Child Stealers Get Promotions

Submitted by Kath on Sun, 08/01/2012 - 23:01
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Child Stealers Get Promotions

Child stealers get promotions to become the leaders of this once great country.
Tut tut tut....

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Re: Child Stealers Get Promotions/ EMILY"S LIST

Submitted by bringingthemhome on Thu, 16/02/2012 - 16:41.

Hi Kath

Just wondering if Linda Burney is on Emily's List.

For those people who do not know of Emily's List...please take a moment to search and read up on Emily's List.

Emily's List financially supports female politicians.

These female politicians agree to support full term ABORTIONS and FETUS EXPERIMENTS.

Full term babies are NOT Fetus's ...they are Babies...but this does not stop our female politicians from agreeing to experiment on these aborted full term babies.

What has happened to this country ? I am ashamed of these FEMALE POLITICIANS on Emily's List.

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Re: Child Stealers Get Promotions/ EMILY"S LIST

Submitted by Kath on Thu, 16/02/2012 - 17:59.

I had a look when you talked about it, but dont remember if Linda is on it but I want to know does a child have to have the permission of a parent to abort?

I have seen all these comments on sites about teenagers running away and then getting pregnant and DoCS taking the babies because the kids are already DoCS kids even though they are living on the street.

I am really concerned if DoCS and doctors and mental health and effectually the NSW police, dont bother to tell a parent their underage daughter is pregnant because of the family history (known to DoCS). Especially as this concerns children getting pregnant in DoCS care and is a crime under the young persons act, like I think "sex with a minor".

How can they ignore the parents when they have failed at this level and then refuse to help the child and parents. You cant fix it once a child (baby) is dead.

I am just sick to my stomach and I dont know how to bring this out into the mainstream. It is all hush hush, blame the parents, support the run away but they dont support that runaway they just empower a kid that is mucking up and conduct disordered and this disorder just gets worse then until the runaway is labled antisocial or borderline disordered.

I believe women have rights but when a child is pregnant and underage and the parent was asking DoCS helpline, the minister and the CEO of DoCS, and the DoCS office concerned for help, who has the "duty of care" as to the crime committed, which is sex with a minor, right?

There are so many teenagers coming up against this, and when the family is labelled as dysfunctional and the parents blamed as abusers by DoCS, its not like they are going to let the kids keep the babies or the parents be a grandparents to them. It is like a farm for DoCS.

At TAFE all around Australia they are training people into this Community Service course, cert. 1, 2, 3, 4, a small tafe has at least five of these courses running atm, then they can go on to uni and get a discount for a degree.

I cant believe it or that people would flock to do this course, and I am thinking they must have something wrong with them to look down on others to lift themselves up as good parents. Maybe it is a way people are protecting themselves from loosing their kids? After what I know now I would not do this course if I was payed to but it really scares me how many are doing it.

DoCS are building up an army to take children off their parents and society is crumbling. Why would they have a mandate to train so many DoCS workers? What are they planning to do to the lower socio economically disadvantaged? With these brainwashed people. Is this how they will deal with the illegal immigrants by getting rid of social security and targeting the people who are long term unemployed or disabled? I think too much, but I have to say, I do think.

The way it was for us, is gone, one lady said to me, the problems we have (100,000 youth under 24 sleeping on the streets in NSW alone) are because Australian parenting is so bad, and they abuse their kids. Such ignorance.

I said we are living in the 4th world, she said she has a degree in social work and knows everything and the problems are parents abusing their children in Australia. She is from Malta but has lived here for over 20 years. I (amazingly) said well I have to disagree and then I was just quiet. These people dont even understand the reality of what DoCS are doing to people and that it is not very social. I just cry when Im alone and the story keeps getting worse the more I find out about it.

Poor country.

Hope you are well.


Hello once more Kath.

DoCS/FACS NSW will be noted in our History Books as the WORST Government Department this country has ever WITTNESSED. Never has there been a bigger RORT going on in any Australian Government Dpt as the one in DoCs/FACS NSW.

