally like to resubmit in April or May so that I can say either the concerns are gone or are in successful treatment and get the kids back or have my parents adopt them.

The following is a copy of the message I sent to The Ray Hadley Morning Show
Comments received: I was told that you publicize case that docs has messed up. Docs never give us copies of the notes, medical reports etc although I have been told we have a right to them. They also have not allowed me to take them to the US consulate to get their American citizenship and docs has not reviewed my parents if we are to lose. My father is a former US Ambassador currently working for Hillary Clinton. They have a 5 bedroom home and my mom stays home (does not work). My dad probably makes $140,000 per year and docs want to permanently place my kids in a 3 bedroom housing commission house with 9 people
(including my kids) till they are 18. Docs has not helped me to secure permanent residence so I am still on a spousal visa pending tribunal decision "trapped" in Australia as I refuse to leave my kids. PLEASE help me.
Christina O’Donnell-Masters

Not Returning Kids to Families

Submitted by cathy on Fri, 04/03/2011 - 08:57.

Id ask you all to look a little deeper into what the ineffectual Goward the Coward is really saying!

What she's saying is that she intends to hand over MORE responsibility to NGO's who will in their own interests determine the fate of children while not blackening the govt's name in allowing the NGO's to take the heat for what happens next.

What business would hand over the golden goose back to parents when the can take home $5400 per child per week in "administration costs"????

The total shakeup thats needed is a total shakedown of DoCS and the removal of the top 4 levels of govt- just show them the door. The "investigation/ witch hunts" that have continued under Labor in a haphazard way as described by Wood need to be placed not with JIRT, as JIRT is a total joke, but handed over to regular police who save desperately needy children from fates worse than death and are too engaged in crime fighting to conjure evidence against innocent parents while rapists bank robbers and murderers remain at large. Boost police training and boost their numbers.

Police are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, unlike "caseworkers".

This would take the heat off caseworkers who then have their power taken away from them to get on with what they are supposed to do which is help both children and families.

Pru Goward the Coward has made no sensible measures at all. What she is doing is attempting to distance her self from the next deaths due to the feeble behaviour by the public service so full of its own power yet showing NONE of the responsibility it has to vulnerable children.

Go to Goulburn and make these facts and the ineffectual way that Goward the Coward has handled current cases while in Opposition clear to the people of Goulburn as often as you can. Goward the Coward has never understood the portfolio in any depth and its doubtful that she has either the smarts or the courage to improve her ineffectual representations of innocent parents now.

Dont support a continuance of the ca$h cow for NGO's which covers themselves in "professional in confidence arrangements" which also covers the govt.


alecomm's picture


Submitted by alecomm on Fri, 04/03/2011 - 17:52.


What was in the headlines didnt quite correspond with anyting inthe article. Unfortunately, after all these years, Pru still hasnt taken the blinkers off to what her buddies are doing to the average aussie family. And that is pilfering and plundering till theres nothing left.

We all know - THAT NGOS COVER MORE CRIMES THAN DOES DOCS. Barbardos feel it not important to even tell the parents when their children have both legs broken in their care. LWB cover many crimes - you just have to do a newspaper google search as there are half a dozen.


Catholiccare are dirty to the core also with covering abuses in care. THe fact that more children have less placements DOES NOT MEAN FOR ONE MINUTE THEY ARE BETTER CARED FOR.

And if Pooey Pruey doesnt know that by now she should not be shadow minister or minster as she would be jsut as bad as burney.


Dont vomit as Burney speaks

Submitted by cathy on Sat, 05/03/2011 - 14:55.

Thanks Alecomm for your kind support

In a related issue I warn again, dont vomit as Burney speaks
Leave Linda a nice message as I did on this website
She must be kidding if she believes this level of inaccurate spin will work on her electorate
Folks arent that dumb where I come from!
Kafka would certainly lmfao or his as the case may be.

bringingthemhome's picture

Re: Dont vomit as Burney speaks

Submitted by bringingthemhome on Tue, 08/03/2011 - 09:14.


I've left my comment regarding Linda Burney's SPIN LIES in the article above.

Hopefully it will be published along with yours and anyone elses's.

The woman is full of it.

Lies ...lies and more Lies by the Less Than Honourable Linda Burney.

These Spin Lies she throws out in Newspapers makes me SICK !

The woman is a Pathological Liar

bringingthemhome's picture

Re: Returning Kids to Families

Submitted by bringingthemhome on Thu, 03/03/2011 - 13:51.

Thanks Bonnie

Oh how we all wish Pru Goward will stand by what she has stated in the above write up...hence are we to trust Pru Goward in her political POINT SCORING in the run up to the election next week.........?????????? not i..the woman bounced past us with her head in the clouds at our Feb 2010 PROTEST outside Parliament House after confirming she would address the parents at the protest, instead she hid behind the walls of Parliament and ignored all the traumatised parents and family members of STOLEN CHILDREN.

I'd be voting for the independent candidates if i were a parent in NSW.

The Greens have been aware of whats going on in Child Protection NSW and have done ZILCH.

Liberal & Labour have severely lost the plot when it comes to Child Protection and i can't see Liberal MP Pru Gowatd doing any better than the DREADED Linda Burney re: soon to be ex Community Services Minister.

The Independents are certainly making sense on a Federal level and its about time we had their input on a State level.

We need to start ringing the INDENDENT CANDIDATES and ask them what they'll do about the CORRUPTION INFESTED in Child Protection NSW today if they win seats.

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