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The Princess Emma Smarts story and Fund Raising Page

Acute myeloid Leukaemia. Childhood cancers. Raising awareness for other charities. How wrong the statistics are.

The Princess Em... 9 Join
Injured Australian workers' rights

a group fighting to have changes to the Australian workers compensation systems

Frenchy2012 2 26 Join
Where do I belong? ~ The childrens stories

A group for children in foster care, as well as adults that were once considered "wards of the state" to share their stories.

Bekkoned 1 Request membership
favouring carers over natural parents


stolenheart 5 75 Join
SAINO (Sexual Abuse Is Not On)

Support and advocacy group

SAINO 4 77 Join

Alecomm Forum - no legal / trolls / agencies / dhs / cps / docs / dcfs

alecomm 68 150 Request membership
Emily Brown's Freedom Group

Free Emily Brown from her chains of government abuses.

bringingthemhome 90 160 Join
Parents Alliance

Parents and relatives against Child Protection Organisations

Filmacrakin 69 141 Request membership
citizens against docs

Link to facebook cause

Freedom7 115 418 Join
What's on Your Mind!

Get it out! Frustrated- Australia, Tell us what bugs you day to day, maybe your Life or Whatever? Related to Personal/Media/Politics

Brett Hutton 138 284 Join
DoCs ... The Regime

DoCS REGIME ... Breaking through thier barriers of neglect

bringingthemhome 71 7 Join
New Stolen Generation by DoCS


NSGBD 147 427 Join
Road safety unofficial

unsafe driving is caused mainly by government choice

mistrz 3 1 Request membership

forums.altnews members group

Webmaster 194 868 Join
Citizens Against Docs

Petition and Lobby Group fighting for removal of case workers power and penalties enforced for lies

natasha 197 583 Join
Action against DoCS

working toward class action against DoCS crime

Lynette 87 25 Join
Advocating for Human Rights in Australia.

Courts to Veto Abusive Laws. Writ of habeas corpus. Right to a speedy trial by Jury. Freedom from torture. Freedom of religion. Right to life, li

DocSniper 90 13 Join
Tropical North Queensland

A group for the discussion of issues affecting Cairns and tropical north Queensland

Barefoot Warrior 30 135 Join
Animal Welfare - A Measure of a Nation

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Mahatma Gandhi

Barefoot Warrior 21 163 Join
Foster Carers

A group where Foster Carers may share their stories

The Pied Piper 2 1 Request membership
Luke's Army

Please post any material directly related to Luke at

Lukes Dad 229 328 Join
Pleiadian Healing Circle

Pleiadian Healing Circle - Frequencies Of Brilliance Workshop Australia

Pleiadian Healer 1 3 Join
Green Activist

A Green Activist Group

Barefoot Warrior 17 162 Join
The Earth Rainbow Network

A Group in support of Jean Hudon's work

Barefoot Warrior 10 2 Join
Wild Horse Cull

Please help to stop the slaughter of wild horses... There is NEVER a valid reason for cruelty!

Cyber Activist 3 2 Join
Group Owners

A group for (aspirant) group admins/owners

Webmaster 3 15 Request membership
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