They claim billions of dollars in public funding under the guise of Family Support & Assistance, yet of the thousands of DoCS victims being carers, families and children i've yet to hear one comment on how they have supported or assisted any one family. Caseworkers ARE NOT SOCIAL WORKERS, they are pencil pushers who NEVER or very rarely sight the Children who's case files they are managing.

This time last year the Alecomm site was receiving around 1,800 visitors per day .... hence twelve months on Alecomm's average daily visitors figure is now 6,000 to 8,000 per day.

State Wards who are neglected by DoCS and who fall pregnant in care are having their new borns ripped from their arms less than an hour after giving birth , thus bringing the Department financial incentives to do so.

A great number of State Wards are living on the streets of NSW yet the DPT is being funded for them.

Children as young as three years old are being sexually abused in care of the STATE and DoCS are covering up these heinious crimes committed on little children.

More children than ever before are being abused in State Care.

Thousands of Innocent Children are being drugged up to the hilt on various mind altering, dangerous and addictive drugs

These precious children are being gagged and hidden away from their maternal/paternal families in order to protect State negligence.

And the State does not give a Fat Rats Arse.


The State of NSW is MINING Children for profit

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Re: Child Stealers Get Promotions/ EMILY"S LIST

Submitted by Kath on Sun, 19/02/2012 - 08:37.

Hi Bringingthemhome.

Here is Tanya Pliberseks CV she is a member of Emilys List and was as you can see in this in the NSW Ministry for the Status & Advancement of Women - in the Domestic Violence Unit... NO LESS....

It is enough to make ones blood boil after going through these sorts of events while she was in the ministry in such roles. I myself contacted Jodi McKay who was NSW minister for women at the time, for help during my DoCS struggle after family court supported me rather than the father. Again the came with the crazy person attitude for calling on ministry to act to stop DoCS. ie: Linda Burney, who was on the tv yesterday in her new role as deputy NSW opposition leader after all her hard work in stealing children for DoCS from us horrible criminal abusive parents. These women did not support my family or any other, they are there for self interest. Tanya Pliberseks husband also high in ministry was a heroin addict in his youth went to Salvos William Booth House and is a case study in rehab. So its ok for some but not for really, really the truth... corrupt money spinners and themselves spoilers, not us....Enjoy.....

Federal Minister for Health

Date of Birth: December 2, 1969

Nationality: Australian (both parents from Slovenia)

Local: health - Medicare; education; affordable housing in the
inner city; local environment; and a second Sydney airport.

National: affordable housing; balancing work and family, accessible
health care and education; an inclusive and cohesive society; a clean
environment; affordable childcare & aged care; republic; equality for all
and reconciliation.

NSW Ministry for the Status & Advancement of Women - Domestic Violence Unit
Office of Senator Bruce Childs
Women's Officer, University of Technology


Labor for Refugees
Rainbow Labor
Community & Public Sector Union
Women's Electoral Lobby
Emily's List
The Evatt Foundation
Australian Republican Movement
Amnesty International
The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation
Australian Parliamentary Association for UNICEF
The Australian Institute for Political Science
South Sydney Leagues Club
City of Sydney Bowling Club
Bridge for Asylum Seeker Foundation


