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I need legal help ASAP. I have a meeting with Docs on Tuesday afternoon. I fear losing my child (only took one for respite care) having trouble getting her back with no real excuse. I have been recording Docs visits everytime they arrive and call me on my phone. I have discovered some evidence on the recording that would have you saying wow.. I was blown away. It could end their careers and actually hear them making accusations against me. I would really love some legal advice on what to do about that particular recording. They knew they were being recorded I told them in the beginning I was recording everything or do I have to say it everytime I push record for it to matter in court? if it becomes a court matter.

I have no legal sense so to speak and really need some advice asap... I have also made a complaint to the head of Docs in Sydney as told to do by the Ombudsman and the district manager will come to an agreement in 20 days ( submitted 9/12/2014).. Please help

im wondering if anyone else has had this same problem im worried it will go to court and il loose both kids over my own 9 year old ringing them over stupid reasons they took her away, shes run away from home etc im getting the blame... beginning to feel like a bad mother but wouldn't they have taken my son to?

I discovered some evidence.......

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Re: help!!!

Submitted by Sir jeffrey on Tue, 06/01/2015 - 21:54.

Howdy purp. i know about recordings. & i may be able to "HELP" you with recordings & filming LAWS & Acts. & using it As evidence. in Court . 1. there are 2 Ways you use it As Evidence in A satanic cult Corrupted Court. !! 1. if wish to us the Voice recordings as sound evidence. Then you must Inform "THEM" each time { each visit or Interview or meetings. But "THEY" will try to tell you that you do not have permission to record them? and Ask you to turn it off. Never ever turn your recording devices OFF or delete it when Asked . IT IS YOUR PROPERTY!. You have the Right to VOICE Record ANYWHERE ANYTIME For your own protection!!. on private & public lands. So if "THEY" say no all that Means is that you can not use it As Evidence in that Format!.. .. BUT can Transcribe the recording to Word Format As A Affidavit!!. BUT I find It better not to Inform "THEM" that "THEY" are being Recorded . That way "THEY" are More l;likely to expose "THEMSELVES" & LIE to you. if you would like to learn Moore About How to Defeat docs go to the Self "HELP" Page... LAW HELP for parents that have Their Children Kidnapped by the Illegal Australian Governments!. Parents, Self HELP Legal Centre

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