Master of Politics and Public Policy
Macquarie University

Bachelor of Arts (Communications) (Honours)
University of Technology, Sydney

Jannali Girls High School - Dux

LANGUAGES: English, Slovene, German

Wkipedia informs us of the following about Ms Burney. When you read this you get a quesy feeling in the stomach because it is typical of the type of people who want to work in DoCS. There is always something in their own background making them want to interfere in other peoples lives and business. This behaviour of the previous Minister for Department of Community Service, DoCS, makes a person really wonder how this woman could separate families and remove children from their parents, with most families put into the too hard basket and the easiest option being to remove the kids from their mums and dads and siblings, (path of least resistance from courts, police, and mental health at least, not from parents) sometimes because of problems created by the family of origin that the mum or dad was born into or some mandatory reporter who has a grude against the parent but never has to reveal who they even are to the people they are making the allegations against. How fair and equal is this, what justice is served here. Linda Burney raising her own life up and making her way up the social ladder as a forgotten Australian, at the expense of the new ones whos lives and families she has destroyed. Thousands of families broken up under DoCS and Minister Linda Burney. Now the NSW Deputy Oppositon Leader (NSW Labour) is a star and recently performing as herself in the theatre. Well our lives you entrenched on are not/were not a theatrical production but you certainly played with them, Ms Burney, I feel disgusted in my gut that you allow underage children to have abortions in NSW when they were in your care, but you all said that my children never should have been born like you say to women in NSW everyday when you steal their children, I had as much right as you to have children, and as much right as anyone else to have been born. You people are a disgrace, disgusting, greedy inbreed mentality that is abusing the children of NSW and failing in Child Protection in Australia. Your lies will never protect you from the truth and what you have done to thousands of children.

Burney is of Wiradjuri descent and grew up in Whitton, a small town in South West NSW near Leeton.

In her inaugural speech to Parliament she said:

I did not grow up knowing my Aboriginal family. I met my father, Nonny Ingram, in 1984. His first words to me were, "I hope I don't disappoint you." I have now met 10 brothers and sisters. We grew up 40 minutes apart. That was the power of racism and denial in the fifties that was so overbearing. I now have two sets of brothers and sisters. I was raised by my old aunt and uncle, Nina and Billy Laing. They were brother and sister. These old people gave me the ground on which I stand today—the values of honesty, loyalty and respect.[4]
Burney grew up in Whitton where she attended the local primary school. She did her first four years of secondary school at Leeton High School and final two at Penrith High School. She was the first Aboriginal graduate from the then Mitchell College of Advanced Education where she obtained a Diploma of Teaching.

She began her career teaching at Lethbridge Park public school in western Sydney in 1979. She has been involved in the New South Wales Aboriginal Education Consultative Group since the mid 1980s and has participated in the development and implementation of the first Aboriginal education policy in Australia.[5]

She has held senior positions in the non-government sector, serving on a number of boards including SBS, the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board and the NSW Board of Studies. Ms Burney was also an executive member of the National Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation, President of the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group and is a former Director-General of the NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs,[6] and in 2006 she was elected National Vice President of the Australian Labor Party.

When Burney was elected as the Member for Canterbury in 2003, she became the first Aboriginal person to serve in the NSW Parliament.[1] In her inaugural speech to the Legislative Assembly she said, referring to the Constitution Alteration (Aboriginals) Act, 1967:

I am a member of the mighty Wiradjuri Aboriginal nation… For the first 10 years of my life, like all indigenous people at that time, I was not a citizen of this country. We existed under the Flora and Fauna Act of New South Wales. Growing up as an Aboriginal child looking into the mirror of our country was difficult and alienating. Your reflection in the mirror was at best ugly and distorted, and at worst nonexistent.[4]
She was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Training in 2005. Following the 2007 election Burney became Minister for Fair Trading, Minister for Youth, and Minister for Volunteering. In September 2008 she was promoted to Minister for Community Services and in December 2009 she was appointed Minister for the State Plan. She lost her portfolios following the change of government at the 2011 state election.

Burney was appointed to the Community Services portfolio in December 2008 just prior to the handing down of the report of the Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services by retired Supreme Court Justice James Wood.[7] She was the lead Minister in a whole of government reform plan, Keep Them Safe, that commenced implementing the recommendations of the inquiry.[8]

Following the ALP's landslide defeat at the 2011 state election, Burney was elected as Deputy Leader of the Labor Party after former Deputy Premier Carmel Tebbutt chose not stand for the position. She also became the Shadow Minister for Planning, Infrastructure and Heritage, Shadow Minister for the Central Coast and the Hunter and Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation.

As Minister, Burney was the inaugural patron of the NSW Volunteer of the Year Award, a major NSW Government supported initiative.[9] In 2006 she gave the seventh Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture,[1] and in 2008 gave the sixth Henry Parkes Oration.[10]

Burney is an Ambassador of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation.

As part of the 2012 Sydney Festival Burney performed as herself delivering her inaugural speech to the NSW Parliament in a theatrical production called I am Eora.[

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